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  2. Hey again.. Yip same answer as yours.. JUST NAH ..!! Mo..xx
  3. Animal bones dating back five million years - including some from a mammoth - have been handed in to a charity shop. The remains of bison and fossilised sea urchins were also among the donations handed into the Norwich branch of East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH).
  4. Cheers for this info Dude.. Mo..xx
  5. Howsit Dude .. Read all your words.. This above I found interesting.. I have the Answer to all your words.. JUST... YEAH..!!!! Mo..xx
  6. Roman boxing gloves have been discovered near Hadrian’s Wall, thought to be the only known surviving examples, even though the sport was well-documented on Roman wall paintings, mosaics and sculptures. With a protective guard designed to fit snugly over the knuckles, the gloves were packed with natural material which acted as shock absorbers. They date from around AD120 and were certainly made to last: they still fit comfortably on a modern hand. One of them even retains the impression of the knuckles of its ancient wearer.
  7. Was it wrong of me to have read that last part with voices from "Pirates of the Caribbean " in my head? The pictorial representations would have been better with the green flash between the two pyramids...
  8. At no point have I used the word "Impossible". At no point have I used the word idiot. If you take a moment to digest my signature, at no point have I said I am sure of my opinion. Stop putting unused/unimplied words and opinions into my mouth.
  9. That doesnt surprise me..They are that significant.... Birds hold the gift of flight they can be everywhere..Just like in many cases they have been used to deliver messages...
  10. Hi Zooey To be honest I just pray. With sincerity and gratitude, I ask for guidance and I recieve it. Having a peaceful heart, an open mind and good intentions seems to be enough.. Try it and let us know how it went? For example, you might ask how best to answer this post, with the above in mind, and then just relax into the moment. Normally the answer comes within a few moments.. Good luck!!!
  11. Amen to that...for sure..
  12. Thanks, this is very interesting. The bird was a dove, i also remember reading something about bird shamans in earliest neolithic cultures in Europe and Anatolia. If i remember correctly dove was sacred to oldest inhabitants of Europe, and had a sanctuary in ancient Dodona.. thanks for reminding me.
  13. first of all.. lie-detector-test-picture-id117452625 Second of all o-LIE-DETECTOR-facebook.jpg they do not use electrical tape to hold the electrodes on your fingers also they do not use the Elastic keychains to do the other parts.. and yes lie detectors are not infallible thats why they are not admissible in court..
  14. I know that in Maori customs birds hold a very spiritual meaning and are reguarded as a deliverer of news or messages we hold them very highly ondeed..They are very sacred to us an can also be a warning of something in advance...Some can even give their lives for you..You were suspose to notice it an for whatever reason it was not a coincidience..
  15. Ok we have established your native language now what?
  16. Yes. I haven't really thought about that too much, but i remember. I can only say that it is almost impossible to be a coincidence.
  17. Vlad the Mighty

    May we have your attention please. Please do not ride a bike or cycle along the platform. Thank you. 

  18. Perhaps the promise of an all loving God is too much for some folk, perhaps some folk see all the suffering in the world and then blame God, which is quite ironic seeing as they dont even believe in Him/Her, (actually I see God as above gender), anyway, nobody would have to question God if they only made an effort to reach out. We have free will - God will never take that away.. Imho.
  19. Yes that was very intuitive that was I believe a message of some sort or a hello fom experience tho
  20. With Osiris as 'the Pyramid Akhet' then the above is perfectly understandable. Re rises 'with' Osiris ["..this Pyramid is Osiris..."] But sometimes Re presents a 'Green Flash' as he rises (and sets): The Green Flash of the Sun SC
  21. A person familiar with the matter says that there's a problem with the accompanying entourage ... slowing things down a bit so they had to go back into a low gear -
  22. Glad you like his work too.
  23. I have a lot of time for Rudolf Steiner.. From spiritual mysteries to education, architecture, agriculture, dance, music.... There are plenty of audio books on YouTube if anyone is interested.
  24. Russia has much religion. My father was Russian. He was very religious. Said he even saw Mary on the battlefield.
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