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  2. Are you deliberately being as provocative as possible now just to get a response,or have you really become an insanely belligerent neocon, spluttering fire and fury? If you really are being serious, shall we try to think about this; many Iranians that you know personally want to see an end to the rule of the Mad Mullahs in Iran. Now, how many of these brave Iranian freedom fighting patriots that you know personally actually live in Iran? Many? Or are most of them living in expatriate enclaves in British Columbia? So these freedom fighters wouldn't be at much risk of being annihilated in drone strikes or by Mothers of All Bombs if the current president was to take your advice. On the other hand, many tens of thousands of the poor oppressed Iranians would . Why don't people try to think before being so utterly stupid?
  3. Surely this is some sort of "fake news". Perhaps a "joke" that was supposed to be made in a week from now (April 1st).
  4. That is not in question. However, in saying that christianity is ''relatively benign'' he admits that religion can evolve and transform over time. It's about how it was interpreted. If christianity can be a positive force in modern-day society, that just shows that it's core message is still relevant.
  5. That was a bit of theater, but many do hold him up as their champion. Who with (flawless?) logic tears down the institution of religion. He is considered by many to put forward one of the best arguments. And if it is the best argument, then it is the one with the least flaws? Yes? True. Though there is the famous scene with Jesus and "he who is without sin throw the first stone", right? I did say, "Taught correctly that would be better even then atheism.". Can you argue with that? The only argument I've heard that really holds weight is concerning extreme teachings regarding "sexual immorality". Oh, and possibly the ignoring of slavery.... Atheism doesn't teach anything. Not hope, not love, not peace. Only that there is no higher power. I thought it more politic not to name specific religions and their specific negative practices. After all, we do have a wide variety of religions represented here on UM. I wasn't even thinking of atheists in those sentences, but as to what the other religion choices are. All religions have violence in their history, which I think is a human issue. Comparing not history, but teachings, I think is what should be considered in this point of discussion. The problem with each individual having their own version of Peace/Love/Hope is that each individual varies. Having a religion standardizes such things. Having an organization that promotes something is always going to be more socially effective then each individual doing it on their own. I do agree that religion is not necessary for the individual, however I believe that society as a whole does benefit still to a large degree from it. From Christianity in particular.
  6. Hi Blaye, Hey Im finding your writings fascinating actually well done you, this forum needs a new flavour such as yourself an I as I have almost no knowledge of your native history an belief it is very enlightening an learned..I myself thank you for the insight of your people as I do know it is a rarity to hear such an indepth explanation of things kept closely guarded...So again thank you...
  7. Vlad the Mighty

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  8. IDK 2018 seems to be doing the dems pretty good thus far, even in your own home state
  9. Richard Dawkins has always said he values the bible as a literary work and that he admires the ceremonial traditions of the church. He has gone so far as to describe himself as a 'secular Christian'. He enjoys holidays like Christmas as a celebratory social event. He does not however entertain religious doctrine as valid. You just never understood this quote did you This is Dawkins speaking on religion and what he thinks of it.
  10. You still don't get it, do ya? Even Evangelicals understand now that it's either Trump or some HRC-lite candidate that will finish what Oby started so well. Dream on. The idea that a bunch of hypocrites on the Left are coming unglued over an affair prior to him even running for office is so blatant that it makes me wonder just how stupid they're capable of being. 8 years of Obama woke a LOT of people up, Hank. We won't be so easy to push, next time. If you really, really want America to be what the Left wants... you best get ready to suffer for it because it will never be an easy win again.
  11. I took a hard look at it. It doesn't look like any known animal to me. What it really looks like is KELP. The flippers are leaves, and the mouth is the busted off trunk of the kelp.
  12. I'm wondering how many of his staunch Evangelical supporters will feel about him after the Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes interview on Sunday. Hank
  13. Sorry? Who thinks he is flawless? This sounds rather like a UFO=Alienz person saying that us skeptics deny aliens exist anywhere in the Universe. None of us think that, afaics. Dawkins is interesting, and I probably agree with much of what he says, but I don't like the way he presents it.. and/or stone them etc in certain circumstances... Probably would have been best if you explained which religion/s it was that required forced conversion, death etc. Because those 3 sentences read in sequence reads as if us atheists are those doing the 'requiring'... I'm guessing that's not quite what you were implying.. Me, I think my ATHEIST version / message of Love, Hope and Peace is much stronger/fairer than that from Christianity as it has no provisos...(I guess we could cross out large parts of the bible as "no longer applies"... ) Ah well, one day we may grow out of all of this..
  14. Or Trump's behavior has been so obvious it qualifies as blatant....eye of the beholder I suppose.
  15. Today
  16. Thanks, I will. Care to join me? It might help your anxiety problem. You know, where you're anxious to defend Trump at all costs? Hank
  17. That is interesting. I hope to see more such come from Dawkins. He's held up here at UM by so many and enshrined by them as flawless, that I wonder if they will turn on him? I've "preached" this a long time. What religion would people rather have here on Earth? A religion that is supposed to love thy neighbor, or one that take the neighbor and required forced conversion, death, or enslavement? Christianity is a religion that is supposed to be about Love, Hope, Peace. Taught correctly that would be better even then atheism.
  18. True, but I don't only care about American lives. Of course if forced to attack I would choose this method to save American lives but if done so preemptively I would consider it mass murder - just like I do what we did in Iraq, Syria and Libya.
  19. I don't watch t.v. I prefer real information, not regurgitated tripe like Faux News et al. Just me and Mr. Tablet. Hank
  20. Smoke another one
  21. Yeah its hard to be upset about being canned when you've gone against the will of the boss publicly.
  22. Cruise missiles. Drones. Ships offshore. There is very little necessity to put troops on the ground in order to devastate a enemy nation. That said, I don't believe in going to war just for going to war. If Iran floats a ship over to the mainland US and invades Savannah Georgia, then I'm all in favor.
  23. I like that quote: "I don't care what the Iranians want" Lol The USA holds the cards. You're freaking over something that's not gna happen
  24. Man read the links in the OP, Bolton is all about war with Iran. (among others)
  25. The more intelligent among them have understood this for quite awhile. That's why Herr Mueller is building his "obstruction" case. Ultimately, the only one who will cause Trump to fall will be Trump. He's the only one who can alienate his base sufficiently to make himself vulnerable to Republicans.
  26. Yes, and they're all princes of Saudi Arabia. And conservatives of course. Hank
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