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  2. I don't believe you

    That's the risk we run when we discuss history. Lucky thing that you and another poster have managed to avoid it.
  3. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    you gloat as much as you see fit.... the 'usual suspects' deserve it because I don't even think they themselves thought there was Trump / Russia collusion and it is just used as a political weapon.... and something negative about Trump for the Media to fill it's time and copy with... me saying I wasn't going to gloat......... was me having a tiny little gloat The best form of defense, as the saying goes.... is attack... and the whole collusion bs took attention away from HR Clinton - whos election campaign was said to be (illegally) funded by Saudi Arabia - 20% of it !!
  4. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    I agree. There are no logical arguments for it. Every logical argument arrives at the opposite. That we merely have the illusion of free will. Experiments support this idea also.
  5. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Don't know, I don't know anyone does.
  6. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    Not being religious, i see the bees as far more important to our planet than any jesus symbol.
  7. I don't believe you

    Which is exactly what it is, pumping your tyres up by making yourselves look like superior moral beings as compared to you-know-who. How about telling us something interesting, like predicting what is seen as acceptable in society today, that won't be in future times. This is just being wise after the event.
  8. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    It really doesn't matter though. Unless you can explain from this how physical matter can have "free will".
  9. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    Really ? I hadn't heard that before. I thought his symbol was the Fish ? Still, it's nice to hear that they survived.
  10. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Cheers * Slides a large whisky with soda down the bar *
  11. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Large whisky with soda water please, Tiggs Oh.. and have one for yourself. Here's my reading of the situation.. from 3000 miles away. The American Public where told by the MSM (well, the left-wing part of it anyway) that the Meuller Report would reveal Trump's Collusion With The Russians. For almost two years. They where adamant about this... there was no room for doubt. It WAS going to happen because the President WAS guilty ! Now the report - in essence - says "no collusion. Well, that's not QUITE what it says, but I think that is the message that most people will take away from it. However, the left-wing media will continue to bleat that... "no no no.. you've got to read between the lines. Anyway.. OBSTRUCTION". I think the American Public will regard this as a desperate attempt to re-spin the facts. In light of the previous assurances from the MSM that "Trump will be found guilty of collusion", I predict a significant reduction in the credibility of the MSM news outlets. This could even translate as an increase in support for Trump on the run-up to the 2020 elections. The more that the Democrats try and expand this "Obstruction" meme... the more that various democrat-controlled committees start distorting their purpose to "get Trump", the more that public discontent will grow. Once more, this will likely translate into support for Trump in 2020. The Democrats - with help from media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, and the Washington Post - are committing electoral suicide.
  12. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Hmmm......this conversation sounds like an invitation to pallidin to pop up with his theories about the "beyond" operating through the agency of quantum mechanics. If "indeterminism" is in the equation, it is indeterminate what effect it has, as well. One gets the sense that we can't step back from this situation to evaluate it, because we are immersed in it. Like a fish trying to understand the concept of wetness.
  13. Hello Van Gorp, good to see that you are still a-lif(e) ! Interesting etymology for trekken. There may be more words with prefixes (like to- and be- especially) that have fallen so as to look like they are a part of the word-core itself. I recently found a new etymology for Dutch tornen, German trennen (both: to rend, to break, to tear [of cloth]). The OLB spelling makes it likely that this word is actually a composition between TO and RENNA (Engl. rend). [139/02] TO RENNANDE HJARA KLÁTHAR TO FLARDUM ÀND TO SKÉRANDE HJARA HOLA KÀL. [077/12] MEN ASER FALLEN WAS GVNGON SINA NÉIMANNINGA ALRING AN VSA ÉWA TORENA == Ottema (pg. 107): Maar toen hij gestorven was, gingen zijne opvolgers al spoedig aan onze wetten tornen [89/11] THRVCH ALTHUS DÉNNERA RENKA BROCHTON HJA TWÍSPALT IN OVIRA STÁTHA ÀND TORENDON HJA THAT BAND SÁDÉNE FON ÉN == Ottema (pg.125): Door dusdanige ranken brachten zij tweespalt over de staten, en tornden zij den band zoodanig van een, This is not seen by mainstream etymologists:
  14. Climate Change is a Hoax

    Here Doc educate yourself, this is a decent simple general explanation. I'm also not getting into the weeds of the "shoulders" around the exact 15 um frequency. "For an electron at the ground state (n = 1) to be moved up to the next level (n = 2) it must absorb a quantum of energy that is the perfect amount to make this move. If the quantum is too small the electron could not reach the next level, so it doesn't try. If the quantum is too large the electrons would overshoot the next level, so again, it does not try. Only quanta of exactly the right size will be absorbed and used. Similarly, if an electron is already at the second level (n = 2), and there is a space for the electron at the lower level (n = 1), it can release a quantum of energy and drop down to the lower level. But the amount of energy given off will be a whole number quantum. If this energy is given off as light (such as happens with emission spectra) then the photons rushing away from the falling electron will be of only one size and quality (color). Hence glowing sodium, or LEDs, only give off very discrete bands of light with distinct colors or bands within their spectrum." - http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/bc/ahp/LAD/C3/C3_elecEnergy.html P.s. notice the "it doesn't try" part? It is as if it is not even there when the photons energy is < an object's temperature except for GHG's that are resonating standing electron waves at those certain frequencies. Thus GHG's like CO2 only absorb and re-emit at certain wavelengths, here CO2's main absorption band is 15 um (so it only re-emits at 15 um if that is what it absorbed). Now Doc, remember 15 um photons are very cold photons!
  15. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Sorry to disappoint you, but as the National Security question’s been resolved, I’m just playing bartender now. Drink?
  16. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    As far as we know, the genetic mutations that drive evolution are indeterminate, they can't be determined or predicted, they are random. That doesn't mean they have no preceding cause. The cause is well known and understood, even though the result is considered random. Although when subject to natural selection predictions can be made.
  17. I don't believe you

    Good that you aren't certain of it, since your analysis is visibly false. You seem to glimpse the truth, though. You propose: That's a fact claim, and the sort of thing that a person needn't be ignorant nor willful to dispute. As to indentured servitude, yes it has some of the attributes of slavery. Slavery has all of the attributes of slavery. Many would think that that makes slavery worse than indentured servitude. That's hardly a singing commercial for indentured servitude, and slavery's resemblance to indentured servitude does nothing to rehabilitate slavery. I would think that we could reach some consensus that the less like slavery a labor system was, the better that usually turns out for the laborers. Another poster mentioned "virtue signalling" in posting such a view. Well, I suppose not having one's head up one's butt is a signal of some sort.
  18. Today
  19. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Not so. Indeterminism is the fact (if you accept a certain interpretation of quantum mechanics) that certain outcomes can't be predicted, they are random. That doesn't mean they have no preceding cause. They do. Like everything else. ps from wikipedia (lol). Underlined the relevant part.
  20. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    But they don't say 'we found no evidence'. They say 'we found lots of evidence but not enough to meet our thresholds. Maybe Congress would like to look at it further?'.
  21. Notre-Dame cathedral

    so bringing up the fact that the Islamic Hordes have taken over Europe and imposed shariah law and every woman has to wear a hijab (if not a full burka) in order to escape being assaulted by Roving Muslim Rapist Gangs isn't at all ever bringing up any irrelevant points, is it.
  22. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    We do actually know what consciousness is. We don't understand it in the depth we would like though. Yet we know as much about it as we do of many other things that we have no trouble accepting. It is a brain state/property of the brain that arises from chemical and neural activity. In much the same way as "heat" is a property arising from the vibration of atoms and molecules. Despite no one ever capturing a piece of "heat" to study, we have no trouble accepting it. The reason we don't with consciousness is because of our biases.
  23. Notre-Dame cathedral

    automatic assumption these days. That or "Marxists".
  24. Atheist vs. Agnostic Label

    Huh ? Indeterminism is the idea that things happen that are not just the result of antecedent causes. You are telling me everything that happens has a cause.
  25. I don't believe you

    Hi Walker Just wondering if those that taught you academically were still alive and reading your posts here would believe if you were being objectively correct. Well, we have been having a fun night of discussion but I have to go to work in the morning so it's time for that last cuppa coffee and a smoke. Have a good night sleep tight and see you after work tomorrow. jmccr8
  26. I don't believe you

    Hi Walker It's been a couple of years of interaction with each other and I have made it quite clear that I grew up differently than you from the beginning, did the light just come on now? My mom's dad disowned my mom for marrying my dad because he was a farmer and Irish until he met me. When I was in my early 20s I had developed a business plan and went to see a wealthy successful businessman to see if he would help mentor me in some aspects. He told me that my dad was a nobody and I was a nobody and should learn to accept that. I have never desired great wealth in a monetary sense, I just like to build things and have enjoyed my success and am quite comfortable.A research marketing company contacted me once and asked for me to do a survey so I said yes and they sent me the form which I filled out and returned to them. A couple of weeks later they phoned me and asked how old I was and told me that I was a social anomaly because I did everything myself and did not depend on others to achieve my ends. You may not understand the environment that I grew up in and I can accept that but it does not mean that you should dismiss the thing that you do not understand and should appreciate the resolve that I have to do the things I do and have done. jmccr8
  27. Bee hives of Notre-Dame in miraculous survival

    it is good news. i read that symbolically the bee is the symbol of Jesus Christ. good omen.
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