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  2. You are a diplomat and a gentleman. It's unfortunate that you slay poor little owls that come close to your house.
  3. I'm off to get some rest!! Good night/day!
  4. I have a question for you joc. Is Jesus a Christian?
  5. That's the sort of video that ends up being reported to us Mods. It was wise (and kind) of you to screen it. And too bad. We bald men need all of the validation we can get.
  6. And I still do... but I gave the wrong link for Zak's comments (and a lot of interesting commentary - read thru the comments......), so here it is: Any further questions? While it's true that each new example of this stuff should be viewed on its merit (and one day, who knows, there might actually *be* a 'wolf' errr ghost..) given that this is just more of the same easily created 'events', and nothing was recorded, I think it's more than pretty clear what is going on, and the same thing has happened over and over and over and over and over and over... What is it now, Keith... 10+ years?, and you still haven't caught them at it... Gosh, jolly bad luck, what?
  7. For sake of argument I’m assuming your church was a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. If so you can’t speak for all Southern Baptists as not all churches are members of the SBC. Mine, for example, was not (Considering itself Southern Baptist-Independent) and the teaching you claim was NOT part of our sermons growing up. cormac
  8. I've been angrified a couple of times. Now I'm friends with some of them.
  9. Lol always. Truthfully, I don't think I've had a mod removed one. I know I removed a video last night (hadn't finished watching before posting) about bald men can be attractive, it had f word in it and thought hmm I don't think I can keep that posted
  10. The word religion hasn't lost any meaning. You who claim to have no religion...constantly spouting Jesus this and Jesus that and Heaven this and Hell that....all part of the Christian religion. I don't really care what you believe or don't believe Will...but at the very least you should know that your believes have a fundamental root in it isn't really accurate to say you have no religion.
  11. I believe these are just "doppleganger" spirits (possibly poltergeists disguising themselves for fun??. I'm not sure at all just my guess), my brother has seen one of my mum before, "she" walked down the hallway into the kitchen and out to the backyard (it was about 11pm when it happened). He has also seen one of me before out the back, walking from 1 side of the house to the other heading towards my room, once again it was dark out. The first time (he saw my mum) me and my mum were on the couch watching TV (he walked right past us). Second time I was upstairs when he saw "me" outside. Both times the entity was wearing the same clothes we had on at the time. I honestly have no idea what he saw, maybe it was something malicious trying to lure him outside as both time it happened it was at night and he would have been alone out there, maybe it was just a trickster/poltergeist. If I remember correctly he was probably around the age of your son the first time and then a few years older the second time.
  12. You're too nice. Even I have had several posts removed.
  13. I honestly don't remember if I have or haven't.
  14. I'm willing to bet you, TC, have never had a single post removed at UM. I was joking about Ruby, though. It's certainly not her posts we removed.
  15. The word "religion" has worn out its meaning. It needs to be redifined. Aren't we living in a time where you can feel that this is upon us? Why else all this debate going on? Not just here, but everywhere. Do you remember what Jesus said about how to integrate the new religious approach to life, the new Way he was teaching, with the old way of religiously approaching God? He said that you shouldn't put new wine into old wineskins because the old wineskins will burst, waisting the new wine as it pours out all over the floor and ruining the old wineskin.
  16. Ashes is the only dead things I have
  17. Crock! He might have been 'near death' but he wasn't dead.....Jesus was Dead...dead....and he didn't come back to life either.
  18. I might recommend finding a respectable taxidermist and having it stuffed for your living room. Display it right next to that elephant foot and hippo butt.
  19. It's 1,004 pages if you count all of those posts of yours we Mods had to remove.
  20. I think everyone would agree that you cannot eliminate the problem entirely. There will always be some level of accessibility to guns no matter what gun control system you have in place and no law and order will ever be able to monitor and control potential perpetrators from committing mad acts. You can only try to prevent these things from happening by reducing the risk. You say responsible gun owners shouldn't suffer the consequences but unless you have better and secure systems in place somethings gotta give don't you think? My opinion of course but the quickest preventitive solution is stricter gun control.
  21. PLP is not unknown, its the reaction from trauma to the nervous system. Nothing spiritual about it.
  22. You keep saying you have a door in storage people can "test", as if that's proof of anything. Who cares? It means nothing. If someone tests on and finds bone black, that means nothing but it has bone black on it. It's not for you Moonman. never was. You underestimate the amount of traffic that comes through here. how many eye's see this.
  23. I actually AM a rock star
  24. Listen...when I talk about dead ...I'm talking about dead! I don't give a bloody damn what your 'clinical' definition is...when your cold dead....your blood ain't flowing, you ain't breathing, you have no electrical impulses in your been laying on a slab not breathing for a day or so in the Morgue dead! That's what I'm talking about genius!
  25. If no one else wants to, I'll just plant him in the backyard next spring. Dead shells of things creep me out.
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