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  2. Very very very interesting!!!
  3. Paranoia maybe but i just said a possibility. If the plane is elsewhere and their search zone was flawed from the beginning it would be an incredible embarrassment for the family involved and also for all the time and money spent at the wrong place. I would be pleased that the story end with a true finding but with so much time in evaluation of the data and searching done, i have some doubt. If they want to put an end to the story to save face, it will be with the help of a lot of guys who probably have access to the maintenance record and information from Boeing.
  4. 23°F and snowing
  5. Had pancakes for dinner tonight.
  6. A red Coca-Cola shirt and black pajama pants
  7. There was a woman I wanted so badly to slap once, back in 2011. I was at the dr clinic I used to go to, Winter time. 3 little ones aged 1.5 to 5 running around not watched and the smallest was in a paper thin grow suit, snot crusted nose and hanging full nappy. Mom walks in about 15mins later, big thick fashionable coat, boots, jeans, hair n nails done sits down and yells at her kids. My sister Katie is an Early childhood educator (what they call Child care workers now, since they teach kids things) one place she worked at a woman's 3 kids would come in filthy dirty each time, but mom in brand new name brand stuff. The mom once complained to Katie how her parents where taking the grandkids out to the Adelaide show (its like a fair) and would be spending money on them so they get spoilt, the mom said OH THEY DONT SPOIL ME THOU. She was jealous of her own kids
  8. lawyers do that all the time, plenty of incompetent ones, but it is no excuse, he had 30 years. he could have gotten another.
  9. I'm standing by my Eagles in spite of my son who just sent the family a list of 10 reasons why we shouldn't hate him when the Vikings win Sunday. I think the Jaguars will get the shaft because there is no way Brady isn't going to this Super Bowl. Anyone but the Pats.
  10. Goodnight. I hope you have a better sleep tonight. Maybe Ruby will come over and sing to you.
  11. I was driving down a wide, multi-lane road once in Chicago, fairly early in the morning. The car in front of me was veering across several lanes and back, and I thought for sure the person was drunk. I didn't want to be driving too close to this idiot so I revved up to pass. As I was passing the car I got a look inside. It was a woman with a very young child in the front seat next to her. She had a children's book open on her lap and was reading to her kid. Some people shouldn't breed.
  12. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  14. I am feeling really tired tonight, I didn't sleep well last night so I'm going to bed a bit earlier. Have a good one!
  15. Thankyou, just over a week to go.
  16. I'm sure your party will be a success!!
  17. Trump said he would keep families together. He said they'd all have to go, but he'd keep them together. Another lie.
  18. Probably a lot of people ready to take advantage of folks like him.
  19. Depends on what you define as spiritual Richard Dawkins says he has a sense of spirituality when he gazes through a telescope at a supernova or distant star, and described it as a 'swelling of the breast' Its wide ranging and means different things to different people To me the spirit of a person is what the sum of your experiences make you, you might have a bold or meek nature described as one's spirit
  20. Misery loves company. Perhaps you might subject your own gene pool to some closer scrutiny in determining what skeletons may exist within your own closet.
  21. It looks like ridicule because you want to see ridicule. As I stated before I am reporting what real researchers have written. Take up your little rant with them if it makes you feel bad. If you think I blame people for what they dream then it shows you did not read or understand what I posted. The idea that people are afraid to say they have had this experience is based on what? I have seen no such indications in anything I read on the subject. I never stated or suggested that these events were in any way wrong. That idea is just you making up stories again. I never stated or suggested that any of this was was deviant. That's just you making up stories again. What stupid story will you post next?
  22. No. The Bible is a,collections of documents written by many different people and has passed through many different hands. It's existence was by Imperial decree and there was nothing divine about it's creation. It is interpreted by Christians as holding God's revelation to man and the account of the life an teachings of a man they revere as the "Son of God" who died for their sins and promised them eternal life--or at least that's the spin.Since you apparently have little or no experience with real Christians, your vicarious knowledge of their judgmentalism is the "everyone knows" variety, hence my jaundiced eye..
  23. Because its all welcome to the UM one, no invite needed. Mostly family, had 2 friends (one is friend of my sister Katie) unable to one has a family thing and the other I think is busy, plus she's pregnant with baby 3 so I think shes resting
  24. I figure if anyone has a chance of coming across a dragon, it would be a Draconic investigator.
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