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  2. And what exactly did she predict? Like nothing?
  3. That is their weakness. Knowing what you know now, is a strength.
  4. That sucks sorry its being a pain for you. Holidays and birthdays are always a circus in my family over what's doing and who is coming or who is not coming because so and so is. Then they show up anyway cause free food. Good times
  5. Having a why the hell did I bother day. My brother who lives in same state as me (other one is interstate, can’t make it cause he had hip op through private health cover not public, so drained his savings) sends me a screen cap this morning, he can’t make it to my party. Because he has a fishing comp the next day (my actual birthday) and it stars at 2am. Theres another comp the week after or even next year, but picks a FIRKIN fishing comp over his youngest sister’s birthday. Oldest sister hasnt asked asked for day off yet (despite having over a months notice about date) and one of my nieces rang this morning not sure why. I missed the calls. I honestly thought ME paying for everything would mean people would come. Kind of over it all now
  6. Hate it when that happens.
  7. I once gave forgiveness as an act of charity and more often than not, rued the decision. Now I usually only give it if shown good reason to. Some people can simply not be trusted and will pounce on any perceived weakness if it is to their advantage.
  8. More awesome Aussie music Ash Grunwald. He has a great style, and rather unique I think.
  9. Food for thought. Haven't we also declared war on immigration, Obamacare, corruption, government paralysis, and regulation? More of those on the way too?
  10. Cheers I agree completely when I first heard her I took an instant liking to her music. Great sound I like the one you posted, there are some real gems in that like a version stuff.
  11. Yes, but didn't you ever collect things like bugs or whatnot when you were a kid Xeno ?....even as a girl I had a bug catcher. I use to make little homes for snails in shoe boxes. Sometimes I'd paint a little dot on their shells and even race them. I remember even having names for them. Just to add, I liked finding lady bugs as well. In fact they were my favourite.
  12. Can I ask why you are using quantum physics to justify the paranormal? What does one have to do with the other? Are you saying Ican't run a controlled experiment to observe psychic abilities because it is unknowable but a clairvoyant can come into my home and read the future, no problem?
  13. Claims of cover ups, claims of ET and Fyfe Symington shown to be fabricating his claim. This is your 'proof'?? But your not an ET nut????????
  14. Great post! I would be perplexed if another person told me I needed to forgive or I wasn’t a loving person or would miss out on something, which unfortunately, there are those that do, it is almost as odd a habit as coming to my door prostelizing. for me, as you say to forgive or not to forgive is a personal decision. I enjoy reasons for or against it though.
  15. Yep you made the claim of thousands first and I simply don't believe it. By your own word you are being unscientific by accepting the claim of thousands of corroborating calls when I already showed you that the star witness, Fyfe Symington has to be lying to hype the event up, no doubt to get public approval. But you do this as you did with Rendlesham. You dismiss recorded evidence that matches the time frames of Halts merry wandering in the woods over verified records to support two conflicting claims. That's not objective by any means, that's a zealous approach. You say your not an ET nut, yet you take UFOlogy as gospel over any other report You said, and I assume you are being honest, that you contacted Phoenix Airport for flight records and got ignored. I would expect that. The USAF had to employ people just to deal with roswell inquiries, I doubt the airport is as generous or has the budget to answer what must be thousands of requests. Unless you are willing to pay someone to do a particular job that you want done why should they bother? It's simple economics. It is not their responsibility to resolve the issue. No it's not unscientific its deduction of common items and the most likely answer. Of the UFO reports I see little corroboration. Some say 100 feet long some say obverse a thousand, some say a distinct delta, others say crescent and some even say rectangular. The people who gave reports of individual lights range from 4 to 5 lights and match the description of navigation lights. Consistency. There is a local airport so there is going to be air traffic and more people than usual were looking up to see the spectacular show created by Halle Bopp. As such he the planes explanation makes sense. All the elements to support the hypothesis are in place before we start. The conflicting reports of a giant craft can easily be resolved by applying illusory contours. When we work with what we do have available to is, we can reach a reasonable hypothesis. All that supports the claim of one giant craft is a claim of thousands of reports and the ones we do have, which certainly do not number in the thousands, conflict. Reasonable deduction infers planes here.
  16. Banned for being so teeth-grindingly annoying!
  17. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, today, voted allow all House members to review a brief report outlining all the information revealed by the recently released documents on the FISA abuse scandal currently boiling over. All democrats voted NO and all republicans voted yes so there won't be a general release of the documents but members of congress can review the memo in the congressional SCIF. Byron York, Washington Examiner The report answers the question of whether the FBI and Justice used the dossier for one or more surveillance warrants, plus other issues. But the answer, of course, is classified. (Just for the record, I have not seen the report and don't know its contents.) There will be no copies of the report handed out to House members. Instead, a copy will be made available for them to read in a secure room in the Capitol. They won’t be able to take the report out of the room. But they will know the answers to the questions. Which raises another question: When will the public know? Obviously, the more House members know about the dossier investigation, the more likely its classified results are to leak. That might happen at any time. But Republicans can pursue another strategy, as well. The House itself can declassify documents under certain conditions. If enough members support declassifying the House Intel report, then the House as a body could move to declassify the information in it. And then the public would know. (read more) Apparently the released information is beyond belief and the impending scandal will be massive. Rep. Mat Gaetz (R-FL1) released the following statement on his congressional page: Washington, D.C. — Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) today released the following statement after reviewing information from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, including a memo held in the Congressional Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) that contained previously-undisclosed information involving the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ). “The House must immediately make public the memo prepared by the Intelligence Committee regarding the FBI and the Department of Justice. The facts contained in this memo are jaw-dropping and demand full transparency. There is no higher priority than the release of this information to preserve our democracy,” Rep. Gaetz said. Democrats are understandably scared as this happened on their watch and many members of congress who have reviewed the memo said the revealed information will rattle the roots of the country. The rumor is the DOJ/FBI and democrats conspired to rig the election and used national intelligence apparatus to spy on the Trump campaign and other republicans. Hopefully the republicans can get this information declassified and released to the general public so we can all see the level of corruption the feds have sunk to.
  18. Um teaches us many things. I learned dragons aren't real here. This is going to come as a real shock to the two who live on my desk, especially the one who holds my incense. Not sure how to break the news, don't want him freaking out catching stuff on fire.
  19. If you bring the S’mores, then yes.'more ....i can’t believe S’mores have a Wikipedia page....
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