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  2. Golden Duck

    Religion versus Fiction

    The Royal Commission endorsed compensation caps. It also be noted that the Sydney Response did away with compensation caps at Pell's direction.
  3. Captain Risky

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Strangely he named a gene editing biotech investor as one of the executors of his will. thats all this world needs... a clone world of Jeffery Epstein.
  4. They'd obviously scream, detonate some nuclear weapons, ban hoisen sauce and kill everyone red-headed north of of the Mediterranean...you know sane stuff. They would have to as their civilization would then crash.
  5. Michelle

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    In my area we do. They don't stand out because they look and dress the same as everyone else. Working in a restaurant for many years. every year around Christmas, I automatically wished everyone a Merry Christmas. The people I didn't know were Jewish would respond with Happy Hanukkah. There was kind of a wink and a nod and we both understood we had good intentions. I always remembered them and wished them a Happy Hanukkah the next time.
  6. It is the only reason why they won't open the tomb of Qin today.
  7. Exactly. But what would the current Chinese Government do if they opened the tomb of Qin and found another Caucasian mummy? Remember the specific topic of this thread: opening the tomb of Qin and why they won't do it today currently.
  8. Captain Risky

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Yes I agree the president is a national asset and as such I thought immune from having the authority to dismiss agents. I guess not. So there must be a reason for Trump to go against the better judgement of a non partisan professional service. My bet he doesn’t wanna he overheard. I would have also thought that using Twitter sends more information to would be attackers and foreign services to his location and what he’s thinking. Surely publishing your whereabouts and by-passing the state Department and security services would constitute a national threat.
  9. White Caucasians. Of which Qin might be kin.
  10. If they open the tomb of Qin, they may find a relative of this ancient Chinese person:
  11. Some. Most of them were in Afghanistan. They were called Greco-Bactrians. One of them founded my school (Shaolin)
  12. Yes, some of them. But it’s ahistorical to refer to any of these people by our modern (and wholly made-up) racial “types.” —Jaylemurph
  13. Yes, where the descendants of Alexander's army lived.
  14. Xinjiang was the "Wild West" during the Qin. It's where the "Di" (Barbarians) lived.
  15. Black, Red, Yellow, White, or Brown perhaps for clarity. The ancient mummies they have dug up in modern China are white.
  16. Yes but under Qin, those areas were under one common government.
  17. Only in Xinjiang. Not in any Han areas.
  18. Sure. 'Persians' perhaps a better term than Iranians, when referring to the ancient Caucasian non-Muslim folk who lived there at the time.
  19. Michelle

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Not to mention having passports being checked.
  20. papageorge1

    A laser pointer-like red light

    Because every paranormal thing, figure, etc, is a fraud to you cynical denier! Bats is the fraudster in my book! He distorts every case his way!
  21. Yes, but these mummies they keep digging up in China, especially in 'tomb complexes' seem to always be Caucasian with Caucasian DNA.
  22. and spoke Eastern Iranian. Then again Kurds and Iranians are Caucasian. "Iran" is just a form of "Aryan".
  23. Manwon Lender

    3 mass shootings allegedly thwarted

    Here is a good link that covers what isn't covered by freedom of speech. According to this link threats of violence or death against individuals, groups, or mass shootings are not covered by Freedom of Speech. https://www.heritage.org/the-constitution/report/true-threats-and-the-limits-first-amendment-protection
  24. Could be either.In Xinjiang there is even blond haired blue eyed people with Asian features. Google "Uigurs" .
  25. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Just on a different topic re Epstein and the possible MOSSAD connection..... I've just got to say this, I've literally never met a Jewish person in my entire life, do you guys have heaps and heaps of Jewish people there or something? The ones with the little caps on their heads might be different, sorry I'm not familiar with it. These 3 pics make up one photo - sorry I didn't know how to put it all as 1 photo https://imgur.com/TdV9BNm https://imgur.com/qsnZ1df https://imgur.com/eaWdjUo
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