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    I'm looking for my sledge hammer so I can put my broken again snow thrower on the junk pile....

  3. They had me chained down in a drunk tank for 9 hours in somebody else's feces, urine and blood. They lost the tapes there too. The only thing I gave them though was "the murderous glare".
  4. I call BS on that statistic. It's like saying if a certain spot of land can grow a tree there has to be a tree there. Just because something can happen doesn't mean it HAS to happen.
  5. I agree there will be more indictments and people will be blindsided but none of it will come from Mueller. Stand by.
  6. It's amazing how unreliable all this new technology is!
  7. Thanks for helping me realise I accidentally came in a second account I wasn't aware of... well doesnt say much for my awareness but anyways I was drawn to it. It seemed like darkness all around me and like there was a circle maybe not so much a tunnel as a portal? Well it looked circular and intensely bright, the only light in the darkness my attention was immediately drawn to it and I do feel that there was something there which I would have seen if I just looked but i was very upset. Like as if it were a tiny window and there was a scene on the other side. I had tried to scream "I'm not going out like that" and it was just a thought before I rushed back to myself n awake with a start the person that had my feet dropped me they were so shocked. Sorry but I didn't pay much attention to the tunnel, I was too upset about getting whacked with a skillet but it definitely did draw my attention for a moment and it did seem like where I was supposed to go, almost like I was already drifting toward it before I turned back toward myself. Which is another odd point because I can't see why I would have to turn to face different directions without a body but it seemed so. Edit to add: the light was far off in the distance. Being curious about it' location I did pay attention to where. It was south, definitely south east from here.
  8. That's what happened in my arrest but the recordings were "lost".
  9. The are four answers there. Look again. And if I was handed a dime for every time you answered a question with a question in this forum I'd have enough coins to fill my own Giant Jansport Backpack to the brim. Only I would take a Lear and a limousine to Caesar's Palace rather than coach and a Canondale with training wheels. In fact, let' coordinate, I'll make a pit stop at the Elvis Chapel with Tulips for you and Regi and a bone for the ring bearer. And don't waste your money on the organ, I'm sure Aunt Yolanda and I can hum Johann's Canon in D major as you walk up the aisle.
  10. The archaeological evidence makes it abundantly clear that Exodus never happened. It is a completely made up story. There are so many clear and obvious reasons listed that the story of the bible is just a story - never happened.
  11. Right, look at what we know, which is that Todd and Pearce committed the burglary, and per her description, didn't see either one. We also know that no one reported having seen either Todd or Pearce, which (obviously) supports that the burglary occurred at night. And to my knowledge, no one reported having seen the dolly out in the front yard of the Medina home, which (obviously) supports that it hadn't been there since about before noon on the 24th. Re: the Aponte tip/Tenbrinks info., Todd and Pearce had already been arrested about three weeks prior and to my knowledge, there was no info pertaining to the involvement of anyone else in the burglary and so I would think that alone is another circumstance which supports that no one other than Todd and Pearce committed the burglary and also serves to undermine the notion that Jackson witnessed the burglars.
  12. I'm saying that the people who decided to physically split the McCabe investigation off from the IG's investigation and expedite its findings -- in complete contrast to all other internal FBI investigations in recorded memory -- just might be.
  13. Hi Nicolette, Welcome to UM and thank you for sharing. So from your perspective would you say that you experienced things that could not be explained or produced within the brain? Can you describe more about the light tunnel please? Did you feel drawn to it and if so could you describe that feeling? Any and all info is always appreciated.
  14. A lot will depend on the point you're trying to make. For example. the biblical story of the Exodus would be difficult or even impossible if the Heroopolitic Red Sea was full of water. Yet the Exous crossed it at El Kubrit. It obviously wasn't full of water - maybe eighteen inches, but probably not even that much. Also, after the "Israelites" crossed, they spent three days in the wilderness without water. If the Canal of the Pharaoh was operating, they could just have followed the channel all the way to Suez and had plenty of water. So we know the canal was dry at the time. Ramses III built a fort at Suez (It was on the small peninsula in what is now Port Ibrahim.). If Egypt was hostile to the "Israeilites," then that fort was a major obstacle. The fort obtained its drinking water from the spring Ayn Musa - the same one Moses purified with a tree branch. There would have been major problems sharing it with a hostile military force. So what do we conclude? If there was an Exodus, it came that way before the fort was built. Ramses III reigned from March 1186 to April 1155. So sometime before 1155 BC. So the Exodus took place in a geography that still exists (The campsite at the crossing is now an airport.) in times that are identifiable historically. So did the Exodus happen? I think so - It was an Egyptian military/mining expedition to Sinai whose military wing got caught in converging seiche waves. After a fashion, the story is true. Doug
  15. *takes several, interested, careful notes* Blast! Cannot do that today luv, maybe tonight or another day. Derek Ospreys chickens are taking refuge behind the bar for now. And besides...all this talk of chains, dark cellars, Draymen, manky carpets and spoilt nibbles is giving me and the punters dizzy spells.
  16. Saw this and thought humans are not ready for this kind of technology. She was pushing her bike along the road...a self drive car could work...but not when humans are still sharing the same road.
  17. I had a nde. My heart and breathing had stopped and I was well aware of exiting my body. I don't recall seeing my body only getting p***ed about it, ignoring the light tunnel and clinging on. I awoke to my body being toted off and some very shocked people who were positive I was dead. I couldn't see anything that happened after I left the body only darkness around I couldn' even see my body I just clung back to it knowing it was there. Here is the interesting thing nobody else knows how I know how it happened as it was an unexpected blow to the back of the head. Nobody told me what happened, I never saw it coming but I was well aware as if I had seen it. I could not see what was happening between my exit and return but I was definitely still hanging around believing I was me. Maybe there are a range of answers because there are a range of levels of awareness and perceptions or people are directing their consciousness differently outside of the body.
  18. If he dribbles on the hardly used -luxurious- carpet you will have to reduce the price if i decide to buy it after all.
  19. Shackled! I am a lady so i do not get SHACKLED. But i am up for being chained behind the bar for a few hours, i could poor a few drinks. ...for the punters, obviously.
  20. The excerpts you posted here are from the preliminary hearing, that the jury didn't see, yet you didn't cite this. And you credit Delucchi for asking questions of Dr. Peterson when it was Judge Girolami who asked them. Delucchi was assigned the case 10 weeks after the above cited testimony. No jury, different judge. Intellectual dishonesty to win an argument here and keep your twine theory relevant or two huge, but innocent mistakes? I'll assume the latter, but how do you think you and others would have responded if I had posted something similar? You seem to have trouble with consistency regarding Dr. Peterson. His credibility and his answers are pick and choose to what suits you. He's spot on when his answers support you. Yet when they don't, he's a dolt that should be mocked. Bottom line...I've indulged this twine business as a courtesy and out of respect. We disagree, adamantly. It's not in the appeal. And you can't explain why anyone would go to the trouble to frame Scott, then place twine on Conner to demolish the frame. You can't produce anything from police that let the killers know Brooks Island was the drop spot within the 1600 sq. mi. bay. You can't explain one item regarding the logic of the twine. You say no tissue damage has no relevance and after all the constant badgering about evidence, you say I should ignore it when it exists. You are right, I didn't perform the autopsy, I didn't photograph the twine, and I didn't arrange the evidence to present at trial. I've admitted I can't answer your questions. You obviously refuse to answer mine or admit you can't answer mine. So what are you looking for here? A concession on my part? Not going to happen until someone can answer the questions I ask.
  21. A person might have seen the woman and realised she was about to step into the road.
  22. Yeh, into the pig sty with some luxurious second hand carpeting for bedding.
  23. Missed it? Your name sure does match your pub habits but you may need to change the ROAM bit into WANDERing off alot Tell you what, why not let yourself be shackled to a bar stool? That way you can enjoy a drink and gradually lose the disappearance act.
  24. Digging myself out, then heading to the hospital to see what's going on with my hubby. I'll pop in and out.
  25. Ya! Es verdad! The problem, Is that they think they are debating!
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