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  2. When I said that the advocates of many gods were staunchly intolerant, I was referring only to the situation at Mecca when Muhammad began teaching that there is only one God. Of course you are right to point out that polytheists are usually more tolerant than monotheists.
  3. Well that sounds just right
  4. i feel sad for those who still use margarine edited to add... real butter rules
  5. Also it’s a night party so will cool to 74 by then
  6. i like to mix it up.... i always have plenty of tea, coffee, and cappucino options on hand
  7. with garlic and unsalted sweet cream butter!
  8. It is with sadness that we anounce the loss of one of our members Colt-storm. I was contacted by his good friend Jo, and asked that he be remembered by those of you who connected with him. In Jo's words... Colt Storm passed away on Tuesday the 9th at 7:32 pm. He passed in his sleep and has gone home to God. He was only 56. It is always a sad and sobering occasion when we lose a member this way. From the Unexplained Mysteries staff, we offer our sincerest condolences to all of his family and friends.
  9. Mashed cauliflower is a favorite of mine
  10. or poured over sticky rice or cooked cauliflower.
  11. Tonight we finally had country fried steaks just about anyone can do mashed potatoes, corn and saurkraut for my country fried steaks i use a pork cube steak i make a quick butter milk by mixing 2% milk and vinegar i don't really know amounts as i just eye them based on the dish i use i make a flour mixture and season it generously with garlic powder, onion powder, seasoning salt, paprika, cumin,and black pepper Simply dip the steak into the buttermilk then dredge in the flour. I pat the flour into the steak so it gets into every nook and cranny Then deep fry at 350 for 5 and a half minutes
  12. Tomorrow is homemade 5 cheese Macaroni and cheese with little smokies added for the kids big and small I start out by cooking 2 pounds of elbow macaroni in salted water Make a rue from real butter and flour On medium heat Amounts are estimates as I eye based off of the depth of my dutch oven Stir in chicken stock ..3 cups till rue dissolves Add in some half in half ..3 cups stir occassionally Add hand shredded colby, mild cheddar, smoked gouda and montery jack add to sauce Stir until melted, add salt and pepper to taste dash of cayenne pepper Place noodles into butter baking dish with little smokies, spoon cheese mixture onto noodles and mix thoroughly until desired coverage Top with slices of havarti Bake 350 for about 35 minutes Left over cheese sauce makes for great nacho dipping or on veggie for kids who are reluctant to eat them
  13. Thankyou sir . Great post by the way. It must be difficult with what you have to endure. I wish you well This is a question that I find a very relevant one and is something Ive asked a number of times but it never gets answered. Also another poster recently commented how how the thought of a creater actually doing this to his creation is completely a repugnant one. And I agree. The answer to this is god simply just does not exist. It should be a perfect indicator to the abscence of an almighty creator I need an explanation for why a god would do this?.What kind of lesson is the orphaned child who is dying of aids suppose to be learning ? We cannot even come close to understanding what it would be like to die of starvation. Contemplating your impending death the whole time. In pain. Agony. Finally succumbing. Please Will, or this and offer an explanation. There are many examples of human suffering on this planet. These are just a few. Take a good long look at the faces that appear. These are real people who have suffered a painful death. Have a good look at this whole site and absorb it Where is your god? I ask you what kind of god would do this?. How can this possibly be part of a plan? What can possibly be the reasoning behind it? These are very valid questions
  14. I have such a "screw it" attitude I doubt I'll ever have high blood pressure.
  15. Thou has called upon me. Though I don't recall the Ides of March.
  16. That's awfully hot. Glad you will be indoors.
  17. No. This was what some would call a divine healing, or a faith healing. I was just attending a church service when it happened. I have had other experiences, like the one you mentioned, but I didn’t bring those up.
  18. Whoa!! That's quite warm!
  19. I have borderline high blood pressure so I don't use a lot of salt in my cooking.
  20. Bailey at 2 months
  21. It’s nicer today but it’s about 107 on my birthday
  22. I need the salt because I don't add it to anything I cook and work outdoors sweating or freezing.
  23. One more win!!!
  24. It does!! Planning on hitting the gym tomorrow since the weather is cooperating.
  25. Just dance is fun and makes good work out to
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