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  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a self induced placebo effect. But I think we're both making the same point.
  3. I figured it would be like "the bends" which my brother had once. He was in some pain. I agree with you about the death penalty on all points though.
  4. The body is matter. I don't think it is possible to shoot lasers at a tumor with your mind and effect the tumor in any way. Positive thought process can help heal your body by making positive affirmations which will change behaviours which may increase health benefits...for example...I can beat this, I will beat this! While at the same time reducing stress . Focusing on healing is definitely more productive than getting depressed. Shooting lasers at a tumor with your mind is one way of doing that. I get all that...all I was saying is that pure thought process...i.e...thinking, My cancer is as ineffectual at killing cancer cells as attempting to levitate a quarter by the same thought process.
  5. And who gets to decide which cases out of a group of murder cases are the irrefutable ones? Look, I have children of my own, and if someone killed one of them I'd probably want to be first in line to execute the person convicted of the murder. But... The underlying problem with the death penalty is that the legal system which administers it is imperfect, and in many cases dangerously so. Pretty much every country has its list of people who were wrongly convicted of murder, whether because of police errors, evidence errors, mistaken witnesses, defective legal representation or overzealous judges. And then there are all the other problems, as listed in the Planet America clip I linked above.
  6. Ah yes the moose knuckles.
  7. I have a super power. That’s right a bonafide super power, and some people can’t stand it. Please let me explain. I was out having a bite at a local sub sandwich shop and I was chating with one of the employees as I am a semi regular customer. Anyway i said something fairly snarky and another customer laughed as the were sucking down a soda. Needless to say but yep it came back pout the nose. The employee asked if they were okay etc and they said ya but went into the bathroom to clean up a bit. I said that was my super power to get people to launch liquids out their nose, but I can’t be looking at them. The employee looked sceptacle but my wife jumped in and said that she has seen me do it before and that she has fallen victim too it at least 4-5 times a year. the best was a table full of people at a bar, one because of what I said and 2 others in response to the first. Once almost got a friend to set himself on fire. Got him to laugh while drinking scotch. Left nose into campfire, fire flairs up and he launches back. Like a good Scot, doesn’t spill a drop. So better rmember the safe phrase anf hope I am not n the same bar with you while my backs turned cause you will feel the burn.
  8. So, you want to stipulate to a lie about the van being tan and then you want me to stipulate to information you imagine about Nickerson, Dempewolf and Reed? If you can back up your claims with tangible information, I'll consider. Wow, 50 items! And a whole mile! All one has to do is look at the insurance claim the Medina's filed to see that the majority of the items were small enough to fit in a backpack. Cross off the items that were likely insurance fraud and you could easily get the majority of that gear in a couple trips. Drill bits and pliers, probably should have called Fry-Wagner! Yes, all you need to do is present information showing the Brooks Island detail when Scott's story was made public to Todd and Co. Certainly the Partners don't allow your child-like dodges of critical questions like this. Burglars put themselves at great risk to stash Laci for at least a day until the news cycle does it's diligence and provides Scott's nautical alibi, they then drive 90 miles with Laci and Conner to frame Scott and take the heat off themselves. Conner is apparently born in that 24 hours or on the way to the bay. So the killers, in their infinite wisdom surpassed only by yours, decide, "oh boy, gotta go into my pocket and grab the grocery bag material and wrap one and a half loops and a bow around the baby's neck" - even as that would do the exact opposite of framing Scott according to the king of the thread. Makes perfect sense.
  9. More precisely, I'd say the best deterrent is the likelihood of being caught. For example, when it comes to speeding, people usually slow down for permanently positioned speed cameras...
  10. No, as Pallidin said, nitrogen asphyxiation would be about as painless as it comes. (Wikipedia's page on nitrogen explains the process.) Not that I'm a supporter of the death penalty, though. I'd invite everyone to watch this article from the Australian ABC's TV show "Planet America": It's just over four minutes long and it shows a bunch of problems with the death penalty, at least as it's used in the USA.
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  11. With a shadow? When i say someone, it means a living person. An alleged ghost is not a 'someone'. Why would a ghost need shoes or clothing?
  12. Family
  13. If Pinocchio had said "My nose will grow now" it would have caused a paradox.
  14. Well, um, which is it?
  15. Yeah unfortunately. I've basically been holding down the fort by myself for the most part lol. You are the one guy here who reminds me of myself in that we basically first got started here. I'm really glad to see you have gone further in this since we last spoke. I unfortunately haven't gone as far as I would have liked in the same time. But I keep pressing forward. I keep trying to make changes I know hinder me. Come to find out there are more then I thought. In fact I finally feel I'm ready to get a raiki(sp?) session and it actually be effective. Do tell. I'd love to hear about your journey since last we have spoken. Heck if you have any advice on how to maybe move things along, that would be great too.
  16. Lilly

    Another blizzard tomorrow, a foot of snow, high winds, coastal flooding, no power, more trees falling at random. When will this all stop? 

  17. ?? Come on, you can save the sarcasm for someone else. So if you accept that the Earth is warming (and keep in mind there are many warming skeptics who don't accept that), the question is the extent to which humans are contributing to it. And if it isn't us, what's the process by which the Earth is warming?
  19. I have no desire to live in a far right conservative country. Freedom is important to me. I am a conservative libertarian. Which is why I'd never want to live in Canada, Australia, or Sweden either. Every one of whom is descending into Marxist hell. Literally going by the script. Sure it still looks ok right now, but we are already seeing freedom being chipped away. Of course the guns were the first thing to go. Then "hate speech". and now we are even seeing compelled speech. We are also seeing the dehumanization of large sections of their populations. College professors are literally teaching kids all over the western world that conservative, even libertarians equals Nazi's. That people who are unapologetic for being white equals oppressors. Its why massive amounts of antifa protestors are violent thugs who want to smash any idea that isn't theirs out of existence. Some going so far as to say there is no place in society for people who believe there is a biological difference between men and women. The people who teach our children history have failed miserably, because we have seen all this before. And it led to the slaughter of hundreds of millions. And listen, I know you aren't as extreme as all this, but your side of the coin is, and is getting worse everyday. Its because you have no desire to see it. Judging from your post here you have no idea what my POV on the matter is at all. I mean Saudi Arabia? Seriously? No I'm not. I'm just aware of more information then you provided. Mmm in case you haven't noticed SJW's and establishment dems are speaking the loudest on your side of the coin. The democratic party paid people to stand outside those same rallies to cause violence just outside the doors. That's where BY FAR the most blood was spilt. And as for Trump, I don't agree with everything he has said. In fact he isn't my ideal of the best possible president at all. He is simply a break peddle slowing down the globalists who are selling us all out big time. Spend a day in his shoes and see how you feel about media doing things like claiming he intentionally killed fish in Japan. Or any number of outright lies they have told about him. Now that's not to say I agree with him, but I understand. Again, the man is a break peddle. I'd much rather we'd be celebrating Ron Paul's second term right now. Or his sons first. I have ignored the many MSM lies you have spewed all through this post, cause this to me is about much more then Trump. However he didn't even come close to banning all muslims. Pointing out TONS of real crime walks right over our boarder everyday NEEDS to be said, and stopped. Countries dems want to import immigrants from are **** holes, and the ONLY reason your elected want them is for votes. But I digress Yes racist. Your side actually teaches "white privilege" has been the cause of all human suffering. That I, a white Christian male who busts his ass to maintain lower middle class status should have had my wife abort our children. They applaud the fact that white males have the highest suicide rate. A white person cant even own a damn taco stand without being driven out of the community by lunatic protestors. Your media spends all night and day trying to divide us by race, with white people as the villains every single time. Historically speaking The truth is on my side BIG TIME. The path the commies want to bring us down, and ARE bringing us down as already proven beyond a doubt to be the worst possible direction humanity can go.
  20. Fair enough, I take the point that you were questioning it. But with the greatest of respect I think (a) I dealt with your concerns in the very post you were commenting on, and (b) you didn't comment on the other three points I made in the post. Regarding point (a), I pointed out straightforward ways to help validate the 130 year old records. Regarding (b), does this mean you accept those other points, for examples, that one farm's records show temperatures increasing 2.4 degrees in the last 30 years, or that grape growers are now picking crops a month earlier than they did 34 years ago?
  21. The 'echo chamber' that is social, and now even mainstream, media. Tell them what they want to hear and you can lead them by the nose.
  22. Another bomb has exploded, TV says it took place at a FedEx center on it's way to Austin. Found a link about this on a site I look at for stock market info no less:
  23. Just one year and nine days to go. Not long now.
  24. I almost choked on my Weetabix this morning when I heard Slayer's Raining Blood being used as a jingle for advertising renewable energy What's next? Slipknot's Wait and Bleed being used to advertize sanitary products? Anyhoo... seeing as I have the song in my head... Plus a pretty decent cover by Body Count, other than getting some lyrics and the song title wrong...
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