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  2. The conclusions are illogical. They are not supported by what we do know to be true. What we have is many people jumping to a conclusion of an afterlife, not evidence one is plausible. I strongly question that they did know anything. People get overly imaginative when death is a real possibility, or has occurred. Often when people pass away others might see a bird land on a window sill or a butterfly comes in the window and others surmise it's the soipd of the person saying goodbye. Jumping to a conclusion based on superstition is just as illogical and pointless. Its about as helpful as when some proclaimed narwhal horns to be evidence of unicorns.
  3. I preserved some myself.
  4. Missed this. The genocide on Siberian Tribes committed by the Cossacks was brutal.
  5. I saw some natural formations but nothing that looked remotely artificial... maybe someone should do a screencap?
  6. Are those the only reasons?
  7. Post #1 of this thread. I am presenting a possible ish-shoe as to why they won't open the tomb, as asked. On topic, on point.
  8. There are sites here in the Eastern U.S we won't touch for fear of deterioration and harm.
  9. You must have missed post #34 and post #38 of this thread. Clearly I am stating an opinion.
  10. susieice

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    I'm out of my league here Tiggs, but if people were flying on Epstein's flights to other countries, wouldn't the pilots have to file a flight plan and a passenger manifest? They would still be required to have passports and other information with them for immigration on arrival, even if they come in on a private flight. I recall seeing some of the girls saying Ghislaine took their passports from them which, if they weren't US citizens, they would need to get back into the country and even the Virgin Islands unless they landed right on Little St James and authorities didn't know they were there. Wouldn't taking an underage person out of the country for the purposes intended also be a crime? Can't find straight answers to these questions.
  11. Behaved similarly? You have me classified in the proper cladogram do ya? My post are very succinct, they are suppositions. Perhaps a more succinct supposition would sufficiently suffice.
  12. In climate warmer/wetter is the rule, l guess that means the colder it gets the hotter it gets? In our country, the warmer it gets the drier it gets! Both meet, not really ScoMo, knows that there isn't any ocean increases to date around the islands, but says it might change. Saving face and money grab, or saving face with voters, and patting a total nutter on the head more likely.
  13. This is in no way marked as opinion. If it were, it might read “In my opinion...” or “I think...” It looks like you’re making a statement of unquestioned fact, and you have nothing to back it up ad such. And the voice of your verb is indicative, not subjunctive. —Jaylemurph
  14. Riiight….folks today can't handle mercury, and ancient booby traps too complex for us modern folk to understand.
  15. No. You keep saying the second part as if it’s true and provable. You certainly aren’t marking the difference very well — hence my comment. You’ve behaved similarly in other threads, too, hence my confusion. —Jaylemurph
  16. and the other one is deterioration, booby traps and mercury fumes.
  17. Captain Risky

    The Mooch is best mates with the Clintons

    “Democrats Have More Fun”: Anthony Scaramucci Lets Loose at Bill Clinton’s Birthday Party No longer persona non grata, the Mooch celebrated his break from Donald Trump in Martha’s Vineyard last weekend alongside Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and other Democratic A-listers. He may even have made a few new friends. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/08/scaramucci-lets-loose-at-bill-clintons-birthday-party/amp
  18. LucidElement

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Found it. I’m sure many have read it but for those who haven’t , lets take a minute . He thought being called a pedophile was like being called a hedge fund manager. I honestly am starting to think Epstein never categorized himself in his own head as a pedophile? link: https://nypost.com/2019/08/13/jeffrey-epstein-compared-himself-to-patriots-owner-robert-kraft-reporter/
  19. You should of kept Rupert in his can if you didn't want leaks.....
  20. Lol. Your rhetoric is on one track. Shall I spell it out for you? 1. FACT - they won't open the tomb of Qin. 2. OPINION - the only reason why is they might find a Caucasian mummy in there Isn't that what I have said with every post in this thread?
  21. Its interesting. But it could be anyting, really.
  22. LucidElement

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Can anyone help me find the article where Epstein was talking to (I believe his lawyer) and he was comparing his actions to Asian massages, and comparing it to Robert Krafts scenario.. totally downplayed his life’s events.
  23. You’re not great at telling the difference between fact and opinion, are you? —Jaylemurph
  24. Ah the Red Crown. That's another subject..
  25. Tiggs

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    In this particular case -- the notes from the pilot's logbook are contemporary evidence of who the pilot noted was on the plane, but as his testimony shows -- it wasn't always a full list of all of the passengers. Which -- as I've said -- is fine, because there's no legal requirement for him to have made any notes about passengers, at all. Quite honestly -- we're fortunate he noted down the ones he did. In short -- those notes are strong evidence of who was definitely on the plane, but not necessarily a definitive list of everyone who was there. As for Fox asking the Secret Service for verification -- it's unusual to refuse a valid FOIA request, as it opens the Government up to lawsuits, for non-compliance. I'd really have to see the FOIA requests Fox made, to comment further -- and I suspect they're not available to the public. You're way ahead of me. First time of heard of Rachel Chandler. Believe there's a requirement for an official passenger manifest to be logged at the airport, prior to departure -- along with the flight plans -- partly for that purpose. That manifest should be an accurate list of all passengers, including passport numbers, etc. Pilot logbooks, however, are carried around by the pilot. They're a completely different thing. As you can imagine -- possibly the worst place to keep the definitive list of passengers in the event of an air accident is on the plane that's just been in said accident.
  26. OverSword

    3 mass shootings allegedly thwarted

    Yeah I’m not going to click that. I understand that threatening to do something to someone may be a crime but to say I had already done something that had never occurred is different. That is a fiction and fiction is perfectly legal. I think that’s what that smile on his mugshot is. He thinks he’s being funny. He won’t be laughing when he ends up shoveling animal poop at a circus the rest of his life because nobody will hire him for this little stunt.
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