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  2. Very cool indeed. I want to go with you. My badge will likely get me in free to your museum...but not on the airplane. We've had a number of animatronic dino exhibits, and I like to watch the,. I keep expecting one of the dinos to swoop down and chomp a kid.
  3. Hey Goats aren't fussy eaters, wouldn't put it past them to try stealing a van
  4. welcome aboard, I'd fancy a reading as well. Initial is T, would like to know more about prospective home ownership in the next year.
  5. Strange, because my words are almost identical to what the military told me when I was in training.
  6. Some do, I have a friend who has goats on her farm. LOL
  7. I wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with either one of you.
  8. LOL I'm not kidding when I say this, but I was reading too fast and thought you had typed, "Goats move my van back in the driveway again." I was wondering if Ohioans really had that many problems with goats.
  9. It contains lab results: The XRF gun kept picking up high concentrates of calcium-tricalcium phosphate (84%, to 94%) depending on interaction. Other elements from the test include: calcium carbonate, prosperous and other carbon material I am not sure that he used the term lab report or what terminology he used, but this is more effort than we usually see. The term lab analysis would work too. If this is not good enough, then one can ignore it. The first sentence in post 1 said: This video reveals the steps I took to have the Oct 31st/Nov 1st wall writings analyzed.
  10. Howsit, Stephen Hawkings.. Who says he is the Know all of EVERYTHING..!!!!... You..? Obviously he doesn't know , or he does and he's paid to hush up ..Sssshhh... You can try to sway people and good on you for trying .. Luckily, the people aren't buying it anymore .. They Are Thinking For Them self Psyche ... And... Stephen is Wrong ... They Exist .. It isn't just Wierdos and Cranks that know, that's the song that is sung so ppl can think this phenomena, is Cray Cray, but Nah its very real ..... So ... Sorry but he's wrong ... Many Ppl know the Truth... Keep doing your Due, dude .. Good luck .. Mo..xx
  11. I got a 30min work out in, I'll try again tomorrow
  12. I know about those muscles one doesn't use enough. I think that's why my brain always hurts.
  13. I should have just stuck to the non-alcoholic drinks, as I am still feeling the effects of it.
  14. If asked the very question myself. It's also 2018, some people with guns aren't going to scratch modern warfare weapons. They will just end up dead if they storm thier government.
  15. I personally think the majority of our problems with police come from day one training : getting home alive is all that matters. I mean I certainly understand the logic on a personal level but I think when your paycheck is coming from the public you owe them more than that.
  16. Creation before the creator.... I'm validating that is unbelievable.
  17. What TC said. I recommend sitting down, putting ice on your knee...and wiggling your upper body to the music, like a mad woman!
  18. Is that somehow suppose to invalidate the fact that the creation story is unbelievable?
  19. Sounds like you had a good time. I'm glad you had such fun with those non-alcoholic margaritas.
  20. I mean think about it. Are you really expecting police/security guards/teachers to run like lemmings into an unknown shooting situation without knowing the number of attackers or weapons/bombs to play hero and end it? The logical thing to do is to secure the perimeter, help people escaping and wait till you have enough people/equipment to control/end the situation.
  21. I'm going next week, I'll film if I can, upload to my youtube and share link
  22. But at what point does communication become dangerous? How many people believe everything they believe on Facebook? The Pizzagate issue was highly shared on Facebook, and led to someone shooting up an innocent pizza place because they though Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the back of it. Facebook absolutely has an obligation to censor the fake BS, as people are either unable, unwilling, or too lazy to do the research to know that what they are reading in a meme is completely fake.
  23. What a wimpy world you younger people live in.
  24. That will still be Shurmer's offense. I didn't appreciate him as a head coach when he was in Cleveland but he has definitely proven he has an offensive mind on the level of Pederson
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