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  2. nice apparently a lot of folks are having some fun with the ghost shows thread :). I am really happy when I can generate discussion and sharing. It went way off topic though, but, who cares if everyone is having fun with it?
  3. Just like a bad boy.
  4. That thread's been around for a while. It keeps popping back up thanks to necroposters.
  5. yes i believe i did
  6. Loved the off topic discussion- it means it is a good thread, makes us think. Back to the above post, remember. We ,here, discussed the echo of energy lingering. For most people it means the spirit of the deceased. Hence, she hates child spirits due to the fact that she sees them as deceased people.
  7. Thankyou, he was loving when he wanted to be
  8. *salutes George Bun with a handful of M&Ms* mine was all black too :/ was over reading a thread on the Ark of the Covenant and a bit surprised on the things people will argufy over and misquote to support as well. I wonder if they ever will find it. I think if anything was important enough to the Jews to see it well hidden, that might be one of their items they would try to save.
  9. He was adorable. How could you not love him?
  10. nope you've lost me
  11. He was a cheeky brat but I loved him. The only time I've ever liked a bad boy
  12. My quick internet search. The xrf is an established industry standard for determing the presence of phosphates (which is not an element as you know) The use of Field Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (FPXRF) & X-Ray Diffraction (FPXRD) within the Mining & Mineral Exploration Industry is fast becoming an established method for conducting real-time geochemical investigations in the field, with the significant benefit of receiving a determination at the actual sample location. Customized analyzer configuration and flexibility across the element calibration suite, from Mg (z=12) to U (z=92), provides versatility to the Explorer or Miner looking for phosphate as well as accompanying geochemical pathfinder signature elements. Article Link
  13. Absolutely darling.
  14. George bun, when he was a baby still. Almost a year since he passed
  15. "The premise of the fine-tuned Universe assertion is that a small change in several of the dimensionless physical constants would make the Universe radically different. As Stephen Hawking has noted, "The laws of science, as we know them at present, contain many fundamental numbers, like the size of the electric charge of the electron and the ratio of the masses of the proton and the electron. ... The remarkable fact is that the values of these numbers seem to have been very finely adjusted to make possible the development of life."[4] If, for example, the strong nuclear force were 2% stronger than it is (for example, if the coupling constant representing its strength were 2% larger), while the other constants were left unchanged, diprotons would be stable; according to physicist Paul Davies, hydrogen would fuse into them instead of deuterium and helium.[9]This would drastically alter the physics of stars, and presumably preclude the existence of life similar to what we observe on Earth. The existence of the diproton would short-circuit the slow fusion of hydrogen into deuterium. Hydrogen would fuse so easily that it is likely that all of the Universe's hydrogen would be consumed in the first few minutes after the Big Bang.[9] This "diproton argument" is disputed by other physicists, who calculate that as long as the increase in strength is less than 50%, stellar fusion could occur despite the existence of stable diprotons.[10]" link
  16. It's not your fault. You live in an area that has dangerous wildlife, so you did what you could. I'm so sorry that happened.
  17. Yes, it's official, you should've been a guy. Except you're a great cook, and most of us men can barely boil water.
  18. Spider bites can kill bunnies and I checked his hutch every morning and night
  19. Almost forgot, also love drag racing. Mostly funny cars.
  20. I like hockey, football, baseball, some basketball, boxing. I should have been a guy. LOL
  21. Never thought that at all Tiggs, Schiff has said as much several times, just expected a little more than this childish tantrum. He was going to release a memo that explained a story different that Nunes that was the real explanation of the evidence. Instead we get this. Hey, you are very happy, apparently, and proud of the democrat work so why argue? Yeah fine, believe what you want, rose rose colored welding goggles you can watch an eclipse through makes everything good. You must still be a brit because in this country when you have BIG NEWS, you don't release it late of Saturday afternoon,. I guess he can make the rounds on the Sunday shows as will Nunes and no one will know It isn't alI I have, it is a tell, and the fact you don't know that speaks volumes. BTW you have no more than I do and the release day/time adds to my pot, not yours. POHME
  22. i wasnt having a pop at you. youre probably right with the numbers anyway but if records were accurate who knows. surely it would have been so easy to burn/feed the body to animals/dispose off 100 years ago anyway. like really easy compared to today
  23. A spider? That's terrible! That makes me feel bad for the poor bunny. Squash that spider...squash, squash!
  24. I'll bet the people living in the unit below you thought your apartment was haunted by a fat pirate.
  25. I am not a sports fan, but one fo the only sports I've ever enjoyed watching was hockey. I get it.
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