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  2. Define intelligently designed, particularly by what or whom and how was said intelligence determined? cormac
  3. How... 'multinational' of you!
  4. Between Cricket bats, Base ball bats and Hockey sticks I think we can get revenge very well
  5. I do believe you are insinuating that Hillary was investigating a crime with her BS dossier, you just aren't going to admit it. Why? If I am wrong then I apologize but you need to explain this oft repeated line, or rescind it Then why is a federal prosecutor indicting him? I will when you actually write it down, which you seem not confident enough to do, so...... Yeah, coerced testimony from a scumbag like Manafort will seal the deal with Judge Sullivan. Not lately sir. As I said, since when does a federal prosecutor indict, in a federal court, a state level case? Also, Judge Sullivan, a federal judge, is presiding so how is this a state case? Which are basically do anything you want. Rosenstein is on very thin ice. I am sure that will be a very decisively written report.
  6. Considering he won't even say yes or no to the fire department call (now that he realizes it can be researched), I'd say chances are slim to none. *Cue long pointless rant from Kieth that doesn't address a single point*
  7. BBQ or the doll. If you say I'm having a Barbie it means BBQ. If you say I brought a kid a Barbie its the doll
  8. Pshaw. Fake bats. A few minutes with a good old CCM hockey stick.
  9. And yet....there are others who live quite lives...never cause trouble...never been treated for any mental illness problems...and they show up at work one day with a weapon and shoot several people. And there are those that no one knows about...that in their homes or apartments...they plan and plan to be the ONE ....the one...that killed the most people....almost like trying to break the record... I just don't know how you detect those people....hey, if it were simple...we'd already have it figured out by now right? But the one thing for certain that you can count on...after any shooting...a group of people want to start banning assault rifles. And honestly, if I thought that were the answer...I'd be there with them. I just know it is so much deeper than that.
  10. So that's what "barbie" means to an Aussie. And here I thought everyone from Down Under had fixation with dolls.
  11. All DA welcomed why should my friends miss the fun. Its ok he don't need heart or below belt parts
  12. Yes, Dreams have been an Integral part in waking life .. For Me .. I used to have Many Dreams on Floods and Fire balls, spewing forth from Volcanos, and in many dreams, I'm not me, I'm someone else, sometimes a man, sometimes a woman .. And I see the Deaths of these People .. I can remember dreams as far back as 3 yrs old .. Do you have trouble with dreams, I saw you say, they are waking you up.? Mo..xx
  13. That did look linear.
  14. Over the next few posts, I'd like to summarise what we have seen so far (or perhaps more accurately, NOT seen...) Let's start with the original post's claims: Keith Linder - "1st wall writings analyzed." No analysis is available - probable* lie Keith Linder - "The results are 96% conclusive:" Without an analysis, the 96% claim is worthless - probable* lie Keith Linder - "the hard to find material known Bone Black/Bone Char" Even if we accept the (non-evidenced) results, it is a common paint pigment - definite lie. * Note that he then used a Wiki page to post a chemical breakdown - obviously if he had it analysed he would have used the figures from the analysis.. So the two 'probable' lies above are effectively definite lies. Keith Linder - "Wall analysis was taken" Again, no such analysis has been presented, and as Keith refused to supply it when directly challenged - definite lie. That's just one post, and virtually everything in it was a lie. Onto Keith's second post: Keith Linder - "An expensive piece of equipment called the XRF gun was used to get the make up up {sic} the black wall substance" In the hands of an experienced operator an XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) test could indeed give useful results. That experienced operator would have also given a full report, identifying who did the test and the full methodology used, along with the composition, error ranges and a discussion of the limitations of the test results. None of that was given to Keith, and even if we accept that any of this happened, the device was being used by a person without a clue of how to use it or to present useful results in a proper report. There is nothing at the link he supplied that looks even vaguely like a test report or proper analysis. So - worthless and extremely dubious 'information' - probable lie. Keith Linder - "Its an expensive test" If done properly, so it should be. Even if we accept that this happened as Keith described, the test was not done properly at all, the results are absolutely worthless. Although, given he chose to use numbers he got from Wiki, I'd say that no such test took place. If it did.. he should ask for his money back. So again, worthless and extremely dubious 'information' - probable lie. Keith Linder - "Has everything to do with a previous tenant". This claim is not supported by any signed statements, stat decs or similar - probable lie. I'm happy to apologise for any of these, if Keith posts evidence to properly support his side. Given he's had 11 pages to do so and refused/failed, anyone think that likely?
  15. Here you go: Just have him wear the costume. You bring the bat.
  16. They do barbecues (aka "barbies" - not the doll) as well. They're antipodal, but not as weird as we think.
  17. Can someone in plain words explain to me why is there even a thought that universe is not intelligently designed? Thanks.
  18. I think it's the same everywhere. Here it's the small towns near where the asylums used to be that you can see a need for somekind of lock up facility. It's sad, some people are just wiered and only occasionally pose a threat to themselves, some are creepy and perverse and should be locked up and some are dangers to everybody around them, holding nieborhoods to ransom. These where just a few of the personalities that we found in the small town we lived in. Out of 800 people a half dozen needed to be in lock up care. The only place for them these days is jail. After they commit crimes and only for the duration of that sentence.
  19. It's funny what you notice in pictures. I've taught people about this mummy for fifteen years and have lecture on him. But this photo is the first time I've noticed all of those little holes in the temporal area behind his left eye. LOL Does he have worms? He'd better not!
  20. Yes but with a cricket bat, those bats are heavy. Can I have a human one please? I have someone in mind
  21. That UB book has a lot of great knowledge.. If only others could see how Wise its teachings are .. All info is Knowledge.. Fascinating Will ... Truly .. Thankyou to you and the UB.. Mo..xx
  22. You do piñatas in Australia? That's funny: a Mexican tradition popular in the US, practiced in Australia.
  23. Look, everyone! It's a photo of my favorite mummy on Bing!
  24. Lol will there be cake and a piñata?
  25. Keep in mind that I was quoting in my posts from the UB. Those are not my words.
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