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  2. $2.5million all-electric supercar unveiled

    Hey Doc? How much power does this thing take to run?
  3. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    such sarcasm. In one so young. 'Tis a terrible thing to behold !
  4. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    emanating field Earth's mighty glamor, spinning love among the stars
  5. R.I.P. Dr. Roger Leir

    Steven Greer. He says he has to have body guards because someone is trying to kill him, he says he can call in the ships but usually all you see is lights, and if you don't see them, you are not special or some such. He is a drama queen that loves the attention and figures out what people want to hear, not consistent. That is what I mean by "all over the place". His main theme does not change, I will give him that. My opinions on the videos and what people have told me.
  6. XenoFish

    Due to the rise of morbid obesity, the stairway to heaven has been replaced by an escalator.

  7. Atheism is incompatible with science

    "If" there is a heaven, does it really matter what it is?
  8. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    Here's what Cher had to say about illegal immigrants before and after Trump's proposal.
  9. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Trump being the outsider, he’s not that up on established protocol. That’s one thing that the insiders hate about Trump. And that’s what the people like about him. He is shaking up the status quo in Washington. Stirring up the cockroaches. So I’m sure early on he is feeling his way through. That’s why there was early discourse. No big deal. But that does present perception problems and the MSM got a hold of that and alienated themselves from the President and the People. Because Comey would not announce that Trump was not under investigation, I think Trump then surmised that Comey was a source of the leaks and it was time for him to go. At the same time, that gave the cabal ammunition to take down Trump. But I think it blew up in their faces and we’re going to be discovering this in the months to come. We’ll be hearing about treason and the soft coup. In business, you send an underling to fire somebody. But the perception that the MSM had built up made it uneasy for anyone else to do it. Trump knew he was not involved with collusion but the perception of it pushed by the MSM was damaging to this country and Trump needed to mitigate these holes in his Administration. This is why in times past the current rulers would put everyone involved with the previous ruler to death. Now we don’t do that today, but with what Trump has had to deal with, emphasizes the need to remove everyone from power of the previous Administration, which would require a law to no longer slow walk confirmations through the Senate. The thing is, is that Trump could have called Comey to the Oval Office, told him that he was getting too close to the truth about him and Putin working together and fire Comey and that would not have been obstruction. I’m sure this will be repeated another million times but the FBI Director works at the pleasure of the President and the President can fire him at any time for any reason, PERIOD! = NOT OBSTRUCTION. Comey is not the FBI. If there was real evidence of collusion then the rank and file would be working the case and whoever took over would be bound to bring charges (not everyone is Hilary). No charges were brought because there were none to begin with.
  10. The ugliest royal portraits in history

    Francisco Goya, in his portraits of the Spanish Royal family, was notable at the art of indirect mockery, showing the imbecilic and corrupt Royals of the time (whom he loathed but who were his employers) quite accurately, but dressing them sumptuously in gorgeous settings, using all his considerable skills of design and painterly brush wizardry to confuse them with glamorous trappings, but portraying them brutally, acutely, incisively...warts and all. It seems they never caught on, dazzled by his virtuosity. The Queen (from a large state group portrait) A royal cousin among others
  11. Critically ill man is former Russian spy

    Interesting development in the infamous Skripal poisoning case.... A NYT article has inadvertently blown the gaff on it all after revealing that Trump was persuaded to expel 60 Russian diplomats by being shown pictures of sick children and dead ducks.... CIA Director and NYT Accidentally Expose Skripal Poisoning Hoax - DUCKGATE
  12. Atheism is incompatible with science

    If there is a Heaven, and I think there is, it isn't going to be a "dimension". It is going to be a parallel universe, or a pocket universe. Or a number of interconnected pocket universes.
  13. Venezuelan Revolt on the Horizon?

    That's precisely what he believes. He has repeated it in one form or another for years. Israel and America are the two greatest threats in the world today and are both guilty of most of the chaos and atrocities on the planet. He has a really bad case of it.
  14. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Tax cuts... deregulation... supreme court justices... support of religious rights... support of pro-life... Sometimes you have to take the good, along with some bad.
  15. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    I wonder if there is anything preventing them, or say China, or Iran, from doing it again? They obviously can see everything we do. And it only takes a handful of agents with long term roots here, to pedal influence as being home grown.
  16. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    ready for bright light their auras growing stronger emanating field
  17. Just burn the house maybe they will see Jesus in the flame...
  18. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Out of curiousity, what makes Russia the boogeyman? Their military adventurism? The testing of nearby nations by their military? The Crimea takeover? Or just that we hate them for spending money on our elections when they had no business doing so? Seems to me you can change more nations with honey, then with vinegar.
  19. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    But... but... it makes good sound bites, and sounds like the collusion the far left desires... so then must be true. (Sarcasm)
  20. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    "A symbol of immortality and resurrection, the bee was chosen so as to link the new dynasty to the very origins of France. Golden bees (in fact, cicadas) were discovered in 1653 in Tournai in Childeric's tomb. ... The bee is believed to be one of the oldest symbols of French royalty." -from definingFrance.com. It's also thought to be related to the Fleur de lis in heraldry, design motifs, and art. Languiole knives are a famous French brand, and all their kitchen and pocket knives have bees on the tang/lock bar. In short, the French dig bees. Yes, I've studied some art history and I google stuff like this on Saturday mornings.
  21. The Legend of Bigfoot

    i believe it reminds me of childhood school room animal movies i always looked at is as fiction,
  22. Industrial Bleach Miracle Cure.

    Now they will probably try calling you The Anti-Christ.
  23. Today
  24. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    In this instance I really don't care. These were all "soccer mom" emails according to Hillary and should have been subjected to the Freedom of information act anyway had they been on a legal server. So when Trump asked Russia for them they would already have had to have them, as Hillary ensured the server had already been wiped, so there was nothing to "hack."
  25. $2.5million all-electric supercar unveiled

    '' zero emissions package'' That make mi laugh... don't know about the ecological footprint of this thing but it's far from green ! It's still a marvelous beast tho...
  26. Preceding 1st + Last letters come in New Word

    preemption - > hypnotic
  27. Word Association from the Last Letter

    lactate - > express
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