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  2. YES And I have noticed that I have the best chemistry with people I can laugh together with. That's also the people I want to share my ideas and knowledge with
  3. Is typing on a computer better or worse for your memory then writing on paper ?
  4. Yes I agree the computer and internet is amazing! If it wasn't for internet I would never be able to meet wonderful people like yourself. Thanks for the compliment! Your welcome!! Yes I try not to take things to seriously well unless it is! We all need a sense of humor or we might go!! Your sense of humor is wonderful also!!
  5. If you have time, I would love a reading and some energy healing. I know you are must or may not get anything from me, so I understand if you can't.
  6. It's funny you ask this because I actually don't think I have a favorite piece of technology, but if I have to choose then I will chose my computer because I can work on it. By the way, I want to give you a compliment Thank you for having a great sense of humor, it's great that you don't get offended so easy, many people should learn to not take themselves too serious!
  7. Yeah it's about time for me to get off for night. Goodnight/morning all
  8. Also right now if another driver causes a wreck, they can be held responsible. If you think these car companies wont have legislation put in place to protect them when they kill or maim people you are crazy. This will be like all those poor people who get injured or killed from a vaccine. You will be silenced and shamed.
  9. acute

    The Word of the Day is... Cuneiform.

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  10. well I have to sign off and do stuff today, so will see you all when Im on later Have a good day/evening everyone!!
  11. Most pics appealing to men here go in magazines and are 18+ that includes bikini ones. The other thing forgotten is movies and photos have so much editing, lighting etc to make all look perfect. Take the make up off a lot of them and they look like the girl next door.
  12. Hey Miss LA.. Yes.. Very true also... I've done my hardest lessons in life and there were tears and frowns and all that happens on the rollercoaster ride of Life... Now... I am Peaceful, Content, Happy and Smiling.... Always..xx You stay Sweet and Kind too my friend... Arohanuikiakoe.. Mo..xx
  13. Danica Patrick confirms she is dating Packers QB Aaron Rodgers
  14. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as head coach
  15. Japanese men are well known for being VERY into naughty movies and weird kinks.... it also happens to be a fact that less and less Japanese are having kids....or even relationships.... maybe there is some connection I dont think looking at stuff like that is soooo bad..... but its like with anything else, a little now and then does no harm Unless a person is a bit insecure about their...bodies...shall we say..... then they can steal any love you might have had for yourself... just as beauty magazines can rob a woman of her self comparing herself with whats 'considered' to be the mags of course Mind you we have newspapers in the UK that are literally page after page of naked women....and I think thats bad as there are no age restrictions on newspapers here
  16. Not really. I do work with a bunch of truck drivers though. Another thing not being mentioned is the loss of freedom. To travel where you want when you want without every step of the way being tracked and recorded. Heck to pull up in front of a store so your wife can just run in and grab the one item you needed instead of making her walk across a entire parking lot cause the car parks where it wants to, instead of where you choose to. Or what about a teenager who wants to take his date on a back woods trail for a romantic sunset? Thinking about it, what will be stolen from people is immeasurable. It literally baffles me there is a single person in this world that would want this. Oh well, insurance will always be cheap on a motorcycle. Guess I'll have to move to a warmer climate. Cause like I said, I will never EVER step foot in such a vehicle.
  17. You can't sneeze with your eyes open.
  18. I tried to edit this but I was too late -- because it isn't just many Democrats it's some of the Republicans as well - although I do feel that Obama is a bit of a jewel in the globalist's crown and this is why Clinton has more protection than she might otherwise have - because prosecuting her would drag Obama into it all and tarnish his legacy - plus they might be playing around with the idea of running Michelle for President at some point...?
  19. Oh my! That sounds like tons of fun!lol!! You must have some pretty strong toes!
  20. What happened to the haunted house?
  21. Don't feel lonesome...we all get it one time or the other.
  22. Very true. And people only understand reality from where they view it
  23. Never heard of any such thing. I have heard various conversations over the years, that I would believe to be demons. You can't really prove that they are demons completely, but by the way they talk, they probably were. Demons only talk about the pain they are in, or how happy they are to be away from their usual place of prison. They talk about the living, and they want to get inside them. They also try to trick you, and insult you often. Never heard any talk about any sort of spirit capture, and I have been around a long time, very experienced. If that sorta thing does happen they aren't talking about it, or I haven't heard it personally.
  24. All Humans of All races have things in their past they can be be ashamed of.
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