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  2. Will what are you on about? My argument has nothing to do with belief, it is to do with recording ghosts on a camera and what that means. I don't have to believe in dark matter, we know it exists because we can see it's interaction and effect in a measurable way. Ghosts on the other hand seem to have no record-able effect i.e. they can't be measured in a lab for some reason. So we cannot infer their existence as we have no physical proof that they ever interact with normal matter.
  3. Here I was thinking he was already dead.
  4. Modern day Methusaleh, RIP Billy.
  5. Keel M.

    It's fun to watch videos that remind you of something you once enjoyed in your youth.

    1. XenoFish


      Then it reminds you of how old you are. 

  6. I bet they're black. I bet £100.
  7. Which has next to nothing to do with the holographic universe.
  8. Plus you have to deal with the hit and miss nature of supernatural/paranormal activity. These inconsistencies do nothing to help in any form of validation. Plus there is little to no way of testing such things due to control conditions.
  9. No. The argument is that when you want to support the BELIEF in something science hasn't proven to exist, then you: "infer their existence from their interaction with the physical world." I guess you and others do such things because of faith.
  10. Indeed, this is the way in which people can claim anything is possible without having to explain any of the mechanism. "Oh science doesn't know all of the energies blah blah" is often parroted back at me by people who haven't taken the time to understand anything at all about particle physics. I only understand the basics but even that is enough for me to see that there aren't any really large, energetic 'ghost' particles interacting with normal matter. If ghosts are real and can be filmed then we should be able to locate the particle interactions. Now they might exist at energy levels way beyond those that we have so far plumbed the depths of but then the mechanism for a WIMP creating an image on a camera needs explanation.
  11. Spirit energy not being detectable would be an oxymoron to say the least as energy of any form should be detectable as science has already greatly shown. cormac
  12. Will Speaking from experience it takes a fair bit of strength to stay one's hand at times and resolve through reason for the greater good. jmccr8
  13. When trying to establish the cause of any unknown siting of a UFO all theories must be taken into account, mundane and the unexplained ones as well. Usually they can be explained by military or atmospheric causes, but I think some things just might be holographic projections. Who projects them is another area to explore in itself.
  14. As far as fundie preachers go, he was one of the greats. My grandparents loved his sermons and owned some of his books. RIP
  15. That's a little discriminatory towards Black Monks.
  16. Spirit energy being an extremely vague and often undefined term.
  17. Once an editor decides your article might be something his journal is interested in, he submits it to experts in the field for review. There are usually two reviewers, but there may be more. They advise the editor of technical mistakes and/or omissions in the paper. They also point out opportunities for improving the paper, both from a scientific and technical writing standpoint. If the editor agrees (He usually does.), he returns the paper to the author for comments, explanations and if need be, corrections. Once everybody is in agreement (Sometimes the editor can overrule a reviewer.), the paper is accepted for publication. The process is useful in catching mistakes and it makes authors explain how they arrived at particular conclusions. Reviews are supposed to be anonymous so that an editor can get the reviewer's genuine opinion, but in small fields like mine, there aren't that many reviewers, so guessing who reviewed your paper isn't all that difficult. Besides, next week I might be reviewing a paper by the same guy who is reviewing mine this week. Wars have started that way. The process isn't perfect. Because scientists investigate things that nobody else knows about, even the experts don't always understand what is being said or how a particular idea might work. Making a discovery is a unique experience. For a few minutes, you're the only person on earth who knows this thing. I might point out that before the paper gets to peer review, it is usually reviewed by each of the co-authors and maybe by some other people, too. Peer review is only the last stage in a process that might involve 20 or 30 reviews. Doug
  18. You are wrong there, I've read reports of being attacked by youths, things stolen and armed raids. Teenagers these days have no respect
  19. It's not inconsistent at all. Did you fully understand the argument? I was essentially saying that Ghosts should be measurable by other equipment if they can be seen on a camera. The argument people give me is that 'other' equipment doesn't work because Ghosts are made of spirit energy...
  20. Drones turned into missiles, fake videos manipulating public opinion and automated hacking are just three of the threats from artificial intelligence in the wrong hands, experts have said. The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report warns that AI is ripe for exploitation by rogue states, criminals and terrorists. Those designing AI systems need to do more to mitigate possible misuses of their technology, the authors said. And governments must consider new laws.
  21. Scientists have scanned all known preserved Tasmanian tiger "joeys" to better understand the marsupial's key early development phases. The study tracks the changes to the infants' skeleton and internal organs as they grew inside the mother's pouch. It captures in detail the transition the tiger joey made from something that resembled all other marsupials to something that looked more dog-like.
  22. He was honest to his beliefs. You can't say that for many other evangelicals that are popular today! He wasn't just about gathering monetary donations. I went to some of his revivals since my ex-spouse played music for some of the revivals. It was uplifting messages not just hell and damnation sermons He had a good life and will be remembered by many.
  23. I bet they and the perpetrators are black.
  24. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been just half cut let alone blackout drunk now and for most of my life I don't touch alcohol at tall, I've lost some good friends because of alcohol
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