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  2. I'm not sure, you think you've been talking to a liar and that sure isn't me.
  3. Already done and some of us are quite happy discussing it.
  4. I agree with Saru that it was a photo.
  5. A broken teapot bought for £15 has sold for £575,000 after it was discovered to be one of America's first pieces of porcelain. A bargain hunter thought the blue and white item, which was missing its lid and had a broken handle glued back on, was common pearlware. But the hobbyist dealer's pot turned out to be the work of John Bartlam, a British potter who took his trade across the Atlantic 250 years ago. Bartlam's enterprise was cut short by the American Revolution and hardly any examples of his work exist today. £575,000 = 798744.00 US Dollar £15 = 208.37 US Dollar
  6. After obtaining his PhD, Sheldrake became a fellow of Clare College,[32] working in biochemistry and cell biology with funding from the Royal Society Rosenheim Research Fellowship. He is a biologist, like Dawkins. So I guess Dawkins is not a scientist too.... knew something was fishy about him....
  7. Just saying... this is not a magazine cover. It's from a Madonna calendar.
  8. Here's an aspect, do you recall when Musicians were falling during performances? Most people thought oh my goodness they fell but it was an ongoing thing, in hollyweird, why? it was symbolic.
  9. What do you think I have been doing all this time? Smoke signals..
  10. Water represents Satan right?
  11. I'm afraid you are not making any objective sense.
  12. So if you agree with it being a point of contention, that consciousness is non-physical, which you did, then please just explain this point of contention? Because I cannot see any contention with this idea that consciousness is non-physical, yet you do! Fine, please tell us? Then we can all move on..
  13. I don't know but you could talk to me instead maybe?
  14. Yep it's on a magazine cover. Since when is a thought that I'm now pondering. I don't know how far back they utilized that symbol in Hollywood or celebs in general. The eye of Horus is what it is. They're professing by doing that that the superstition protects them. ETA "They all " is in reference to all of them that are doing those things.
  15. Clinton`s meetings at the Columbine shootings, only suggested of latch key kids. That parents should be home, guide kids behavior even high school kids. One good idea. To me gun control will not ever work, kids can get big guns from bad people. And still check out why kids minds wants to massacre kids. Communities should put the schools in safety.
  16. Could I use such a bizarre argument when I tell people there is no global warning? "Britain was warmer during the Roman era than it is now. So there is not a rise in temperatures. There's a decline " Because the majority of stabbing victims and perpetrators of stabbings in Britain are black.
  17. Ok, then I can definitively state this is not what's happening here. I intend to accept what any actual evidence (as in definitive, verifiable, 'slam dunk' evidence) can demonstrate.
  18. Scotland Yard is investigating after a letter addressed to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry that contained white powder prompted an anthrax scare. The letter was received this month at St James Palace in central London. The powder inside was found to be harmless after being examined by experts. The couple are due to be married in May and the letter was received at the palace shortly before a package containing white powder also prompted a scare at the Palace of Westminster.
  19. Everyone in Hollywood covers one eye ? Since when ? It's a magazine photoshoot...
  20. Well it's been around since original sin.
  21. Will Who says I have, I am a gramps now and am a little more discriminate. jmccr8
  22. A point of contention - yes it is. What is so hard to understand? It is contentious because we are here arguing it. If it is not contentious then provide me your unquestionable evidence that it isn't physical. There is no lie just you misrepresenting me. I've even told you directly what my opinion is but you STILL keep banging on about something I never actually said.
  23. Why would I want to talk to someone who lies to themself and to other folk too? Bye bye..
  24. It is from the Ender's Game series of books. Written by Orson Scott Card. A very good read. Locke was Ender's brother Peter and Demosthenes was Ender's sister Valentine. Peter used Valentine as a foil in his online discussions to rebuke, and then later agree with his positions. The premise being they were bitter enemies, but it was all to make Peter look better by winning well thought out debates.
  25. Deffinately I see your point well thank you..This is cool stuff..
  26. This is a lie. I asked you pointedly, "what is the point of contention? that mind is non-physical?", you replied, yes. There was no, "what exactly it has been" aspect to my question. My question was more pointed than that.
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