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  2. Johnny Vaughan did a series of programs called "MudMen" for the History channel on just this, it was very interesting.
  3. Ah faith "Lets keep our fingers crossed." Why? Faith in What? Religion and the absence of it will always be here. It' too useful a social control mechanism.
  4. Continuing a tradition popularised by the Victorians, "mudlarkers" scour the foreshore of the Thames in search of historical treasures. Two thousand years of human history are revealed by the low tide on London’s largest archaeological site and we spoke to the foreshore’s mudlarkers about their favourite finds...
  5. I've been on an aircraft for 12 or so hours before, and that was exhausting... Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner...needs more engines, don't like only two engines on a long haul..
  6. Guilty of a hate crime? Mocking Nazi's is now a hate crime?
  7. acute

    I can't wait for the University Boat Race this afternoon!  I've placed a bet on Oxford, and one on Cambridge. :tu:

  8. That image in the window is most likely an ad. Buses and trains are placing them to try to generate revenue.
  9. And you have no proof that the upsidedown cup on the table in front of me isn't hiding a fire breathing dragon. When I lift it up do you think I'll get burned?
  10. It's that fervent belief I guess. By definition I supposed that anything that one hold a certain mindset of faith towards is a 'religion'.
  11. Well that's no fun.
  12. Yep, just let her have her space and she will come around in time.
  13. I don't know, but she's young. Was abused so I took her in. Giving her space. She found a hidey hole in one of my unfinished cabinets. So that's where I'm leaving her. She's got food and water. I'll let her make the rules.
  14. If you have been following along, surely you have noticed one is based on fact, where as the other is pure fantasy.
  15. The jury did not see this testimony. And despite Girolami's question about the testimony, he - a second judge now part of the conspiracy - allows the proceedings to continue in spite of what you say is clear evidence Scott couldn't have done this. One question here...when you realized one more person, a judge, was now added to the conspiracy of bowing to public pressure and ignoring evidence to condemn Scott, did it give you one second's pause in your overall view of his guilt? I am sure it didn't. I don't profess to be an expert on skull plates and deformed fetus heads that have been in bay water for an undetermined amount of time, sloshing around in water and tidal action from a storm. I don't profess Peterson had that expertise either. Yet you seem certain that it's impossible - what is your level of expertise? Tell us what experience you have with it. Otherwise, it's just you pretending to have greater intellect because you say so. I know why someone would try to frame Scott, that isn't in question. I want you to explain the twine, walk us through it. Why would killers tie twine on a baby separated from the mother that destroys the perfect frame? If the baby was born after Laci disappeared, there is no chance to frame him. So now the killers have placed the body in a place police are already looking with evidence the baby was outside the womb - both increasing their own risk when they could have buried them in Nevada and taken on much better chances. And how is it that Conner had none of the decomp or feeding if they were dumped at the same time? The states theory logically answers itself without a bunch of I don't knows and excuses. Your theory has many unknowns, even in your own mind, all based on the very rhetoric you accuse me of. And, you haven't even seen the twine on the body. In fact, I think if you saw it and it clearly showed something other than what you believe, you'd go right back to the testimony, much like you did on Girolami. It's isn't my case, I don't need to confirm anything about it. It's over until the appeal is ruled on. It's your thread, it's your protest of his guilt. Thus, it's on you to answer the tough questions if you want agreement. If you choose not to step out on a limb, that's fair. If you choose to answer the tough questions about your theory with " no reliable inculpatory evidence", "you can't do it" or "Dr. Peterson this, Dr. Peterson that", that's your prerogative. None of that logically proves your frame theory though. I'll consider a plausible scenario, you wish to offer none, you tell us that isn't how you operate. Of course it isn't...even you know it doesn't make sense and admitting that pretty much ends the protest.
  16. Actually, Kmt_Sesh and I don't disagree - the big difference is that I have a degree in Egyptology. His scholarship is excellent and if he had the time and resources, he could also have a degree in Egyptology (in fact, he's well positioned to do research if he had the time to do so with all his other duies.) He's well versed in many other subjects. The OP, however, appears to have not done much homework on this concept. As we've pointed out, there's a lot of information out there on the structures, their function, and on basic science and how materials and energy behave - information that is ignored or misunderstood on the source pages that the OP used in crafting the initial argument. This is shown by the bad choice of supporting data in answering the points that we've raised.
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  18. The unexpected (Palm Sunday) Just before Jesus entered Jerusalem that led to his death, he did one of his most powerful miracles that pointed to him as the author of life. What he did, if I was there, would not have filled my heart with joy or wonder, but instead with stark, abject, fear. To witness someone exiting a womb who was dead for four days, and tightly wrapped in a shroud, would not be something expected, or thought possible, hence the terror. I also wonder how Martha, and Mary, related to Lazarus after that…..surely there was some distance between them that was not there before. There was a price to be paid for what happened, a heavy price. Yet, because it was performed by Jesus, it was necessary. A forerunner of his own death, burial, and resurrection, though different than Lazarus since he had to die again, while Jesus overcame death once and for all. Some would question, why would Jesus even let Lazarus die. In fact, I am sure that Martha and Mary and many of the people who were mourning with her thought the same thing. He could heal the blind and lepers, people he did not know personally. Some he healed without even being asked, the widow from Nain for instance, whom he brought her son back to life. What about Lazarus, his good friend? Jesus did not even try to live up to others expectations, he had his own agenda. One was apparently, to let Lazarus suffer and die, and to have his sister’s go through four days of gut-wrenching mourning even before Jesus arrived. People expected Jesus to come at once to save his friend, surely not to bring him back from the dead after four days in the tomb. Everyone had ideas and expectations about Jesus. Some thought he was the Messiah come to make Israel great again. Wherein all of their enemies would be overthrown and like in the time of David, they would be the unique, free children of God. It was a this world kingdom, and there are plenty of Old Testament readings that could be and were interpreted that way. The religious elite, many of them, though not all, thought of Jesus as a dangerous man, and no matter how many his signs and wonders, they were not moved to either wonder or belief, but only anger and rage and perhaps fear of the Romans who might look upon Jesus as a danger and cause mayhem for the nation. Their expectation was also false about their plans to destroy his influence forever. Jesus was also a man who challenged those who needed to be shook up and was kind and compassionate to the downtrodden and outcaste. There were many opinions about him, many expectations, from all parties including the Apostles…they were all wrong. James and John wanted to sit at his left and right hand. They would have probably argued who would be at his right. When they arrived in Jerusalem for the Passover, perhaps the expectation was that Jesus would come into his full glory….he did, it was just not as expected, not even close. So in our own lives, as we follow Jesus, or we are seekers, what we expect may not be what we experience, or even need. We need to trust to go deeper into our journey through this life if it is rooted in seeking God’s love and will for us. Distress Before his entrance into Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday, he told how deep his distress was to his followers, for he knew that goodness often feeds the rage of those wounded, his loving heart made him defenseless against such tumult. So he entered, we cheered him, waving palms, he smiled perhaps sadly and with compassion, for he knows what is in the hearts of men; the pain, anger, the desires that can drive us crazy and the rage against God and existence itself, so filled with pain and injustice. How easy it is to turn, to embrace the freedom of rage; to destroy what is good, most human, and to exalt in violence and injustice, to be caught up in the mob that flows like a river with ease, until it flows over that which is sought and hated, at least in the moment, for often after the horror is over and done with, we wake up as if in a dream, appalled at what was done. The loving heart is a human heart; perhaps that is why it is feared, for to understand the hell that is often our inner lives reality, bears a heavy price to be borne. This reality was seen and understood by the heart of Christ, wounded in love, for he has no defense.
  19. The Dyslexia Research Centre is in Reading
  20. Gloomy and rainy with a hint of gray.
  21. newbloodmoon

    Kersplooshes in the deep end of the kiddie pool

  22. The bible storyline says that Moses grew up in a royal Egyptian family. So Moses thought like the Egyptians did. Also, if you check out geographical details, Kadesh Barnea (where the Exodus migrants spent about 38 of their 40 years' sojurn) was roughly at the the middle of an Egyptian road that went from the east side of Nile delta to Egypt's major administrative city named Beth Shan.
  23. You've got just as much proof that it's a person- i.e. none.
  24. Well I thought we were drinking at least 100 proof so the spirit should be strong enough to fill them quite happily. jmccr8
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