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  2. ExpandMyMind

    Trump wants to bomb America

    Who are you and what have you done with Tiggs?
  3. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Looking way back to 1986 this old newspaper clipping front page news of Ghislaine Maxwell and Robert Maxwell vs an MP in a Blackmail plot to do with spanking and underage sexual acts. I don't think Ghislaine is a stranger to any of this behaviour actually. https://caucus99percent.com/content/epstein-procurer-ghislaine-maxwells-1986-frontpage-political-sex-scandal
  4. Manwon Lender

    Trump wants to bomb America

    Yes your correct if it is a clear day. However, the water in a hurricane would become contaminated. I never mentioned fallout, I said it would cause airborne contamination there is a big difference between the two. Plus since it has never been done there is no designated height to detonate the devise. You see a detonation doesn't have to explode on the ground to be called a ground burst detonation. The devise can detonate in the air and still be a ground burst detonation, if the fireball from the blast touches the ground or in this case the ocean it becomes a ground burst detonation. What do you think happens to water exposed to that much heat, well it will vaporize into its basic components Hydrogen and Oxygen. Those components would thus become radioactive, it is called enhanced radiation and they would travel due to the trade wides. That's what I meant about environmental contamination, I hope this helps you understand my comments I should have been more clear, however, most people I discuss this with already understand the basics.
  5. Sir Smoke aLot

    Methods to wake up during distressing dreams.

    Good luck with that. Over the years i have learned to be calm after waking up from very stressful dreams. Often was i saying how i hate dreams but one gets used to all sorts of craziness. Sometimes, when i relive some great moments in my dreams, well, that disturbs me more than having crazy horror like dream (which is often unfortunately). All considered i think it is better to sleep it over without waking up because brain is resting even if having crazy dream. And i can not sleep again after i wake up, even if i slept only for like few hours. It's interesting to hear about those techniques like changing dream or waking up, reminds me of childhood dreams.
  6. hetrodoxly

    UK PM branded a "known liar" by TV News Boss

    I see Boris never had time to speak to C4 at the G7
  7. pixiii

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    LOL I just found this oldie but goodie from the biggest gossip rag around.....The National Enquirer https://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/world-exclusive-prince-andrew-sex-slave-caught-video/ To think this was in the news back in 2015....And he had the audacity to say last week: I did not suspect Epstein's behaviour
  8. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    yes, but how does it affect non-LGBTQ etc persons personally? Why are conservatives always so worked up into a fury about this (any issue related to LGBTQWERTYUIOP etc however much you want to add to it) issues in particular? I mean, why should it affect your personal reality?
  9. I used to have very frightening nightmares as a kid that seemed to go on forever.I learnt to run head first into a brick wall in my dreams and would wake up instantly.After I'd leant to do this I felt more in control in my real kid life.
  10. Helen of Annoy

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    grate with light courses particles of hardened fear meant to sink in ground
  11. Helen of Annoy

    Answer a Question With A Question (Part 4)

    Would it be too much if I'd ask, just to give my brain a break, for something from Amon Amarth?
  12. openozy

    A visit from beyond

    A terrible thing to happen to the girl and a parents worst nightmare.Revenge would be on my mind too but I'm pretty sure all negative things are left behind when we pass and we become a state of pure love.The ones left here feel the hate and anger and are tormented but we will reunite one day and this will all be insignificant.
  13. I'm not the one who chronically visits a site dedicated to the unexplained, only to aggressively claim everything is explained, rudely and personally attacking anyone who isn't a member of their gang - which is what happened to me in this thread. I was mocked for my opinion, which is also the official stance of actual archaeologists, that the elongated skulls are a subject very far from exhausted. I do not waste untold hours of my time on a site that is by definition something I don't accept. I do not take part in gangs who attack people perceived as different. That's exactly what the 'sceptic' gang is doing and it's the reason why I don't usually take any part in the actual threads. It's just too repulsive and counterproductive. I do not mind when an actually scientific actual explanation is offered, I do mind when emotionally crippled people cruise around UM in gangs and disparage anyone who doesn't kiss their arrogant asses. And since the medical science has proven that excessive arrogance is actually the consequence of low self-esteem, I will use this opportunity to advise them to talk to their physicians about their need to attack people they perceive as vulnerable, due to their stepping outside that, what the packs of aggressive trolls mistake for scientific truth. The reason why I reacted to that disgusting practice in this particular thread is that the thread was very obviously absolutely within the scientific approach and still the chronic trolls appeared with their run-of-the-mill insults, demanding their daily fix of superiority. Accidentally ****ting on the fact that actual scientists do not consider the elongated skulls 'explained', not even in the part which of those where natural genetic trait, which disorder and which were in fact artificially modified. Without even noticing they accidentally went against science in their quasi-scientific fervor. Now, stay on topic and do not attempt again to bully me - if you have a problem with this advice you really, seriously, should go see a therapist. The elongated skulls are medical and archaeological fact. I'm in agreement with the majority of scientific community when I think the elongated skulls in archaeology are to be explored further. They were not 'explained' in the sense there's nothing to ask, they were only 'explained' in the part that these are not alien skulls. It wasn't even determined if the elongation was genetic or artificial in many cases. Personally, I'm puzzled the most with the fact that findings are present practically world-wide. The practice is just too radical - unlike, say, piercing or tattooing - so the pure status symbol without deeper meaning doesn't sound like satisfactory explanation for the appearance of the practice, especially if it developed independently in so many various locations. Why was a 'long' head a sign of nobility among so many apparently Asian tribes, successfully spreading among them, but not taking root among European tribes? Was it only a matter of beauty concept or it had spiritual meaning? Etc.
  14. Golden Duck

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Tartarians, eh? What's your sauce?
  15. Farmer77

    Trump wants to bomb America

    Overall I would love to agree with your optimism here but a grown man pitched dropping nuclear bombs into hurricanes that are heading for US territory. Your post makes perfect sense in a middle school brainstorming session but as a functioning adult (not to mention POTUS): Should have stopped those words from escaping his mouth
  16. RabidMongoose

    Trump wants to bomb America

    Incorrect. Air burst weapons do not cause nuclear fallout.
  17. Carlos Allende

    Carlos Allende

    So, just to be clear: infrastructure-wrecking overfarming capitalism in Brazil = _BAD:td:  Infrastructure-wrecking, race-to-the-bottom capitalism everywhere else = _GOOD:tu:

  18. pixiii

    Trump wants to bomb America

    That's funny. In fact, that's hilarious that people would even think for a millisecond Trump was for-real. Surely you guys don't actually believe that do you? I thought you guys would be used to his way of speaking by now.
  19. Rlyeh

    Question about holographic worlds

    The holographic principle means that the volume of space is on a 2 dimensional surface. I don't know where you get this "happens twice" idea.
  20. Essan

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Obviously there was an earthquake and the houses collapsed. And that's how the Himalaya, Andes, Rockies etc were formed - they're just the rubble from ruined giant's houses Obvious innit btw on a separate note, Edinburgh has a whole street that is underground - windows, doors and all! https://www.ontheluce.com/underground-edinburgh-mary-kings-close/
  21. OH sure. My point is that even with the stated caveats Tartessos was still active and trading while according to the story Atlantis is long destroyed. I mean, some of the other proposed identified locations for Atlantis you can see it. But Tartessos fits none of them, and wasn't even destroyed at the time.
  22. tmcom

    A visit from beyond

    Nice story Paul, and no you are not going crazy, even with the "we are never wrong, (but we really are) goon squad comebacks we get here". Surprized you didn't see anything thought? Our loved ones keep trying to get through, but it is hard to make a connection. I am good with visuals, and saw my deceased grandmother briefly, after 10 years, and plenty of others at New Age type setups. Heaven is as real as this world is but it is not something out there, or with sufficient advances we can gain full access to that realm, without having to get clobbered first. And sure Jesus set up the stage, but there are a lot of stages in our life, or lives. Or individuals making a career out of denial, tend to come back until they don't.
  23. RabidMongoose

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Yuck, images of him paying to suck 100s of toes spring to mind.
  24. psyche101

    Spiritual or science

    Indeed, you seem to take pride in being a belligerent ass who lies when his personal religion fails him. So of course its fitting.
  25. Sir Wearer of Hats

    Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

    Well, as I’m not going to lose sleep over the morality, or lack thereof, of others let’s part ways.
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