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  2. Welcome WildHeart924, Hope you enjoy it here, there are some very interesting threads.. We only have one small fence, but lots of people on both sides of it, me? I am on the other side, but love a good debate. Here is your welcome pack:
  3. There is no code to break. Just random occurrences and YOU are finding the making the pattern.
  4. I knew that Greek religion was very non-conformist, but I hadn't realized that there were large numbers of Alexndrian-era Greeks who had converted to Hinduism and Buddhism. I've got some googling to do!
  5. Illinois/Chicago is much the same from discussions I've had with friends living in Illinois.
  6. To reiterate Sheri's sentiment, this is just some friendly verbal jousting, Hammer, no animosity involved and I don't think we're really disagreeing about much anyway. I do know what vicarious means, but I'm unaware of my making any statement that relies on my personally being on the receiving end of Christian judgment so I don't know why it was brought up. I've made no statements concerning how it feels to be on the receiving end of Christian judgment, which would maybe require more of a personal experience with it. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough, I didn't mean to imply that I was referring to those who believe the literal bible is infallible. I agree that the number of Christians that the Bible is in its entirety the Word of God is low, but I think that the number of Christians who believe that the Bible contains the Word of God in parts to be high. All I gotta say on that is I have zero evidence that you personally know more 'Real Christians' than I do, fwiw. To your ultimate point that I think I mostly agree with, I would at least argue that Christians are no more judgmental than anybody else, although they obviously may be more judgmental about certain things compared to non-Christians, and vice-versa.
  7. Another unintroduced video. Now watching that one. I wonder if anyone is ever going to bother to give a reason to read a link or watch a video.
  8. seaturtlehorsesnake

    rabbit troop sucks

  9. Happy is what we make of it. What is happiness for one is torture for another. my best friend's brother stocks shelves for a grocery store, has been doing so for a decade, has no ambition to even advance within his organisation, but he's happy. I have no idea how, but he's happy. That existence would be the height of pointlessness to me, but who am I to judge him for what makes him happy? He can afford rent and food, and that's basically all anyone ever needs. As such, I don't know how much I support theories that only involve a set number of paths to happiness. Happiness is simply whatever we make of it.
  10. Banned because I didn't even know bananas could get away.....
  11. We have free will insofar as we have the ability to consciously respond to stimuli. However, I'm convinced that we're just meat-robots with less control over our responses than we think we do.
  12. His mother's name is Hoan Nguyen. And I know why the companies do it as well. The veterans tend to be broken people and despite what we say, America has no use for broken resources. Reason and profit is what makes a company survive here, not emotion or compassion.
  13. Banned because getting older is not for the weak!
  14. I've often been puzzled by the majority's need for a point to life. Our lives are about as relevant as a bacteria, on the cosmic scale. But that's okay. I like having the freedom to determine my own path, rather than fulfilling some convoluted "purpose." After all, life is far too important to be taken seriously.
  15. Trying to pull myself together for my podiatrist appointment. You have to give 24 hours notice for a cancellation or you get charged for it. Only emergencies are considered to not be charged.
  16. Thank You Saru
  17. 1,000 risk management experts from around the world have outlined this year's top man-made threats.
  18. Welcome to the forums.
  19. i'm glad that i'm failing at it then!
  20. Hello. I'm Tabish Hussain. I'm experiencing something weird since 9th of September 2k17 (9/9) The thing I'm experiencing is whenever I want to see the time being unconscious, it's always 9:11 pm at night. It's happening every night since and it's freaking me out. And you know what? I discussed it with one of my friend and he freaked me out by saying, "Oh c'mon, 9/1 is your birth date too" Like what the hell is going on? Getting 9:11 since 9/9. My friend told me a little bit that it can be related to numerology. Now I leave it all to you guys please help me break down this 4 time 9's and 3 time 1's code. Thanks.
  21. Sounds like a pair of golden eagles. Those things are titanically large, and look totally black on a very sunny day if they angle themselves correctly. I see them in the summer while I'm fishing, and they're absolutely massive. It would be very easy to mistake them for some kind of giant monster, especially if they were high enough that you didn't have anything to compare their size to.
  22. Well that verse would be good evidence for Jesus being gay.
  23. Interesting video. I have to say for myself, personally there is a point in my life and that is to be like Christ, whom I follow. That entails being forgiving, loving and trying to help others in my journey. I try not to fret about future events because I believe in a higher power that is in control. I don't have all the answers such as if there is such a power, why bad things still happen. I still question that myself. All I can do is to keep trying to understand why such things happen and continue to assist others in need.
  24. My favorite Twilight Zone episode. Talky Tina is awesome.
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