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  2. I almost agree, but I have a few people who only have that as a way to keep in contact, and there's a few wood working groups I'm in. And the occasional argument about ancient pyramids and aliens.
  3. Please don't assume what I'm thinking .. All I really see is a lot of mud-slinging and accusations that's coming from both sides atm (nothing new there)... Besides that, Hillary Clinton shouldn't be getting too darn comfortable, because from what I've gathered, the FBI has reopened an investigation into her alleged foundation’s pay-to-play politics when she was secretary of state. Believe you me, I certainly realise that the Clinton's aren't as pure as the driven snow, and I hope eventually that they'll have their day in court and be made accountable. Basically, where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Hence, what investigations are all about, by getting to the bottom of things and weeding out any type of alleged corruption. I take it Vlad, that you would prefer not having any type of investigation done into this Russian business, even tho there's already been a few that Mr Mueller has tapped as being somehow linked with wrongdoing ?
  4. Atamarie Psyche .. Spiritual is as Spiritual Does .. Lols I like .!!! And yes ..haha.. The Mind is not the Brain.. No matter what studies you do, this is Not true won't be truth .. The 2 Brains are the Computer, The MIND is the Data Base .. Consciousness.. Maybe a trick of the brain, I doubt it in this case..Its the power of the Mind.. Yes Arnie, The Rock and your good self, have Physical Prowess, powerful beings, Yet The Mind and The Energy we Produce, is More Capable of feats beyond Mass .. Words affect, Emotionally, these Emotions Direct the Body, and The Actions are produced, be it Rage, Depression, Sadness, Happiness, Depending on Which words are said .. Thats why it Is Important to be In control of What Energy you allow in to yours .. Words are Powerful .. Such as, If we are Told continuously, that we are , Just Mass, there's nothing else, going on, No Spiritual Side, Not Powerful,... That is what we believe .. This is what is happening Now .. We are Denied the Truth..... Through the Official, Collective Teachings, of Words, that We are Just Monkeys etc, growing from a cell, to this very day .. No matter what the Data Says.. This is False .. We Are Energy Beings first, then Mass ... This is just the Vehicle we are Living in .. Mo ..xx..
  5. I respect what you believe. But, I hope you can see that in a place like this little weight is given to people's beliefs. So, if we don't have a way to substantiate our beliefs when we discuss them, we have to be willing to understand that to Materialists it just sounds like nonsense. I believe in God, but I don't have any way to prove to anyone else that my beliefs make any sense. I have experiences and this is enough to support my belief, but I also know that it's not going to convince anyone else so I don't really try to. I'm guessing this is the same for you and all believers. It would be interesting to see if people like you and me can actually discuss our beliefs, why we believe them, and get anything out of it.
  6. Dude....... an atheist just told you what religion you have been describing. Yes, its completly unessesary. We have good answers that fit the data. There is no good reason to convolute that by forcing a diety into the picture. It's pointless and only achieved propping up ancient superstition. There is no good reason to consider any god story as valid. We have better answers.
  7. I try not to get on FB very often, although as it gets closer to summer I will be making plans to go to Pittsburgh for a concert where the proceeds go to cancer research.
  8. Ok, but I'm still waiting to see the definitive and verifiable evidence that Trump criminally colluded with the Kremlin in order to steal the 2016 Presidential election. I'm waiting....
  9. Will When people are talking about evolution or what science has observed there are those that try to bring in the existence of God and intelligently designed because they think people like me are athiests. I see a lot of imagining in your position, imagining that you hold the truth, imagining that people who aren't athiests are, imagining that we should conform to your perspective and imagining that we are in denial. Your perspective is your personal anchor because you need it to feel safe. I don't need those external perceptual crutches to see the validity in life and you cannot accept that. That cannot and does not affect my life in any way, your refusal to accept that affects you and you alone. jmccr8
  10. I read it, it was not that long. But I don't see why you bother with such trash. It clearly contradicts itself and I can tell you it outright lies. If you put this same effort into understanding physics you would understand it and realise why articles like that are just woo. It says science won't study the phenomena but at the same time lists a bunch of old studies to prove its point??? If ever and entire article was an oxymoron, this is it. It omits the studies done since, like a Edgar Mitchell doing his own personal ESP experiment when flying to the moon on an apollo mission, it omits the 20 million dollar CIA study, it omits the continuous experiments like the ones I posted on dowsing and horrorscopes. It lists older studies because they were the starting point. Science considered the claims genuine. Many tried very hard to verify the claims, imagine what the CIA could have done with remote viewing. They wanted it and bad. Problem was rigorous testing showed nothing more than chance. And that's, why that piece of trash focuses on those pioneers and dissects those early attempts at verifying the phenomena, they were the first experiments, and as such were a learning curve. The flaws that offered the illusion of results 'above chance' could not be repeated no matter how many times we tried. That brings them back down to chance no matter how the author embellished them. Really, whoever wrote that article ought to be tarred and feathered for outright fabricating such a wild claim. That's why UFO nuts concentrate on old cases and avoid modern discovery like the Hessdalen phenomena too. They are just snake oil salesmen, not men of science. Seriously man, if I have any senses about other people I sense you are smarter than this. Your capable of so much more. I strongly suggest you try reading some of the paperbacks released by physicists who do their best to bring the technical side of it down to layman level and read it 2 or 3 times. I have every confidence that you are more than capable of understanding it. Might I suggest Hawking's a brief history of time as a good starting point. You can do better than this. And really if your supporting ancient superstition because it's easy to understand and science is hard, you do yourself the greatest disservice here. I do feel it is wrong if you to argue the superstitious nature of claims when you admit the science is at the moment beyond your understanding. You don't have both sides of the story.
  11. This is why I hit delete some time back. I thought it was needlessly cluttered and annoyingly intrusive.
  12. I can be ok with that 4th March is 7 years since mom passed. I have a few dates that can disappear
  13. I'm not concerned about it, whenever it happens, it happens.
  14. But, but, you never showed me a monk shaped alcove in that area. You just claimed it was there without evidence. And those from the scene claimed it wasn't there. You were right in the first place saying we have done this discussion before. Let's drop it until next time.
  15. Oh the world will end on the 3rd of march but due to the advent of an evil AI computer and several energy drinks the dimension will be fractured into an alternate timeline and this new reality wont notice the other one going crispy. So its good and bad news depending on which version of you that you happen to be.
  16. Sadly, here's another can really feel his pain when he talks:
  17. Yeahp. My main account is a clustered mess with the way FB just dumps everything together plus the third cousin of one one person you once glanced at on Facebook.
  18. So you know this teacher personally then? If you don't then you really can't know if she's compromised by propaganda, or if she simply holds a differing opinion. However, I do agree that society has changed thereby making access to firearms much easier for mentally ill people. But, it's also the fault of parents who have absolutely no idea what their children are thinking about or planning on doing. 50 years ago when I was a teenager there were plenty of guns...but this type of thing just didn't take place. Now why is this I wonder? I know the you?
  19. I disagree. If a normal explanation exists then it is far more likely to be true than a paranormal one. Our definitions of an 'event' or a piece of 'evidence' is part of the problem discussing this. Your view is already coloured by a belief in ghosts, I'm looking for proof without knowing if they exist or not. When you see a ghostly monk, I see a dark shape. In that case when I investigated further it was obvious, from other pictures and the dubious sources for the article, that it was actually an alcove in a wall captured from a funny angle. To me the case is solved, to you the jury is still out. Your wish to fit evidence to a pre-existing narrative makes me unable to trust your judgement.
  20. Wondered what the hell happened. Lol so its not ending March 3rd or 4th this time lol
  21. I dont like this thread as it is destructive at a very high degree. And I feel forced to quote a quote from my own signature: "I think enormous harm is done by religion – not just in the name of religion, but actually by religion." - Steven Weinberg -
  22. Nah, the Time Monks are on it. You're about to get a request from another of my accounts. My alt has been deleted.
  23. Damn....I have never seen someone get so upset over anothers opinion. And, no, she is not wrong at all. It was filled with facts. Millenials........ugh
  24. OverSword

    It's very far away, takes about a half a day to get there, if we travel by my, dragonfly.


  25. Anything else is going to be more of a disaster. Just leave things alone won’t stop it. Taking away guns won’t stop it and it’ll degrade our rights. That’s not good. Let’s utilize and enforce the laws that are already on the books. Let’s bring back parental discipline, teach respect for self, others, life, guns, and GOD. That’s not the easy answer, but it’s not supposed to be. Just a note of clarification. It is not my vision but Washington’s and the Founding Fathers. I just happen to share it. It is idealistic, but so is the whole concept of the United States of America. Americans take the idealistic and make it work. Why stop now? It’s time to come out of our comfort zone; leave the safe places behind and go into that Undiscovered Country. We have all the knowledge, maturity, and courage to do so. Pretty much the same kind that are attracted to be President. The thing is, is that if more people were active in the body politic, the power-crazy, big mouth bully wouldn’t take power. When people are engaged, then the lowest common denominator finds no fertile ground. Good leadership is the opposite of power-crazy, big mouth bullies. I trust in the system that the Founding Fathers gave us. The closer we stay to that, the better. Training is everything. Respect is everything. Will it stop every act, no. But we need to stop playing the victim and running away. Training and engagement will go a long way to mitigate that. Our sensibilities of today have moved us away from citizenship. Citizenship empowers the individual with self-reliance and success. A successful individual is less likely to feel that they have been dissed. A successful citizen will have respect for others no matter what their color, race, or creed is. Why would they feel wronged? If we are talking about a well-regulated militia then there are procedures to follow for grievances. Any violations of this should be dealt with harshly. For the most part, this pettiness wouldn’t exist if citizenship was practiced. Again, would it stop everything, no, it wouldn’t. But it would be a random occurrence and not the new norm.
  26. The world is ending again, someone on the forum said so it must be true
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