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  2. There is no pot here amigo. Trump ran courting Christians, Trump was the candidate Pat Robertson said was a good Christian who people should vote for and he is the man who his wretched spiritual advisor says was sent from gawd. There's no double standard , this is just showing the world the emperor has no clothes. It is Trump's party and his voters who have declared themselves the moral majority all the press about his affairs is simply rubbing the evangelical Trump supporters noses in it. ...........................Well except the Stormy story, the campaign finance issue there is real as is the alleged physical threats
  3. No they're not. Mockery has always been politically calculated. They tried to set the stage with their pogrom against Sexual Harassers, only to find much to their dismay, that they've brought down more Democrats than Republicans. Their Hollywood bastion of liberalism is in shambles because of it. It's hard for the pot to call the kettle, black.
  4. your soul now taken transported in a moment snatched by joy
  5. No inclusion of Sessions, which likely means it's Russia related.
  6. I believe my ten year old niece could have someone killed. Just because it is possible doesn't mean it happened.
  7. I think too many are mistaking mockery for outrage or political calculation.
  8. I thought it was, "What happens in the Oval Office, stays in the Oval Office."
  9. What ever happened to the Liberal line, "What two consenting adults do together....."? Oh, but they aren't going to say that is the issue. Rather some are saying that the payoff amounts to a Campaign Donation. An UNDECLARED donation!! Damnation Alive!! I see their point, but it is pedantic to try to push that angle. pedantic - Overly concerned with minute details or formalisms...
  10. Yeah, I agree with you on that score. The 75% that I saw came from a online poll of basically only republicans. Where they probably could vote over and over again, if they tried even a little.
  11. About the same a Clinton's staunch supporters felt about his sexual improprieties and frolics in the Oval Office. The Democrats will have all their defense rationale for Slick Willie thrown back in their faces. At this point in time, with the collusion chimera fading fast before their eyes, they're desperate to grasp at anything, but his "private life" isn't gong to be the silver bullet they're so desperately searching for.
  12. Do you believe Trump could have someone killed? If so, then why not Clinton? She's been at the very pinnacle of power. Within a few votes of being the most "powerful" human on Earth. If the leader of a gang of 50 can have someone killed, it can't be too hard for a Clinton to arrange.
  13. I watched the vid also and I can clearly state that the accident could had been prevented by the driver but she failed on 2 major points here. First, the driver was distracted because of playing with an electronic device, which is exactly the scenario I`ve described in post #6. 2nd, the driver didnt responded adequate to the situation by just waiting for the impact. The golden rule (to survive) for motorcyclists and drivers in general is: " look where you want to drive or you will hit what you look at". If the driver would had the eyes on the street and the hands on the steering wheel, and well trained as well, she would had done an emergency break combined with an avoidance manoeuvre straight to the left, the old lady would still be alive. The vid:
  14. As a congratulatory parade for Putin's re-election?
  15. I’m obviously being misunderstood. I accept that we don’t “know” certain things. I certainly do not reject science. Indeed I believe the best scientists keep an open mind as to things that are not yet known. For the ghost phenomenon I don’t believe it is appropriate to say it’s an impossibility, but I will accept it is an improbability based on current understanding. Lots of you are saying “I don’t think ghosts exist”, “I don’t know if ghosts exist”. That’s fine, and actually the correct opinion since there is no scientific evidence. It’s the ones who say “ghosts definitely don’t exist” I have an issue with.
  16. I always knew that draining the swamp merely meant replacing the swamp dwellers with Trump swamp dwellers - I just didn't realise that some would be so suited to the environment.
  17. some would say ....
  18. First you ask alot questions, Then you come back with this...Wow you really are a smart guy...Have a bit more respect than that geez.... Seemed to me you were curious about spiritual healing, now your an expert...Then again you wouldnt have said it if you didnt have proof surely...So I ask you wheres your proof that miracles dont happen? ..
  19. Well if you guys would believe that 75% of Americans want Mueller gone, then apparently we do know more than you.
  20. My candidate? I hate Hillary. @Farmer77 Think we should just put a disclaimer on our signatures or something? I mean that's tens of times now that we (and plenty of others on UM) have had to tell people that hating Trump is not the same as supporting Hillary. DieChecker, how is she equally as dangerous as the ex leader of the most powerful clandestine organisation in the world? You guys actually believe, with zero proof or even any evidence, that she's an outright murderer. That is madness. You have - literally - been brainwashed.
  21. Solomon had a keen appreciation of the finer things of life.
  22. EXCELLENT plan, Vlad. I like your style In light of the recent events in Salisbury, perhaps we could persuade President Trump to hold the parade in Red Square ?
  23. That can't POSSIBLY stand up in court ? That would criminalise EVERYTHING, and give a green light to arbitrary police harassment. ?
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  25. "abolish all regulations pertaining to, for example, safety and environmental legislation if it might get in the way of allowing Gigantic American Corporations to Make as Much Money as Possible", would that be the policy?
  26. Nope.. that was just in fun (and you know it) At least he wasn't groping Donald's delicate's ..
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