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  2. Depends who you ask? The debate’s been done many times. My opinion is that aliens have highly likely been involved with earth and we are only in the infancy of understanding.
  3. Race of people. It would seem that the old world knew about your lands nd people way before Columbus.
  4. Doug1o29

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    Parents letting their kids get scared because of global warming is about the same as child abuse. They should be telling the kids how they can make a difference (energy conservation) and that there are good people working on the problem and that they will solve it by 2050. There is a lot of reason for optimism. Doom-and-gloom and despair is about the same as denialism. It's time a quit whining, vote the obstructionists out of office and get busy. Doug
  5. It says nothing about him, his posts speak for themselves, it stands that he is constructive and instructive.
  6. I meant what I said, nope. "Pretty good chance" is a decision or judgement you have made, correct? How many of these "things" are supported? Is there a pretty good chance a pot of gold lies at the end of a rainbow?
  7. the13bats

    Tales with cars

    cool...its, worldwide i think something fueled the myths, i get a kick out of all the variations and those who insist their version really happened. in the 80s i knew a guy who was about 60 then i thought he was so old, lol i went to his shop one day and an old lead sled was getting bodywork for paint, it had countless round filler spots, about as big round as a coffee mug, i asked what the hell ? well the story was the wife an excitable paranoid thought hubby was cheating, he wasnt he was talking with the wifes sister and mom about a surprise vacation for her birthday. oops.
  8. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    That's a very long bus!

    1. acute


      Every bus is "long" to you!

    2. Dumbledore the Awesome

      Dumbledore the Awesome

      normally being a passenger on the short one, you mean, is that what you're saying

  9. third_eye

    'The Thing' discovered beneath the Antarctic

    I bet it tastes like chicken... ~
  10. acute


    A dark body-sized mass on the living room ceiling! :cry:

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    2. acute


      It's an apparition, about 6' tall, crouched, but sitting on my ceiling.

      It's not moving, it's just watching me.

    3. third_eye


      It's Spiderman exiled from the MCU... 


    4. XenoFish


      Lay off the bottle and get some sleep.

  11. Is this a reference to Native Americans? Pausanias was talking about baboons. Not people.
  12. Walls you are in error. I didn’t expect you to stand corrected. The incorrect claim I am addressing is that pain is not evidenced. I work for a Neurologist who has chronic pain, and it is evidenced, many of her pain symptoms are on the checklist I gave you. The problem is your lack of generalized base knowledge and “experience” in this area. You are way in over your head on this. It is just feedback, take it or leave it,
  13. Orphalesion

    'The Thing' discovered beneath the Antarctic

    From the picture it kinda looks like a sea cucumber or sea pig.
  14. Poseidon was originally the god of horses, rivers and the Underworld. But the Proto-Greeks originated as steppe nomads. His origin is unknown. Athena was a Minoan indigenous goddess.
  15. Cloud7




    1. Dumbledore the Awesome

      Dumbledore the Awesome

      who's this hippy idiot

  16. So, i noticed you're extremely quiet about the Panathenaic games and the connection between Poseidon and Athena- Athens and Atlantis. So this proves that Atlantis isn't a figment of Plato's mind since the games are significantly older than him.
  17. What do you mean ‘Nope’? ‘Pretty good chance’ is a long way from a conclusion. It’s not a comparison but I’ve heard plenty of things suggesting alien involvement with earth.
  18. Desertrat56

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    Sounds like lots of iron in the water. That isn't as health threatening as a silver skim on top of the water from pollution like you would get in Franklin, VA in the 80's. I think it was pollution from the paper mill. And it had a horrible taste. In Midland it was just too alkaline and chunky.
  19. I think there is an enduring connection between Athens-Atlantis and Athena the Goddess and Poseidon the sea God. Plato's Atlantis is more than an allegory. More like a historical reference.
  20. Should have stuck with what was working for you. youve been a long time reader but just joined to praise a blind faither, makes sense. Like as have a crush on him? you seem to not just dig him but be down right looney about him. sorry i dont share your opinions, pg is a biased gullible blind faith true believer who denounces logic, science and rational thinking as quickly as he denounces Proof of frauds and hoaxes, he does so many times to the point of trolling. perhaps you can grab a "I heart pg" t shirt in the gift shop on your way out...
  21. and then

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    Can you imagine how you'd have reacted if someone told you when you were a kid that you'd one day pay a dollar or more for water in a bottle? It was unimaginable where I lived.
  22. hacktorp

    Trump’s Loose Lips with Ukraine

    Indeed. In fact, it seems as though Obama, knee-pads on and fanny high in the air, was strongly hinting that Russia would get anything they wanted if only Putin would help Barry get re-elected. What a shameless suck-up.
  23. Making more stuff up eh? The actual sentence describing the Satyrides says: Satyr's perhaps. Definitely NOT humans. As to the portion mentioning Atlantes: So living in northwest Africa. https://chs.harvard.edu/CHS/article/display/5896.description-of-greece-a-pausanias-reader cormac
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