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  2. Well you don't know that.
  3. Vlad the Mighty

    Alcohol reference, fantasy violence and Bad language 

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    3 of the worst words to hear, "Tomorrow is Monday".    

  5. I do hope so. ..I think in that sense Syria is centre stage at this point, where two of the main geo political blocks have engaged and are engaging eachother through proxies. They arent the US & UK armies though, not yet. This ofcourse could very well be a prelude to just that; a direct conflict between them. The interests, significance of that area cannot be overstated. Pivotal.
  6. yes - and maybe get a few extra tins in and some bottled water because IF the S hits the fan over all this the supermarket shelves will be empty with 24 hours.... I'm not joking You started this thread and are pushing the Bid Bad Putin narrative... Are you willing to die in a war over it all..... ?.....imagine that -- Britain destroyed and destabilized over the botched poisoning of a Double Agent...a Russian spy.... (who ever was behind it )..... *slow hand clap*
  7. StarMountainKid

    The purpose of America seems to be to provide an exclusive, private club for wealthy white men. 

  8. This is the chilling moment the 'ghost of Admiral Nelson's wife' was seen wandering around HMS Victory before disappearing through a wall. The spine-tingling footage appears to show the ghostly figure of a woman in a dress and heels walking through the upper chamber of the warship. Tony Ferguson, who has a keen interest in the paranormal, was exploring the vessel during a day out when he felt like something was following him.
  9. You're very right, if you want to make changes, you got get off your butt and make yourself heard. I think we need to change how we do elections. Limit the length of time candidates can campaign; limit the amount individuals can give to campaigns; do away with PACs and citizens united; contributions must come from individual human beings who must also be eligible to vote in the US. Another thing I would like to see is put the primaries all on one day. That help limit the money needed to run. Limit the amount of ad time on TV for each candidate, so we are not overwhelmed and candidates have to get out and stump the old fashion way. Do away with electoral college, stupid idea to begin with. Trouble is, the people we have put in office have a lot to gain (money) by keeping the status quo. And it will take some changes to the Constitution, which is like pulling teeth out of an elephant. It might take another revolution.
  10. what a surprise ! Cameron miscalculated and misunderstood the majority of people in the UK when he called the EU referendum (fully expecting the vote to be swayed into a Remain result) May is miscalculating and misunderstanding the majority of people in the UK over all this dangerous nonsense and unnecessarily making an enemy of Russia... IMO - especially if England doesn't send it's team to the World Cup - As it stands at the moment it's looking like Corbyn will win the next election and the Tories will be out of office - That's if we all last that long, of course - because our politicians don't seem to care about their actions possibly escalating into a military conflict -- It could easily start in Syria as the Globalists use their proxy armies (US + UK military) to continue to try and oust Assad to carve up the country...
  11. Your welcome...If you have a question about a particular image you can use this: All you have to do is put in the url of the image...
  12. Vlad the Mighty

    my tv's no good any more

  13. Lane Kiffin hints that Alabama is the Virginia of college football Virginia’s style of lockdown defense and slow-but-steady offense was exposed Friday night against the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, but people were complaining about the Cavaliers’ approach even before the Retrievers took control en route to the historic upset. Coach Tony Bennett’s methods have been criticized for years, but the Cavs weren’t always as dominant as they were this season. They went 31-2 in the regular season, earning the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. Read more:
  14. I would tend to agree with you on most of that...But what about the literally hundreds of eyewitness accounts can they simply be dismissed?
  15. Re: bolded... Ummm yeah... the Former CIA Director... yet another proven liar And that's not the first time Brennan has sold B.S. to the public... You can believe Brennan all you want, but IMO, he's just another one of the gang that's lied through their teeth to the public, in order to "toe the company line". *************************************************************** Just like Robert Mueller, who as Director of the FBI, hid a Saudi FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, from the 9/11 Commission who had a Congressional subpoena to interview him. But Mueller hid him away anyways from 9/11 Commission member Michael Jacobson and his staff "for his own safety"(Abdussattar's)... "Safety", from the 9/11 Commission??? For those who don't know who Adbussattar Shaikh is ... Abdussattar Shaikh was an FBI informant from 1994 and on, who had 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar, living with him in San Diego but didn't tell his FBI handler anything about the 2 soon to be hijackers. al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar are also the 2 hijackers who the CIA knew entered the U.S. over a year before 9/11, but withheld that information from the FBI until mere weeks before 9/11.(or so the official story goes) Those 2 hijackers ALSO happen to be the 2 hijackers that are linked to Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar, who had tens of thousands of dollars flowing to the 2 hijackers, through his wife's account and Saudi operatives Osama Basnan and Omar al-Bayoumi, as finally confirmed with the partial release of the infamous 28 Pages("partial" as there's loads of material STILL redacted in it) *************************************************************** Then there's the same Robert Mueller-led FBI, that also kept the existence of 80,266 pages of 9/11 investigative material from a Sarasota Florida investigation hidden, not only from the public, but also from both the Congressional Inquiry Into 9/11 AND the 9/11 Commission ... something Senator Bob Graham, who Chaired the Congressional Inquiry, has testified to. That only came to light thankfully in 2011 after FIOA suits were filed, and the FBI at first denied to the courts that there were any such documents... then they said they found 31 pages of material... but under court order and a threat of obstruction, the FBI finally "discovered" 80,266 pages of Sarasota Fl, 9/11 related investigative material which was then handed over to the courts in 2013. Those 80,000+ pages are currently still being reviewed for release by U.S. District Court William J Zloch, and the FIOA suit is still ongoing. *************************************************************** THAT, was Robert Mueller's FBI... passed on to James Comey... who's FBI, uhem... "investigated"... Hillary Clinton's server scandal... and we all have seen how that one played out... The same James Comey who investigated the Clinton's once before in 1996, and... according to Time magazine... (highlights mine) Comey, when he was United States Deputy Attorney General(2003-2005), was ALSO involved in getting former Clinton National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, off the hook after Berger stole Clinton-related documents from the National Archives 3 different times, destroying some, back in 2003. In 2005, Berger, with a plea deal worked out with the DOJ, ended up with probation, fines, and no security clearance for 3 years, instead of 10 years in prison under USC 793(f) like they were originally planning on charging him under... he "made on honest mistake" he said... an "honest mistake" THREE times mind you... Good job Comey During this time(2005 era - Berger's plea deal), future U.S. "Atarmac General", Loretta Lynch, who Bill Clinton had successfully nominated as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York way back in 1999, was a Partner at Hogan and Hartson... a company that was doing the Clinton's taxes from 2004 and on, at least until 2009. *************************************************************** When you do some digging, all I see are Lies, Conflicts of Interests, Cover-Ups and so on by all these people... and so many more They been covering and protecting each other for decades now and I'm expected to believe we'll get anything resembling the truth out of this current Mueller "investigation"? I have my doubts to be sure.
  16. There was a thread, at one point that discussed the concept of what life is and what it entailed, naturally when one thinks of "life" we automatically think of living beings from microscopic bacteria to the leviathan great blue whales and generally we would be correct but as I pondered this idea I couldn't help by ask myself if this was entirely accurate. In short, is our concept of life a bit myopic? Just as there are many types of love, there are also many types of life too. When we look at physical matter, it is really just forms of energy that, when coalesced, oscillate at a particular frequency. It seems that there is not "energy versus matter" it is all (again for the purposes of conversation, I use the term energy as a collective term out of convenience). When you break down matter (or maybe the term energy pattern is more appropriate) you have a tiny, imperceptible particle of energy. It is tiny, and maybe that little particle is weak but it is there, it oscillates and affects an area of space around it no matter how large or small parameter it is.Now you have trillions upon trillions of these little particles, some move really, really fast and there are others that just mosey along at their own pace. At some point these particles will get bounced around, bumping off of this particle and crashing into others. Sort of like being in Grand Central Station in rush hour. Now each particle is able to attract or repel based upon whether those frequencies are compatible with one another, if one particle bonds with another, that combined frequency becomes a little stronger and able to attract more and more until their combined frequency can attract particles that emanate a stronger energy field. At some point the accumulation accelerates and baring that nothing happens to break the bond in the meantime, something will be formed. What it will be depends, I suppose, on the particles that are accumulated. Now one might ask how this constitutes "life" and it is a good inquiry, really. I suppose one of the ways "life" could be defined is the accumulation and maintenance of coalesced particles, bonded so strongly that they are able, by their energetic nature, to maintain a position on the energetic celestial gear works of the cosmos such as a solar system. I would even surmise that even biological life assists in this process (this will relate to my other article on 'Lifestream') by creating its own unique sets of frequencies that support not just the planet it is on but forms a sort of "net" that connects to all in the universe. (Yeah, for lack of a better term I am forced to rely on the heavily over-used and worn out of 'We're all connected' platitude. Sorry) Again if you have read through to the end then I once again am grateful for your patience and I may add more later.....maybe. And if you are totally confused then you are in good company, so am I!
  17. Forgot to mention, i see now her attempt at knowledge wasn't to better herself or the world in general. Seems she was only interested in finding fault in the various religions of the world to drop her "god" bomb on them.
  18. Oh you think Im a Putin fan for supplying this content, is that it? How very refreshing LV-426. I think the man is a criminal in the broadest sense of the word. Does that sparkle with you? ..Let me ask you something though; why is the answer to questioning comically lacking 'proof', used again as a pretext of a casus belli, always ad hominem rhetoric like 'West Hater', or 'Putin Lover'? Edit: 'Lmfao' Yes, lets 'put aside any question of the ethical actions of our own nations for a moment', and shine the line on Putin for a change.. given 'we' have criticised the West to a tiresome degree up until now. Youre funny.
  19. The're sure taking their time with all this poisoning or what ever is happening 7 months on an still nothing happened .... not really cost effective is it
  20. Here's the report. You want to believe the Russians over our own Homeland Security, that's on you.
  21. Sorry Phaeton, haven't got time for a lengthy reply. Food takes priority! I'll just ask one question though; why is the answer to questioning the integrity of Putin always "But... evil West!" Let's just put aside any question of the ethical actions of our own nations for a moment, and shine the line on Putin. Do you have any criticism for him? What is your opinion on his reputed $200 billion wealth and the financial situation in Russia, for example? What do you think of the suspicious deaths of his critics, at home and abroad, e.g: Here are 10 critics of Vladimir Putin who died violently or in suspicious ways
  22. I dont often drop my thoughts here but a recent conversation is sticking in my head. Maybe i can leave it here and let it rest in peace. In a discussion recently a lady comments shes taking part in a world religion class. 'Good deal' im thinking since we live in such an overlapping society of religions and cultures, understanding or gaining some insight into anothers mindset and perspectives can be a very positive action. As she speaks i can hear that she has gleaned some knowledge about various cultures of our world. On the other hand she keeps commenting on how they could possibly begin to believe in their religions. "Those myths are all a bunch of fairy tales and fables no proof that there is anything to them at all". I really wanted to slap her upside the back of her head and shout "Thats the same way it is with your religion!" (Baptist) She states shes doing her best to show them 'Gods' path and disappointed they wont listen to her. If i were a praying man i'd pray for her to have a little wisdom shed onto her closed mind. Nuff said.
  23. Hmmm...okay...I guess i don't get out that much. Wow! Alrighty then! I stand corrected! Thanks.
  24. Are you conspiring with my cats? And my marten? She keeps devouring the fat we leave in the tree, as part of the winter food for the birds, and isn't my only hope that she'll stop doing that the possibility she'll get so fat she won't be able to climb the tree anymore?
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