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  2. Holy hell that was deep. Excellent post!
  3. Partisanship is what doesn't get it done. Yes people who choose to be progressive and look to the future are horrible evil people. I mean where would this nation be if our founding fathers had been progressives in their time?
  4. It does seem Mueller is very interested in Manafort, for some reason.
  5. Still hearing nothing but, but, but, but. Still at the denial stage eh? Here's one for you. If you agree that the children are our future, and that our very survival as a species depends on them, why would you think guns are more important? Your answers also indicate that freedom is more important than the kids. You are slaves to fear, doesn't sound like freedom to me. Hank
  6. Not very stealthy then.
  7. Considering the gravity and potential flashpoint nature of the Ukraine situation at the time I think its plausible
  8. I find that somewhat unlikely. Granted that Manafort might have been of interest to GCHQ as a result of the Karachi affair, and Manafort's connections with the Pakistani ISI, but.... there are a LOT of "people of interest" on the planet, and I can't really see that Paul Manafort would be of THAT much interest to the UK's version of the NSA, given the limited manpower and resources that GCHQ has. Recall that GCHQ has only a tenth of the budget of the NSA, and only around 5000 employees (compared to the NSA's 30-40,000). In addition, spying on a US citizen - on US soil - would be a diplomatic "no-no", unless the NSA had already authorised it. And if they HAD authorised it, then they would be effectively spying on a US citizen by proxy , and without a legal license to do so. As I said... this might be technically possible, but would Manafort have been of sufficient interest to either organisation - at the time that the alleged surveillance happened - to take such political risks ?
  9. It is extremely frustrating that the BBC offers almost zero coverage on the upcoming Italy election. Even on the BBC Europe page there has been almost nothing except a bizarre focus on Silvio Berlusconi. I guess the BBC just doesn't like reporting on anything that doesnt fit with their left-wing luvvie agenda... There is a real prospect of Italy leaving the Euro which would fast-track that currency's demise, the Italian opposition parties are strongly pro-UK, and of course, the outside, but increasingly `popular idea of leaving the EU altogether (largely driven by the mass youth who are still facing huge unemployment).
  10. It is often difficult in the UK to find any reporting on other EU nations "take" on the Brexit negotiations. I came upon this from inside the German Bundestag yesterday: Further proof, if it was needed, that the negotiations are just a sham and a waste of UK Political effort. It is becoming clear that the much vaunted "Unity" of the 27 is a thinly veiled effort to disguise the increasing dis-unity amongst the EU27 (arguing behind closed doors) with the Commission and in particular the Visegrad 4 who are facing EU sanctions by an increasingly autocratic EU
  11. Teaching the Children about their government doesn’t get things done? It counters the Progressive poison. Yes, people need to be able to make their own decisions. That’s why Progressivism needs to be exercised from our system.
  12. Yeah, or they get into something interesting and do not follow up. I remember one time I think it was Ghost Hunters? They were at this old hotel and actually had a ghost answer them and ask who was there to them. Think about it. A ghost answering in plain voice? Hearing you? Surely you would be all over that and talk??!! Nah, it goes on to more walking down halls and talking to each other. Infuriated me. Either they are clueless about the WHY of paranormal research, or it was actually a real person and accidental and they left it in for ratings and let us assume nobody was there really. Totally disgusting.
  13. Serious point. How can existence be a privlege if as Dawkins says, “We are survival machines – robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. This is a truth which still fills me with astonishment.” ― Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene. That doesn't really fit well, that existence is a privlege and yet we are robot vehicles etc. Does my computer, when switched on think to itself, "wowzzer, Im so lucky right now!" Also, “Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish." ― Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene. That is almost as bad as believing that we are born of original sin. Nobody is born selfish, we are taugh division, scarcity, selfishness... Dawkins is the High Priest of Material Science with as many dogmas as any organised religion. And just these ideas saying that we are original sinners on the one hand, and born selfish on the other - to me this is totally unhelpful. This other idea that I have been talking about, that in fact we are perfect beings who, because of this stuff above, have forgotten our divinity, but at least with this idea of perfectness I have something amazing to aim for...other than being a "selfish sinner"... Geez, and we wonder why humanity is in a mess?! We wonder why young adults are feeling more and more depressed.
  14. My most hated part of all these shows is when you get a cliff hanger followed by a three or four minute commercial followed by nothing important happened I enjoy being scared outta my goard, sometimes and when I know it cannot or will not actually happen if the show is good enough not to need reality to try scaring , wait... what's that......
  15. I think that the Pillsbury dough boy of N.Korea is so dull mentally that he thinks that he can govern it all and kick out the US while he is at it if he can unify the country. and maybe even get even with us for the humiliating defeat of his forebearers that caused the ceasefire that has been in effect for how long now. 60+ years? I think he realizes that we could can and will turn his country into a field of glass any time we want to so he is looking for another way.
  16. newbloodmoon

    The black and white silent flick “the whispering of the wombats” needs to be made.

  17. Now I know where DieChecker gets his ideas from.
  18. Will be back to this to go to work...but very interesting.
  19. Spot on...and Yvette Fielding was the worse for doing that.
  20. Today
  21. Part of it also may have been she was in the house for so very long, I mean 20 years, you would suppose this may imprint more so than someone living there for less time. It makes some sense for why one might see that there, you know? When I have been asked to help with heavy energy like that, one of the fastest ways to dissipate it is to get a differing energy in there to disrupt it. I have seen some scenarios which really are not intelligent but get turned into exorcism grade cleansings when all they really needed was a spiritual rock concert I remember seeing this show I cannot remember the name now, forgive me. They were a team of scene cleaners, who came in after gory murders or deaths and cleaned a place for owners. This one was an unattended death of a terminally person that stayed unattended for long enough the body had mostly liquefied. This is bad. But, what stayed with me was at the end they used these machines to generate ...was it ions of some kind? To kind of energize the air and get the atmosphere moving and lighter. I wondered if it would perceptively change the feel of the place or not.
  22. Oculus
  23. Krull - yes it’s hokey, with bad acting but I watch it a few times a year.
  24. I tend to believe that the energy from traumatic events is somehow stronger than "baseline". In the experience I had that I would consider to be one of these residual hauntings I saw a figure in white walk out of my kids bedroom and down the hall. Turns out the wife of the gentleman who we rented the house from fought a long battle with health issues and spent the last couple of years of her life sleeping in that bedroom so her medical equipment wouldn't keep her husband up. She eventually died in that room after having spent 20 something years in that house. That type of energy has to resonate, I just cant believe that it just dissipates.
  25. Im bored, I'm gonna go watch some paint dry, its gotta be better than reading this stuff....
  26. Sounds like cognitive bias?
  27. The populist theme in Italy at the moment is anti-immigration and the current state of the economy with large unemployment among the young. Polls are indicating a massive move towards the right populist parties. If the coalition of these parties win, they're promising the deportation of over 600,000 illegal immigrants and maybe, possibly an Italexit (?) if the EU doesn't change their stance (on immigration and the economy). I doubt they will (exit Europe) but if this doesn't awaken Brussels' policies on immigration, there will be BIG trouble. Other EU member nations have already shifted right and the east refuse to accept migrants from the ME and NA. Two videos that summise what's happening in the oncoming elections in Italy and touch on what's happening in Europe in general.
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