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  2. They need to be here.
  3. Oops. I just said proof. My bad. I meant evidence. There is scientific evidence that incarnation s real in the case of humans.
  4. There is scientific proof of reincarnation. I think it was university of Michigan if I’m correct. I’d have to fact check. But I’m confident that I can back that statement if need be.
  5. Mr pysche, Are you mean spirited, or just in the habit of using unusual methods to serve your fellow man?
  6. Yeah I miss them.
  7. Goodnight see you tomorrow Friend whos friends with the ex (this guy no clue how hes single hes hot, good job and good guy) liked having a few drinks with me at his birthday last year, because I can handle them
  8. It's not like it's good to drink. I'm just stuck in the South Park Jamesons episode.
  9. Thank you Dantalion. You are Great and powerful.
  10. I would not choose religion....too much blood has been spilt though history because of religioua divides and although the term governments is used here.....the majority of those in the past which are being classed as the governments - were religious rulers. We can not live in a society without governing rules, but we can certainly live without religion. Do not get me wrong, i am certainly not a government person, but i pay my taxes and live in a society, so i want to see my taxes being used to keep our neighborhood clean and safe and if our contry were ever invaded, i would expect our government to.have the resources to protect us. But there are many things i am against what our government is going.....building mega mosques and free NHS to every Tombi, DIcra and Abdul is something i would ( and have) taken to the streets to protest against . To the bold.....if you live and work within a society, then you have to have some form of governing body. Unless you have a private doctor and dentist and grow all your own food and work for yourself and are fully self sufficiant, and have your own private roads and your petrol sypply and your own clean running water and your own electricity.....then somewhere along the line you have to live with a governing body. Trust me, if i coud live completely off the grid, i would and i respect nature and other people. We have moved from being barbarians in the western world, but i also know there are many pigs and selfish people out there. We are still at the stage where we would have anarchi without rules.
  11. Hey where did @Not A Rockstar run away to and where is @ShadowSot tonight?
  12. oh bother. I fell asleep and you even put up some boc and all. don't drink too much now Chaos, not until I am awake enough to enjoy it You all have a good night. I'm off to bed.
  13. I seriously look at Nyquil and say...I'm just not sick enough.
  14. No idea how I did it and the 4 drinks, not weak shots.
  15. Getting into heaven isn't getting into heaven. It's an endurance test like spending years to learn how to play goalie on a championship ice hockey team. If you don't keep going to practice or give up entirely, you won't make the team.
  16. If a priest accepts that God stated....."thou shall not kill"....and he... of course...HAS TO..because thats the faith he preaches.. but a man/woman in confession says....he/she just killed.... what should the priest do? Keep his mouth shut?
  17. If I had 15 shots, I think I'd be dead.
  18. How funny is it that I'm drunk and keep correcting my spelling?
  19. Dead people have been shown to return to life on occasion. This is scientifically demonstrable. People just want to move the goal posts on what death is to suit their beliefs. People have returned from death as we understand it scientically, and this is documented. Not only that, but some of them have stories to tell.
  20. I keep trying to like stuff I already did. *signyou'redrunk*
  21. Stupidest I did (brainless and I had a fight at the time it was 2014) 4 drinks and then 15 shots in a row, I was throwing up drunk
  22. lol. I wub wu CR. gold lol
  23. I just noticed this, so I'll answer before retiring. We've had a couple of discussions about this in Alt History and the theories are flying. So are the oddball fantasies. The main concealed chamber is quite large (over 100 feet long), so you could fit all kinds of things in there. To this point no one knows what it might be for. Personally, I've gone on record that nothing's in there but debris and dust, but I'm not much of a dreamer. They may not even investigate the chamber in my lifetime, but I wouldn't mind seeing it. All right, I'm off to bed for real this time. I put on my goth boots and leopard-orint jammies, and am ready for bed.
  24. I don't even remember posting this.
  25. I know Jack. He and his wife live next door.
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