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  2. My link contradicts what I'm saying? DID THE WHITE HOUSE SAY TWEETS ARE OFFICIAL STATEMENTS? It's not a hard question. It's really not. You claim the DOJ said it, but the DOJ is not a spokesperson of the White House. Did the Press Secretary say that Tweets are official statements? The answer is yes. Did anyone deny after Spicer, the fired Press Secretary said that Tweets are official statements deny it? The answer is no. The DOJ says Tweets are official statements, because the White House said they are. Does that clear things up for you?
  3. Robert Mueller comes to mind.
  4. Sorry. Your own link contradicts what you are saying. I could quote mine it for you if you like. Harte
  5. True. My cat's farts are straight-up nuclear.
  6. I lived with someone with post traumatic stress disorder.She had suffered traumatic events as a child. You mentioned in your other post you had been assaulted four times. I wonder if you have considered this or a form of it? There are treatments you could consider if this is the case..I wish you well LadyScorpio
  7. Yes, it's a real problem, but there are ways around it. I am allowed to swim in the ocean—but I live nowhere near the ocean. I am also allowed to swim in a private pool—but I know no one with a pool. It really does suck because my nephew loves to swim and I love to swim with him.
  8. No what? The White House spokesperson said they were official statements? So, of course the DOJ agrees? You act as if the DOJ said it first? The DOJ did not state they were official statements until the White House did. What exactly are you trying to prove by your post? You originally said "His tweets were labelled official by the DOJ when defending a FOI related lawsuit. Not by the White House." Again, I don't know if you are arguing for, or against your original statement, as you posted evidence against yourself.
  9. whoa, a reference i recognize.
  10. He was too young to be drafted and is deaf in the right ear.
  11. I'd be curious as to how many miles have been racked up by self driving cars to date. Then you could compute a deaths per mile stat and compare that to deaths per mile for normal cars. It sounds macabre, but that's the way to determine what's safe(r). I only mention this because it seems some folks are ready to declare the technology unsafe based on one (tragic) event.
  12. Pssh. I'm a rebel for life.
  13. depending on the kitten, possibly both
  14. When my youngest starts pulling attitude I always ask him, "Do you want me to open a can of whoop *** on you? Because I WILL!" He usually starts laughing and then runs from me.
  15. So if I find a PK button and click it, a kitten will, what, appear on my desk? So I'll either get a cuddly kitten or annihilate a big chunk of the earth? I can live with those odds.
  16. Why do some people, distraught in their own way, purposefully seek to kill complete innocents? I truly don't get it.
  17. No wonder you look so dry.
  18. You're absolutely right. But when anyone that isn't white is involved, it's automatically "Radical Islamic Terrorism." Because it feeds the base. When's just a mental health issue that should have been picked out by the FBI...
  19. Do I need to send you to your room, young man?
  20. Yep. He went through it for a little over 2 1/2 years. I hope you don't have yours as long.
  21. No? Harte
  22. Aww, but I wanted to see the pretty boom boom... I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna!!...
  23. Yes. No baths. No lakes. No rivers. No public pools. No sewage lagoons.
  24. it could mean playful kitten though!
  25. All right, I'd best not click that button.
  26. Yeah, my hubby had the same issue when he was on dialysis.
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