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  2. Doing God's will.

    As you sooooo readily demonstrate, time and time again.
  3. I don't believe you

    Indeed, excellent question.
  4. I don't believe you

    Exactly. There is such a thing as 'civil disobedience', wherein one opposes what they feel is an unfair, or unjust law. Rosa Parks leaps to mind. But many people seem to think that if there is no law AGAINST something, then it is morally acceptable.
  5. Some of my "ghost" stories

    again the believer has to try to toss jabs at the non believer, showing a biased mindset then wonder why their credibilty is questioned and "stories" get eye rolls. its not about open or closed minds to say i have seen zero that proves a disembodied entity exists much less channels thru someone, if the person doing the channeling really believes this and doesnt believe it starts and ends in their minds, no disembodied entity involved i have to consider mental health issues. no offense. i have no idea how much "enough" is but ive had my share of unexplained experiences and my searching for answers is so out side the box i dont pigeon hole and make that automatic jump too many believers do that "unexplained" must be paranormal, supernatural.
  6. UFO sightings

    and how do we know this? More whimsy pretending to be fact.
  7. I certainly don't know....but, haven't we been taught that there is no space beyond the universe?....and it is space itself which is expanding? ..and that the universe has no "edge" ? Isn't the increasing distance between objects ,like galaxies and stars etc., more the result of expanding space between objects ,rather than objects "speeding up"? isn't the Andromeda galaxy, and ours, actually moving closer together due to gravity overcoming and outpacing expansion? our moon is moving closer to earth in the same way....Within expanding space! It's all very counter intuitive and misunderstood? Throw in the concepts of "dark" energy and matter, and we begin to see how very little we know for certain!
  8. UFO sightings

    It makes no sense to me. There are people that do buy into the Phoenix lights. In 2019 we have the following: Right at the top is the clown of clowns famous for proclaiming that a video camera can collect information for spectroscopy.
  9. UFO sightings

    Eyewitnesses and radar reports over the years
  10. UFO sightings

    When I was a teenager I was friends with a girl whose dad had submitted ufo photos in the 50's. They were faked because no one would believe he had an encounter. I did not know that at the time. I used to enjoy listening to his ghost stories. In the 90's my job took me to Roswell, NM often and when I had spare time I would go to the museum and look at the wall of hoaxes they had up back then. His picture was on it. After I saw it I realized I had a book that had that picture in it. I mentioned it to my dad and he said he remembered the story my friend's dad had told and everyone thought he was just drunk, but he was insistent that he had an encounter that he thought was benevolent aliens from outer space. Years later I was at a UFO symposium and I found a dvd with my friend's dad's name on it. The old man who was selling the dvds was very excited when I mentioned that I had know him. He wanted to know how he could contact him. He had passed 20 years before, so the guy asked about his wife, but it was the first wife which I never knew. I had to get away from that guy because he wanted peoples phone numbers that I had no right to share, and I don't think I even had them to begin with.
  11. Opening gambits in EU / UK exit negotiations;

    No, but I will read them before I vote. That's impressive. Seeing as we haven't left yet.
  12. 85,000 Police investigated for misconduct

    There are people that believe you should do whatever a Police Officer tells you to period. And this is what feeds the bad ones. They violate your rights by demanding you to ID yourself, and you ask "Based on what reasonable articulate suspicion am I being asked to ID myself?" In some states it is legal for a Police Officer to demand ID without that suspicion, however a lot of this occurs in states that it is not legal for an Officer to demand, rather than ask you to ID yourself. YouTube is full of videos of people standing up for their rights when asked to ID themselves and the Officer tells them they will "make up" charges, arrest them. Or they call for backup, and the backup Officers say "Charge him with obstruction." Then they get to the station and realize that they cannot arrest on that charge alone, so they "make up charges" ID him, (their original request) then drop all charges. So being thugs they ID you. This should be an eye opener. For merely asking for a complaint form watch what happens in multiple Departments. In other words, screw you, we are going to watch out for our Buddies.
  13. Philippine-Canadian Trash War

    You're thinking maybe it wasn't a mislabeled mistake? Why would anyone just ship their garbage there? That would really be expensive. It seems the company that brought it over didn't have import clearance.
  14. You've got this masochism thing don't you. All self-punishment. Sounds like it gives you some type of satisfaction. I ain't judging. You do you.
  15. Yeah...if I was hiring someone that was going to have a gun in their hand, I want the best person for the job. Not because of ethnicity or sex.
  16. Doing God's will.

    Doing God's will isn't something you'll find in another person. But you can find it, in yourself. But you all, already know this.
  17. Making The Law of Attraction Actually Work

    Buddhism is really good when it comes to understanding psychology and a lot of modern psychology comes from it. If we watch what our minds do then we realise that we spend 99% of our time trying to solve problems. We try to figure out what causes our current problem, how to overcome it, and how to prevent it happening again. We also trawl through our memories of past problems looking for help in dealing with the current one. The problem comes when we encounter a problem we cannot resolve. Our minds go around and around, we dig ourselves into a deeper and deeper hole, and in the meantime we cause ourselves stress, anxiety, and anger. So psychologists use mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy to teach people to stop attaching thoughts to their problems. Of course a lot of people dont like the fact that there is a lot of religion in the sciences, and it has to be dressed up as something else otherwise people automatically reject it. The most interesting part of Buddhism for me (and physics) is chaos and the nature of reality because things dont work how the average man and women on the street things they do. Its like we live in a torture machine designed to breakdown our egos. The probabilistic nature of reality combined with the passage of time ensures we get a huge number of different problems come our way in life. Some problems we deal with easily. Some which press our buttons and remind us of experiences we haven't come to terms with drive us up the wall. Once the universe has hit that sweet spot it knows how to torture us and keeps on doing it. We all get those days where we think the universe is having a laugh with us like some evil entity knows how to do our heads in and is secretly running the show. Of course there is interdependence existence between what we know exists and what comes out of chaos but most people dont realise that. So they are left to find more healthier patterns of thinking instead unaware that by changing their patterns of thinking they are actually affecting a change in reality. We choose how the universe tortures us to breakdown our egos. The challenges is for us to hide our buttons and negative experiences from the universe. Replace them with made up ones carefully selected to ensure reality unfolds the way we want it too.
  18. Make Your Case Here

    To be honest. None of the explanations will amount to much of anything. Well except learning a bit more about people and why they view things a certain way. But, it all comes down to beliefs. People will believe, what they want to believe, because they want to believe in it.
  19. Philippine-Canadian Trash War

    Dangling grant money in front of the Philippines on the condition they accept 100+ shipping containers full of our trash. We really are hiding behind a facade of inclusion and equality, just like the rest of the West. OHH CANADAAAAAA Gotta add that last part lol 10 Leaf-bucks says we dump it in the ocean half way home and don't tell any one.
  20. Doing God's will.

    For those of you who need proof, become the proof. If you're not already.
  21. Doing God's will.

    Doing God's will can be done unconsciously.
  22. Doing God's will.

    Lighten up people. You all are way too serious.
  23. Philippine-Canadian Trash War

    This guy is really worked up! I'm guessing regular trash was sent instead of recyclables and it's been sitting there since 2014. https://www.npr.org/2019/04/24/716692612/philippines-duterte-talks-trash-literally-to-canada-threatening-war-over-garbage
  24. 85,000 Police investigated for misconduct

    That happens from Hollywood to office jobs now. We live in clown world.
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