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  2. Vlad the Mighty

    "Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that, “The corrupt and hostile regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela clings to a false dream and antiquated vision for the region that has already failed its citizens.” “In the history of Venezuela and in fact the history in other Latin American and South American countries, oftentimes it’s the military that handles that, that when things are so bad that the military leadership realizes they just – they can’t serve the citizens anymore, they will manage a peaceful transition.”

     Oh mind your own ****in' business for once can't you

  3. It's all about the oil.
  4. I don't.... I do not see it to be attached to an object but enclosed space somehow, as if on the air or the ether held inside it. I worked in this old old airport for some years on the night shift. It had a great deal of residuals, I mean after a while you have seen or heard it all and get used to it. It was a small airport, then. It was not all residual, however. But, when it was later bull dozed and modernized I always wondered if all that was gone. I think it was, all the residual. The rest, I don't know. At least one I saw in there did not belong to the airport so what was that about?
  5. Gawd! Or they could have been the next Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot. Our greatest resource is our Natural Rights. They need to be protected for the sake of *ALL* our children. Not just for a few tragically lost. More children are at risk of dying senselessly from cancer or alcohol poisoning. The US just won the gold, so I’m going to bed. Just think over what I’m trying to tell you. If you still don’t understand it, don’t give up on it until you do. Free your mind and open your heart.
  6. People laugh at me. But when I walked into the hospital where my mom passed I saw her sister before me. In a blue top and skirt (old fashioned type) clear as day. And at that moment I knew my mom was dead... Even before I got to the doc to give me the news.(her sister at that point was dead for 5+ years) I can't rationally explain that. Did I imagine my aunt? Why would I? I have asked myself that a thousand times...tried to explain what could have triggered that or make me see that. Either way. I always have to wonder if the 'power/ immense energy' you applied in your life wouldn't create the energy echo's power (how long it lingers) . I don't think it has to do with good and evil. IMO
  7. The very thing Alex Jones does himself.
  8. Yes that was the cover story after Jones was caught red handed saying he had the memo and showing that document on Camera, which of course isn't the memo he said he had oh and was publicly available long before that episode aired. He got caught lying and then changed the story. Like not even slickly, dude straight up said he had the Nunes memo.
  9. Then of course If we have to be analytical one has to ask how an echo energy can attach to an object itself.
  10. If you are hearing something, it’s just your lips still flapping. What denial stage? I didn’t say guns were more important. I said our Rights are more precious. No wonder you can’t comprehend.Here’s one for you. If our Rights do not remain intact, then what kind of future do our children have? Out of your ignorance, you hit upon one of the most import truths we hold dear. It is up to us to not fail our children. But you clearly do not understand this. Again, that’s your ignorance. It also highlights what I was explaining about the difference between freedom in America and the rest of the world. What you view as fear, I see as vigilance. To Americans, freedom is active.
  11. Yes, these 'names' were rather descriptions, some of which later became a name of which the original meaning later seems to have been forgotten. Like the current term Frisians is used differently from Roman Empire times, one must be careful not to get confused.
  12. William Binney.... former head of the NSA technical division put the declassified FISA court document and (alleged) source material for the Nunes Memo Alex's way for him to put on Infowars--- it was better than the memo... it was the source material... The 99 page source document is also here and discussed in detail... Binney gave it to Alex because Infowars isn't controlled and compromised...
  13. I tried to go as deep to the core of the problem as I could. Either you love your kids more than your guns or you don't. If you love your kids more, then what are you waiting for? If you love your guns more, then you are one of these sick individuals that should be identified as high risk and socially unstable. So no guns for you Bubba. So whats it gonna be, yes or no? Hank Hank
  14. This is probably true P? But those who were burnt at the stake for being "heritics", ie, anyone thinking outside the established dogma, then those guys and gals didn't have it so good either.. And now the pope has said this, VATICAN CITY (Worthy News)-- Pope Francis created a controversy amongst Evangelicals this week, when he stated in his weekly address, that those who believe they can maintain a "personal" and "direct" relationship with Jesus Christ outside the "mediation of the Church" was "dangerous and harmful." But remaining inside the Church also appears to be dangerous and harmful.. Btw, the pope wants a World Government.. What could possibly go wrong when so much power gets put into so few hands???
  15. No I do believe its the constant lies and lunacy from Jones which encourages people to hate and pour out vitriol. For ****s sake you yourself posted a video where he straight up lied to you and all his fans about having a copy of the Nunes memo in advance of its actual release just a couple of weeks ago. It was undeniable, he was lying, it was proven. And yet you talk about other people being psychologically manipulated
  16. brilliantly expressed.... cheers
  17. Godwinism...pure and simple! She has a PhD in economics, worked for Goldman Sachs and Allianz Global Investors, and lived in China for six years. She even speaks conversational Chinese. Oh... and to maintain your Godwinism narrative, she is also a self-proclaimed Lesbian with a Swiss partner... how does that feed into your characterisation of her as being "Hitleresque"?
  18. I think that's because he comes across as one of the few Trump associates who has the ability to think on their own (seriously look into Carter Page or Stephen Milers eyes and tell me that elevator goes all the way to the top) which most likely means he was thinking for Trump during their time together.
  19. The man is responsible for corrupting almost an entire police, refusing to follow a judges orders for violating U.S latin American citizens Constitutional rights, and most probably has bodies buried all over the desert. Sounds like a mighty fine choice for senator to me. Hank
  20. correct, the negotiations are a sham. they serve only to please the remainers. more of a 'look we tried.' no intelligent people could be so stupid as to think that a successful economic and political grouping will cut its own throat by offering a bespoke agreement. the only common position held by the EU and May government is hard brexit. the rest is just being nice for the sake of it. Donald Tusk: UK Brexit plans 'pure illusion'
  21. The fact that you think Hillary was a liberal or progressive or socialist really speaks volumes. Pay attention beyond the hyperbole and spin. I have no doubt there will be a national crisis (Reichstag style) between now and election day that will increase Trump's odds of being reelected , that said though pendulums swing and statistically speaking our next POTUS will most likely make everyone realize how much of a right winger Hillary actually was. Especially after 4 or 7 years of the WH approved corporate raping of our nation. You eating the party propaganda hook line and sinker A. doesn't make it true, but more importantly B. doesn't mean everyone else has. So if you "love" America and you "love" freedom and democracy and all of that good stuff why cant you accept that society is simply evolving away from the more ignorant and primitive principles which once dominated the land? If America chooses democratically to incorporate some sort of socialistic values in an effort to improve her citizens way of life why is that so horrible that it must be "purged"? Surely you have the cognitive ability to recognize that our current culture of corporate welfare and servitude isn't any more free than a socialist system as it relates to healthcare and education. So then why are those who recognize that and are willing to work for change deemed by you so vile and disgusting they are basically lower life forms?
  22. Alice Weidel is the cofounder of the extreme right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. She's a Goldman Sachs economist who is anti-Muslim and anti-immigration. She accuses the German navy of human trafficking because it rescued distressed refugees across the Mediterranean into Europe. Quoting one of her anti-Merkel anti-EU diatribes in the German Parliament as 'proof' of the sinister intent of the EU is like quoting what Hitler or Goebbels might say as proof that the Jews are the root of all evil. Sure, if Weidel or Hitler say it, it MUST be true.
  23. Those who are behind the Mind Controlling of the General Public towards a Totalitarian One World Government definitely want to shut down Infowars..... Alex Jones is Number Two on the target list for the psychological manipulation, encouraging people to hate and pour out riducule and vitriol... President Trump is, of course, in the Number One spot -- It's painful to witness when you see what they're up to and how they are doing it... cheers for the thread and OP video.... I wonder how many watched the video before commenting...?
  24. Remember, any one of those kids that were killed could have been the next Einstein, the next Ghandi, the one who discovers the universal cure for cancer. Your squandering your greatest resource at an astounding and alarming rate. Take some time to think what you would do if YOUR kid died by senseless or malignant gunfire. Hank
  25. Desperation ? Perhaps.... but - considering their limited manpower - why continue to monitor him during the Trump campaign ? Paul Manafort's involvement with the Ukraine surely ended in 2010 ? Why would he be an 'item of interest' to GCHQ six years later ? In addition, I don't think mobile phones back then COULD be 'remote-activated' ? Even if they could, surely Paul Manafort would have changed his phone subsequently ? Sorry, but it all seems highly improbable. Not impossible, but unlikely.
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