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  3. the13bats

    Looting in Minneapolis

    Folks trying to make excuses, justcation and/or blame the victim due to their own racist biases just wont wash. The cop murdered this man and will face the consequences for his actions.
  4. Damien99

    Magnetic field

    What would happen if the poles would flip, concerning humans
  5. The Wistman

    The Wistman

    Good morning.


  6. bison

    Magnetic field

    True, the Earth's magnetic field weakens before a polarity reversal. We know too little about the long-term history of the field. We can't say if this weak patch in eastern South America, the South Atlantic Ocean, and now, western Africa is merely a passing variation, or that it heralds a reversal. The Earth's magnetic field as a whole has been weakening very gradually for the past two centuries.
  7. Some folks go bonkers at auctions Shame some poor cat lost their work token, I do dirt pirating too but mostly find cool worthless junk, I knew a dentist years back tosses me a small pack that came in the mail says open it, it was about the size of a us dime 18mm - he says thats a blah blah gold whatever, i said cool, he was thrilled he scored it for "only" 10k
  8. Ah, well. You can't make a cake without breaking a few eggs! Spaceflight is still a very demanding pursuit, quite near the limits of what we can do. Failures like this are to be anticipated, especially in working out the kinks in a new rocket. SpaceX has managed to blow up four up four of its prototype Starships. A steep learning curve, but a very valuable one, if the lessons afforded by these failures can be learned.
  9. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    The Virgin Island's DA will allow a victim's compensation fund to move forward. https://abcnews.go.com/US/jeffrey-epstein-victims-compensation-fund-finally-move-forward/story?id=70964632 https://www.foxnews.com/us/epstein-estate-deal-us-virgin-islands-attorney-general-victims-compensation-fund
  10. Not much, looks like something from a light concert they have like burning man, or RC craft but nothing to go on, no scale, no context, poor quality, Might be a real ET craft but nothing i would use to try to prove that ET craft are here.,
  11. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Virginia (Roberts) Guiffre took on Alan Dershowitz. https://nypost.com/2020/05/28/virginia-roberts-accepts-dershowitzs-dare-says-they-had-sex/
  12. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    It's been in here. I find both of them interesting. Bush hasn't been associated with Epstein in any way as of now other than this painting that was purchased from the same student that did the Clinton painting.
  13. ant0n

    Replace one word in a song title with Bacon!

    All I Want For Christmas Is Bacon (Mariah Carey)
  14. Rlyeh

    What on earth is Q Anon

    And he landed on his head. https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/QAnon
  15. OpenMindedSceptic

    Cummings broke lockdown twice.

    Just not interested. He has an autistic son, he needed help. Maybe he was wrong, maybe he was right, but it's the virus we must focus on and fight.
  16. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    by surface only most are merely understood crystal caves beneath
  17. susieice

    Looting in Minneapolis

    Philadelphia has a protest planned for today at noon at City Hall. https://www.fox29.com/news/protestors-to-rally-in-honor-george-floyd-at-philadelphias-city-hall This is what the article says about George Floyd's initial exam. Now I really suspect the carotids are involved. The full report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner remains pending, but preliminary findings from George Floyd’s autopsy revealed he likely died from a combination of underlying health conditions. Any potential intoxicants in his system and being restrained by police were also attributed in the preliminary medically forensic investigation into the cause of his death, according to the charges. There was no physical evidence that he died of asphyxia of strangulation. Floyd's underlying health conditions included coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.
  18. Another attempt will be made today, at 3:22 p.m. EDT, to launch the Crew Dragon mission. That's in just about five hours. The prospects for launch at that time are about odds-on. It's predicted that there is a 50 % chance of the weather causing the launch to be scrubbed again, in a repeat of Wednesday's experience. Should this happen, another launch window is available tomorrow, at 3:00p.m. EDT.
  19. third_eye

    How Would You React. To A God Revelation?

    What can anybody expect from a "life long gamer" that was gaming before there was a gaming world ... ~
  20. third_eye

    Looting in Minneapolis

    Not the first time death by "I can't breathe... " caused by arresting officers... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49008746 ~
  21. acute

    Looting in Minneapolis

    I was shocked to find out (today) that the officer kept his knee on Floyd's neck for 2½ minutes after no pulse was detected.
  22. Today
  23. Alchopwn

    Islamic Collectivism

    I was in China back in 2017, and while there is some truth to what you wrote, it is also wrong in many ways as it neglects the ways in which Chinese industry leads the world, and has pretty much out-competed everyone in the global economy. The real killer here is that China has made the renminbi (¥) worth half a $US, which makes it artificially cheap. They can get away with this as they are a Communist country, but I am sure they would be a lot less successful if the ¥ was floated, as its value would rise. I am actually surprised that Trump didn't take steps to force China to float the ¥, as this would rapidly correct the trade imbalance, and could be achieved simply by making $US/¥ transfers directly from currency to currency illegal. This would force China to perform a secondary currency transfer via a floating currency, thus becoming a defacto floating currency whether they like it or not. I can't think of a better anti-China policy other than finding a way to sabotage their steel industry.
  24. stevewinn

    New medical data about COVID-19

    I was sent this in a message. I asked Google for life expectancy figures for some countries in Europe, and got the following: Spain 83.33 years. Italy: 83.24 years. France 82.52 years. Belgium: 81.44 years. UK: 81.16 years. Russia: 72.12 years. Romania: 75.31 years. Serbia: 76.09 years. On average, Italians and Spaniards live more than a decade longer than Russians. Romania and Serbia are a bit better than Russia, but not by much. The UK, France, and Belgium are not far off from Italy and Spain in terms of life expectancy. Here's the same list of countries in terms of deaths per million from COVID-19 so far: Spain 580 Italy: 550 France 440 Belgium: 814 UK: 562 Russia: 30 Romania: 65 Serbia: 28 I've not seen this association between national life expectancy and national mortality from COVID-19 mentioned before, and would suggest that it's a point to keep more of an eye on if any reliable source elaborates on these factors further.
  25. Big Jim

    Looting in Minneapolis

    The first or second night of the riots I saw a video of one rioter being hauled onto a bus by two policemen. I don't know where it was. Since he was being walked backwards he was facing the camera. He was wearing a bandana with the words "I can't breathe" professionally screen printed on it. Products like that don't get manufactured and distributed overnight.
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