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  2. Crazy Horse


    This may sound a little paradoxical, but for me personally, it is this kindness, this sure-footed foundation that allows me to take no-nonsense. And beside, in reality, in actual live situations, these bullies only go after the weakest in the heard. And someone who has a real inner strength and peace, is NOT weak.
  3. jypsijemini

    Former NRL player murders entire family

    Agreed! It can happen in an instant! And it's practically impossible to know whether there were any signs before it happened. The media are pulling up everything he posted to Facebook but these things could have all been totally innocent if it were someone else! Many parents play that rough with their kids (they're focusing in on a video where he's seen play-wrestling with the children) and write heartfelt, sweet captions on photos of their babies. It's just been spotlighted in the aftermath of what happened on Wednesday. It's one of the worst displays of selfishness that exists: "If I can't have them, then neither can you." They don't just take themselves out, or their partner - they end the lives of their own innocent children as well. We had one in SA going back a couple years ago where a father drove off the bluff in Port Lincoln with the kids in the backseat. When I heard that the mother in this case hadn't survived, I was saddened but not surprised. Even if one of her babies had made it out of that car, she would have had it in her to fight to survive. She'd had everything ripped away from her by the man she loved once. It's so hard to imagine. Not quickly either. He wanted to make them suffer while he had his own way of ending it quickly for himself. Unbelievable. He's reserved a special place in hell for himself. I had to stop reading once the articles began describing the way witnesses found her - skin melting and screaming. No one's describing what those children, strapped to a backseat, were suffering. Absolutely horrific. What kind of monster does that to his children and their mother?!
  4. Thanks! Please pass them the following. Faking of the pictures after 01.26.1959 cancels all events after this date. The camping is completely faked. Keith, if you think that the authorities could not fake the camping and the camping’s photos, you’ll have to admit that the authorities simply support the author, who faked the camping and the camping’s photos. We need to go from facts to conclusions, and not vice versa. To facilitate understanding, I recall a simple example. In 1983, a korean boeing was allegedly shot down over Sakhalin. Trash and other stuff at the place of flooding and the complete absence of corpses of passengers are all tangible evidence of the existence of a boeing. But the KGB and the CIA, departments and mass media of the USSR and the USA jointly supported this perfomance. Think: why? Is not the author of these virtual events the only one? There are many more such virtual events than is commonly thought. Yudin cannot lift up Zina, because the heads and bodies are clear, fixed, they stand firmly on the ground, but both hands are blurry, that is, in motion. They both stand and wave their hands. This is a mistake of the photo master. There are two more mistakes on the picture. 1. The girl, the smallest in the group, stands with a backpack weighing 25-30 kg as without a backpack, directly, without support. 2. There is no shoulder strap on the shoulder, the edge of which is visible under the elbow. We are talking about this picture .
  5. LightAngel



    I know I have said it before, but I will say it again.

    Bernie sanders look like the kind of person you could have an interesting conversation with! :)

    I like him! 

    He would be a great change/chance for America!

    The only thing I'm worried about here is his age (I don't care about age normally) - but he must be healthy and strong!

    You have to be very strong to beat Trump (not because Trump is special, but he is a good manipulator, and weak-minded people fall for that)

    So Bernie Sanders have to be strong here!


  6. Alchopwn

    Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    So, what you are suggesting is that a book about your God, that is supposed to be a truthful and accurate account of the acts of God and his faithful is beneath the notice of a God that knows everything? That your deity has no interest in how he is represented in scripture? That the foundation document of his church is not important to him? That's comedy, not reason.
  7. When the argument presented is so painfully idiotic, it is hard to criticise the argument without implying the poster is also a moron.
  8. If people want to change their bodies and live a certain way - they can go for it. But to expect society to understand, accept and change what they do'; to accomodate their way of life because that's how they "think" and "feel"? My god. No. Just NO. If they themselves couldn't accept who they were right from the get go, why, and how are they so adamant that we should accept them for what they've become? They're demanding more than just acceptance. Yes, society needs to move forward and stop judging and bullying each other on all fronts. But sadly, that's just not going to happen. It's not like the media are ever going to support smokers who are adamant that they have rights to smoke wherever they want, to continue to receive health care like everybody else and to be granted access to all areas and the right to smoke wherever they want... Same with obese people - the media isn't encouraging people to stop bullying them, to accomodate for obese bodies in every area of society... In fact, it's still hugely shunned for bigger-bodied people to model, to wear revealling clothing - they're always given the 'funny' roles in movies - they're rarely ever the romantic protagonist etc. How is this any different? Some will argue about health - but transgender issues are a mental health issue and nothing more. It's not just a choice or being "born this way". There's something not computing between the mind and the body it resides in. There's a conflict. The human mind isn't meant to reject the body. That's not natural or healthy. It's no different to body integrity disorder: The term body integrity identity disorder (BIID) describes the extremely rare phenomenon of persons who desire the amputation of one or more healthy limbs or who desire a paralysis. Again, it's described as "extremely rare". It's only society that's brought transgender issues to the forefront of our minds and made it acceptable and attractive using the influence of media and materialism. Just look at how our kids are growing up - Jeffrey Starr, Gigi Gorgeous, James Charles all popping up on their Youtube recommendations. Even Shane Dawson has jumped on the makeup-wearing-male bandwagon. It's not to say that there is ANYTHING wrong with the way these adults are choosing to live their lives - but they are sharing their lives with the world and they know that there are millions of children who watch their content and are influenced by their videos. They're not called "influencers" for no reason...
  9. Alchopwn

    Why is Jesus so late?

    "Hurting all its members"? Well funny that, I thought the people hurting the church were the perverts who molested the children and the creeps of the clergy who protected the arseholes. On the other hand, the people who stay in an organization that is as corrupt as that, well, perhaps they need to account for their actions too? I mean, would you stay a member of a sports club that had endemic child abuse problems? No? Well, last time anyone checked, Religion is a voluntary association too. You can quit any time. It is not slander to question the probity of people who stay with such a tainted and corrupt institution. Frankly the living breathing people can find somewhere else to live and breathe that isn't quite as deleterious to their characters and reputations, can't they? Incorrect. We all have a moral duty to speak about what we experience, and to report the things we think are wrong, especially if there is evidence to support our position. Religion is protected in the USA, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't drive the bad religions to bankruptcy for their crimes. Really? At what point have I endorsed violence? I endorse taking the scum to court and putting them in jail where they belong. You're talking out of your hat Helen. The thing is, stamp collecters aren't doing anything morally reprehensible, while the Catholic Church has lakes of blood on its hands. It is not wrong to pursue an activist approach to an organization that you think is an unspeakable pile of corruption and hypocrisy. Do I have personal evidence against the Catholic Church? Actually, everybody does... It has been all over the newspapers and the courts for the last decade or more, and no doubt there is more to be found. As far as I am concerned, the crimes of the Catholic Church already on record should be grounds for ending its existence as a legal entity in the USA. If a business had done what the Church has done, it would be dissolved, and rightly so. Who's this "them", I have some Jesuit buddies. They know I despise the Church. They come to me and vent about their difficulties with it. I tell them to quit. But they're well-trained masochists, and they get back in the ring for another beating. How is that being a superhero? Have you ever actually read a comic book Helen? Do you know what superheroes are? So, basically it is only okay to be an Atheist if I shut the **** up. Well, freedom of speech is still the law in the USA and it says I don't have to put up with that attitude Helen, and I don't intend to, and if you persist in personal attacks, perhaps I should commence treating you with the same contempt with which you have treated me?
  10. Habitat

    Former NRL player murders entire family

    Sickening, and all the more sickening because it is behaviour that is terribly hard to stop happening. A similar incident happened in that suburb, or an adjacent one, over 20 years ago, when a man shot his estranged wife, their son, the wife's father, and then himself, on a suburban street.
  11. Absolutely. I had a semi-girlfriend who went home on Xmas leave. Died suddenly, kinda natural causes. She did Navy physicals every year, was fit, etc. No-one saw it coming.
  12. LightAngel





    Yup. :D


  13. LightAngel


    If people see your kindness as a weakness, then they have limited intelligence! Most kind people I have met could destroy their "enemies" like the pests they often are, but they choose not to because they understand things in the big picture and therefore feel sorry for them. However, sometimes we have to "destroy" in order for something healthy to blossom, right?! Sometimes it's weeds, and other times it's something else - I'm sure you get my point!?
  14. totally agree.... and it's horrible to see how people are being manipulated into accepting this - it's nothing less than child abuse in my eyes.. a sexually orientated kind of Munchhausen by Proxy thing ....
  15. Imaginarynumber1

    Sitting up in my Sleep

    Typical behavior when in a hypnopompic state. Nothing to do with any spirits
  16. Imaginarynumber1

    Flat Earther: 'images from space are fake'

    I saw that documentary that he's in. I think it's likely he has some form of Asperger.s
  17. wise words from Germaine Greer - iconic feminist who thinks for herself and is being ostracized by the 'woke' sheep for her views... no one is safe from them - they will try to bring down anyone who doesn't fall into line with the social engineering.. Germaine Greer: Transgender women are 'not women' - BBC Newsnight
  18. Horta

    The reality of soul

    So am I, and in fact can see certain possibilities (though not in the normal folkloric/religious version of a "soul"). Though with all due respect, I'm not convinced that you are. To what extent have you researched both sides of this topic yourself? When someone opens a thread with a claim that is clearly and unequivocally wrong (that science is proving that the soul exists), why shouldn't it be pointed out? It shouldn't be taken as a personal slight, after all, we are all wrong at times and discussion is what forums are about. It's really more the opposite in truth. The idea of a mind/body duality has lost favour with academics for a century or more, for good reason. Modern neuroscience certainly doesn't support it. More recent science has left us with a very good idea of the "standard model" ie. what forces and particles could interact at the scale of the neural processes in the brain. There isn't anything that could amount to a separate "consciousness" or "soul"... at least nothing that isn't found in the atomic structure of all other matter. Which also means that the mind has plain old ordinary physical matter as its basis. Science could be wrong of course (it's basic to science to leave that possibility open) and it's fine to believe that you have a soul, if that takes your fancy. In fact, most people on earth simply assume they have such a thing and never look into it further or doubt it. That's up to them, but why would you expect everyone else to believe it?
  19. I'm afraid it is. There's something competing between the actual biology and the mental processes of the individual. They're rejecting their physical body. It's all done mentally. It's either a chemical imbalance (like mental disorders are) or it's suggestive and an adopted way of thinking (which is also a disorder, like an eating disorder). It's society which is trying to tell you that it's acceptable. Gender rejection isn't as common as they'd like you to believe. Well, it wasn't - until it became way more commercialised, publicised and forced on society by the media and influencers. Back in the 80s and 90s, it was just dressing in drag. It was a preference, a hobby. They weren't rejecting the fact that they are men. They were drag queens, not "gender fluid". They did what they did without needing special validating labels. Now it's become what 'emo' was to the 2000s. Twenty years ago, you said the word depression in a classroom and every sulking teenager in that room would raise their hands - fingernails painted black, straightened hair hiding half their face and scars on their arms - sitting in front of their poetry journal and Simple Plan whinging from their iPod. Depression was a trend back then. Now it's an accepted, recognised mental disorder that attracts serious support and long-term prescriptions. It's no different to this. Back then, not everyone had depression. Teenagers were impressionable and they copied each other. Only a percentage of them were actually suffering from depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies. The rest were just hitching a ride on the black bandwagon. Now - you've got parents changing the name of their four year olds, starting nine year olds on hormone treatments and flying overseas with their fourteen year olds for major surgical mutilation of their under-developed bodies. Teenagers don't even know what they want to do once they've left school! And how quickly does a child change their hobbies and eating preferences?! What's to say that this isn't just another case of hysteria, over-publicising and popularity (especially now that social media is so prevalent and influential in our society these days) that is causing these kids to claim that they want to be something else, or have rejected their biological gender... I'm all for trying to understand and support those who, as they've become adults, have remained very consistent in this desire and have made this decision on their own and once they've matured mentally but the argument that it's not fair to force a child to mature into a body that they 'don't identify with' while they're still a child is just insane.
  20. toast


    Senile dementia maybe? Or school holidays?
  21. Imaginarynumber1


    You are not affecting the weather, That is not possible. You are not causing earthquakes. That is not possible. You are not seeing the future. That is not possible.
  22. Today
  23. Susanc241

    Britain’s oldest person dies aged 111

    It’s a claim - there is no proof. I suspect he may have tacked on his own father's or grandfather's birth details to his own life. I have always suspected the French woman who was said to be 121 or 122 at death also linked her details to her mother. I am very sceptical about these extreme ages.
  24. Ah the Setton we know and don't love... .... provoke the messenger to deflect from the message... The vulnerable people who are being used in these transgender experiments are one step away from a potential future eugenics program (of some kind) - and that's probably why it's being pushed so hard.. ???
  25. toast

    Mass Shooting Hanau, Germany

    Just in: the second dead person seems to be the mother of the attacker, a 43yo German citizen.
  26. toast

    Mass Shooting Hanau, Germany

    The death toll is at 11 now. Some hours after the attack the police found the suspected shooter, and another person, in his home, both dead. Last Friday 12 persons ("Group S") have been arrested. They have been accused of planning attacks on 6 mosques here in Germany. The group was founded in 2015 as a "vigilante group" and had ties with other European terror groups like the "Soldiers of Odin" in Finland and groups in the Czech Republic as well, which were to deliver weapons to "Group S". Its known for a long time already that there is a Nazi hydra here in Europe and as per my opinion, the involved/responsible governments didnt fight them in the right way from the very beginning on and now we have to pay the bill.
  27. Hey look... you made a point. I guess that's why I quoted the Samoan Prime Minister. Perhaps you could go back through the thread to, you know, catch up.
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