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  2. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    This is really all such a bunch of bullsh!t. Even if the caught Trump breaking the law, he'll never be convicted in impeachment. Not now. 2.5 years of democrat party deception will never go by without prejudice. 2/3 majority in the Senate...? nice try dems, ain't happening.
  3. Some of my "ghost" stories

    Oooh, this is THAT Eric? We have worked so many cases and consulted with each other that I did not make the connection, Bro.
  4. Some of my "ghost" stories

    I'm serious as a heart attack. I'm not a "healer" I'm a "hunter" and when I'm "working" I do not let emotions get in my way. If I was still a Tribal cop with Texas Ranger connections I would have them run her down. That woman is evil. I went through everything she broadcasted. Watched it for hours.
  5. seaturtlehorsesnake

    it walks these hills in a long black veil/ it visits my grave when the night winds wail/ nobody knows/ nobody sees/ tomorrow's recipe

  6. Doing God's will.

    That's why I understand your pain and frustration so well. I'm not trying to be melodramatic, but every morning before getting out of bed, I find one reason (just need one) to carry on. So far, I've found one. Every day.
  7. Doing God's will.

    Maybe we should just put shock collars on everyone. So that any harmful impulse is zapped out of them Pavlov everybody.
  8. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    Both the House Financial Services Committee and House Ways and Means Committee could request Trump's tax returns, which the president promised to "absolutely" release in 2014, but has since adamantly refused to do so. On Wednesday, Trump said he won't turn over his tax returns because they are under audit. He has repeatedly used the excuse in the past, saying that he is not permitted to, which is not accurate. But this time he added a new reason for withholding the returns: No one would understand them — and there are a lot of pages. Under a law passed in 1924, Congress has the right to inspect tax returns from any taxpayer — including high-ranking officials. While the probable new chairpersons of the Financial Services and Ways and Means committees, Reps. Maxine Walters and Richard Neal, respectively, can subpoena Trump's tax records from the Internal Revenue Service, that doesn't mean Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will hand them over. If he doesn't, a long court fight could ensue. "Then they'll be trapped into appealing to the Supreme Court, and we'll see whether or not the Kavanaugh fight was worth it," former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said last month. Even if Democrats do get to investigate the president's tax returns, they might not be able to disclose any sensitive information publicly. www.sfgate.com/politics/article/Democrats-Trump-Pelosi-tax-returns-IRS-13371414.php Pretty much every source says the same thing. Several members are in a position to make use of this 1924 law. As Newt Gingrich commented, the lawyers will probably take it to the Supreme Court. Privacy is maintained as someone mentioned by the fact that those committee chairs who get to look at the taxes cannot communicate the results to the public.
  9. Some of my "ghost" stories

    OMG?? I am serious in asking: Are you serious even? I know this in more detail than you from my time spent.
  10. Doing God's will.

    Who am I to judge anything?
  11. Women are losing mother side?

    I just can't help myself here:
  12. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    They are subpoenaing more than his tax returns. They also hit up his business records. All of this is stemming from Trump's former personal lawyer's (Cohen's) testimony in congress recently. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/22/us/politics/trump-sues-congress.html
  13. Doing God's will.

    Jodie, I almost did pull the trigger and I still don't know exactly why I'm still around. Plus I really don't want to revisit those memories. Maybe we all need some type of delusion/illusion to live by?
  14. Doing God's will.

    Behaviours are learned, while some are instinctive. An infants need to taste everything, as opposed to looking both ways before crossing a road. I do not follow how biology or physicality ties in.
  15. Doing God's will.

    Curiously enough, the concept that humans have no genuine free will makes the (supposed) teachings of jesus to "love your enemy" and those of the buddha regarding compassion, very rational.
  16. Doing God's will.

    That is a struggle we all face. Would it be easier to scream "I give up!" and lie down and die? Yeah, it would be, So much easier to take that pill, or step off that ledge, pull that trigger. But what makes us mighty is overcoming that moment of weakness. Of saying "F--- NO!, You aren't taking me without a fight!", and pressing onwards. At the natural end of our lives, will all the struggle mean anything? Be damned if I know, but I still keep putting on foot in front of another, and saying "One more day, just make it one more day" and doing my damnedest not to succumb to despair. So for all you believers, yeah, when I say show me the evidence, I have a reason. I want to know if the pain is worth bearing, or if it all ends in blackness. And if there is nothing beyond this life, and the struggle is meaningless, then why should I continue? And all the smug, smarmy 'righteousness' of the believer who states "I KNOW!" proves nothing.
  17. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    My tax returns have always been pathetically simple, so forgive me if I don't know much about a rich person's returns, but I don't recall anything on them about net worth, only income. So I'm not sure how his tax returns would shed light on a transaction where he allegedly over stated his net worth. It still seems like it's totally politically motivated and has nothing to do with the integrity of the banking industry. It would make more sense to investigate all the members of Congress who became millionaires after entering politics rather than one who made his millions in business.
  18. My haunted doll attacked my husband

    I work at a pawn shop and about a week or so or less someone brought this exact same doll in to sell. As soon as the box was opened I immediately got nervous and anxious so I asked for it to be shut. That thing is now located in our storage are and has actually already moved once. The box had moved about an inch or two from where we last left it. I even showed it to my coworker and she got the same feeling. We are both terrified of going downstairs into our storage because you can’t shake the feeling of being watched and or like someone is behind you. There have also been noises coming from the area where she is.
  19. Doing God's will.

    Why do you keep denying there's more to all of us than things physical? Are you afraid to admit that you are more than you know?
  20. IRS fails to hand over Trump tax returns

    She had that well planned out, Grom. very clever woman. All her dirty dealings went into "Clinton Trust Fund" so as to keep her personal records look fairly clean. Last I heard, everyone that worked at the Clinton Trust Fund was laid off.
  21. third_eye

    Audrey II... plus I... 





    1. Piney


      I see you did some serious brush hogging. :yes:

  22. A slave bible

    Well, I wouldn't be able to know the difference myself, since I have never read the bible, any bible all the way through. But, for all I hear of some who are bible believing followers, (and I assume it's all parts of it), is it really honest of them to show only parts of it, for their own gain? Kind of like I observe how some like to cherry pick the bible to fit what they want to see in others. *shrugs* As I have reflected, I feel it's so dishonest of them, how can they think they are being true bible believers? (Of course, enslaving others, is not exactly loving your neighbors ) But, I feel 8bits is correct in pointing out this bit of history, that shows how anything can be .................... shaped to fit their own gains. If, I'm getting this right.
  23. Doing God's will.

    If I'm getting praise from Will. I know I'm screwed up.
  24. Some of my "ghost" stories

    Here's my story. I spent hours watching the videos and "getting into" Elisa's mind Erik didn't commit suicide. Elisa murdered him. She uses that whole circus with the fake psychics to cover this up. But she doesn't feel any remorse. Just a sick smugness that she got away with it. Erik is now earthbound. But isn't talking to a "psychic?". His pranks are a attempt to get attention that he's not and his mother and that con artist are lying. I talked to you in full about this and had you help me with Erik. Remember?
  25. Doing God's will.

    A big thumbs up Xeno!
  26. Some of my "ghost" stories

    See, you are more fun than me, Papa. I don't tolerate pranks or that sort of thing at ALL. If a "ghost" has nothing to do, then it needs to do it somewhere else. I'm just mean LOL.
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