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  2. That figure, yes was in my link., But like I told toast, if you want to contra it GET A LINK. you endlessly complain and complain with NO LINK Well I would say what really needs to be fixed, you need to stop blowing up posts on superfluous BS just to cause trouble
  3. I agree with the gold content, but the location of those asteroids is NOT what you are claiming. Stop being a hot head and read the link from the wikipedia especially the sections dealing with location. It breaks the NEAs into 3 orbital groups.
  4. You keep posting the same error. I'm pointing out this error which you continue to obstinately repeat. The links you post show that NEAs are not often inside of the orbit of the Moon.
  5. As practiced, Feyman would term it cargo-cult science. http://calteches.library.caltech.edu/51/2/CargoCult.htm
  6. Fact- Caucasian mummies have been found in China Fact - The current Chinese government hides historical events Opinion - The current Chinese government will not allow the tomb of Qin because they are concerned the contents would not conform to their view of History.
  7. that is exactly what liberals do, make people angry hateful, unhappy, scared.... etc so liberalism is the cause, timeline before liberalism and after shows it pretty clear.
  8. That is unfortunately the lay of the land in here, Coil. People who propose theories are often given a bad treatment by some other posters.
  9. The location is what you are mistaken about. That is all. You stated that there were a certain number of asteroids inside of the orbit of the Moon and that is false. You seem completely stubborn about being helped out. I did show that your claims of those inside of the orbit of the Moon are wrong. There were many links including your own link. As I stated several times your understanding of near earth asteroids needs to be fixed.
  10. Oniomancer

    Wicked 80's Music

    Video for the returning Prince of Egypt.
  11. Because It has absolutely nothing to do with my thrust, that's why. You're trying t move the goal posts to start an argument. Why are you not getting links that show me I was wrong? You've posted more than anyone in here about it. But NO LINKS Trying to start an argument?
  12. What Im asking is, how do you evaluate these stories credibility? They cant all be true, can they? How do you separate the lies, hoaxes and bullcrap from the real deal?
  13. stereologist

    Is cryptozoology a legitimate science?

    Tat's not true. Astrology does not create hypotheses that they test. I am not aware of cryptozoologists doing that either. Hunting for evidence is not science.
  14. stereologist

    Is cryptozoology a legitimate science?

    They didn't do science as we know science today. A good example of this is that the Greeks did not do experiments. You probably didn't know that. This is not moving the goal posts. If anyone has moved the goal posts it is you because you have no idea when science started or who did science as you think science is done. Galileo was not thinking outside of the box. He was using a new invention called the telescope which her invented. Those initial observations showed him that the geocentric model was demonstrably wrong. He was well aware of two competing models and he now had the strong evidence needed as I pointed out in an earlier post. If you want to support anything you stated then please show us a scientist that disputed his findings. I certainly am aware of mathematicians that differed with his ideas on infinitesimals. You have the choice to learn something and all you are doing is whining about being helped out. This childish whining about arguing about the sake of arguing and mentioning UFOs and such does nothing to correct your errors. The fact of the matter is that Galileo was NOT deemed a charlatan or idiot by other scientists. His ideas were accepted as correct. He was set upon by non-scientists and religious groups. Here is what you originally posted: You've done nothing to support that claim. What seems to be lacking here is an understanding that scientists are constantly thinking up new ideas and testing. It is the norm to try out new ideas, what you call unproven. That is how science operates, not the mistaken world you think happens.
  15. Screw the location - it has nothing to do with the thrust of it all. My thrust: There is an ample supply of gold in asteroids. and, there are hundreds of thousands of asteroids in our solar system. And as is per usual, you have shown no link that contras my thrust. In fact, as much as you moan about it, you have shown me no link that shows that the figure 9,000 asteroids within MD to earth that I posted in a link is wrong. All you do is move your lips saying "EoT you are so wrong". Really…?? Get your links and prove it all. You know damn right well you can't
  16. aztek

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    yea he ingeniously trolled them by looking at the sky, lol
  17. Buzz_Light_Year

    US school rebuilt with bulletproof barriers

    The phrase I believe that is appropriate is "Shooting Fish in a Barrel" I'll take my chances from a distance. Thank you.
  18. I do not outright reject or accept anecdotes I read. In this case I think there is a good chance some paranormal perception occurred. But more importantly than this case is the full body of cases claiming paranormal perception in Near Death states and from the full body of cases I have come to believe such things occur beyond reasonable doubt.
  19. XenoFish

    Defining God/s.

    Who's to say there is any divinity in our exist or our existence is divine.
  20. YAH THINK LADY????? We were the primary prey for big cats the whole course of our evolution. Seriously! This crap only started after the clueless wanted to live in the country.
  21. aztek

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    lamo, no that would not be that part. i said i do not trust left leaning site,. and that 1 kid was scared of guns does not really mean much, (i bet she was not utill school and tv told he she has to) lots of kids are terrified of clowns. yes left media lies, so it actually invalidates the article, btw do you have children that go to american school? i do. but it seems like you trying to invalidate their experience as people so what you read into it is totally on you. but you are not that dumb not to understand what i wrote, are you? so are you twisting my words on purpose? YES. that is what it looks like to me, thanks for showing me how, i'll use that in a future
  22. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Is cryptozoology a legitimate science?

    I would argue that Astrology is not a science because astrologists never seem to do research to see what causes the affects they cite and they don't seem to change if science shows some of their beliefs wrong. But Cryptozoology? People have theories, and those theories may not ever pan out to be true but that never is the criteria for determining whether an endeavor is science or not. It's a science.
  23. You need to know a specific event to evaluate its reliability and your question is too general to give an answer. Read this incredible incident: http://survincity.com/2013/10/mystery-train-number-1702/
  24. Because it quite possibly be could something else? Schmuck........
  25. What causes mass shootings in the USA? I have an idea. Rat Park. In the early 70's there was an experiment in which they put rats in cages with two water sources, one tap water the other water infused with morphine. The rats invariably drank the drugged water until they died from overdose. One researcher didn't agree with the methodology so he set up a variation of the experiment called Rat Park. In rat park the rats were not locked in a cage by themselves with nothing to do but get high or not get high. The environment was set up to be a good environment for them. They had other rats to hang out with, including rats of the opposite sex, toys to play with, good food etc. In a rich, positive, happy environment the rats tended to drink the tap water, just occasionally getting high compared to their lonely bored caged counterparts. Even when they took the heavily addicted caged rats and moved them into Rat Park they shied away from the drugged water. The conclusion is that drugs are not the root cause of addiction, environment is. A negative/unhappy environment causes the negative behavior. Now it's been pointed out that in the past there were plenty of guns in the USA but we didn't have this epidemic of senseless mass shootings and the question is asked what's changed? I believe what's changed is that we are not as happy and it is this pervasive unhappiness that is the root cause of our societal ills including drug addiction, mass shootings, homelessness and whatever other messed up thing you want to add which is currently worse than it has been in the past.
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