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  2. RoofGardener

    The mummy overlord is back

    Give that man a hand
  3. Atlantis is not in Spain, and definitely not in Greenland. Spain may seem to meet a couple of plausible descriptions, whereas Greenland is totally outside Plato's thoughts and details. If anyone here wants to argue that it's just an allegory used by Plato, then they should make the case for the allegory. Counterarguments to any proposed physical location should strictly be based on the physical descriptions detailed by Plato. And regardless of what Jaylemurph alleges, Its not a "look at me" when I state that the only place Atlantis can be is the Americas, and further, not in Plato's past, but in Plato's future.The wide and tall wall that prevents one from entertaining this very possible hypothesis is the non acceptance of the supernatural. Further, if not the supernatural, then it's a high wall of the non acceptance of other worldly beings, who have mastered time and time travel, since one or the other of these two walls must be mounted, to give the hypothesis any fair way ahead in reaching the very truth of Plato''s Atlantis. Atlantis, besides being a real place, It's an allegory alright, but not the allegory which the recent academic world usually proposes. And although the hypothesis is easily ridiculed by those that have little or no faith in the supernatural, nor in the possibility that other worldly beings have conquered space and time, it does not negate the truth at all. Understanding Plato's embedded clues and time-based descriptions is not for everyone. Finding Atlantis in Plato's future is really a proof of the existence of the soul and the reincarnations it goes through. Laugh, if you choose, but that is it, in a nutshell. The story of Atlantis was left incomplete to prove that very thing. The material physical world is not reality. The soul and the kingdom of its dwelling is the real world, the one outside the cave. And needless to say, in essence, we are not the body, but the soul within the body, each and everyone of us.
  4. Harte

    Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    On what do you base this? You do realize what the topic was when he made that statement, right? I disagree with this. I believe it has won him votes. The waiting game is a loser. Remember the last election when he couldn't possibly win? The other side hasn't even begun to think about why that happened. That is a serious mistake on their part. Harte
  5. Ford truck.... Could be a sick joke. One of Chevy enthusiast acronym's for FORD is Found On the Road Dead.
  6. Rlyeh

    gyroscope setup for amateurs

    The same cat the you experimented with by blowing a fan into it's ears?
  7. Not the question of how there is a "system" within which rational processes can be applied. They are subsidiary.
  8. Sorry, both effects have been observed several hundred times. The time distortion is in constant observation and has been for over a decade. Whether General Relativity is the actual answer as to why is not known. What IS known is that General Relativity predicted both effects long before they were observed and GR's predictions match precisely those observations to the limits of our means to observe them. Harte
  9. Do you know what makes even less sense, aliens flying lightyears through the many dangers of interstellar space only to come here "pee in the snow" and then play hide and seak with the locals.
  10. How many of the experiences have been done under controlled circumstances? 100's? 1000's? How many of these stories have been told after the fact? How many are false/fabricated memories?
  11. Impedancer


    The best swedish band ever.

  12. Thats your response? I gave you facts so I suppose I probably did, thanks
  13. Yeah I dont know you , maybe you make the same argument for all mass killings, so this is more of a general statement than one pointed directly at you but.....I find it very interesting that from the right wing perspective evil disappears from the world when discussing mass shootings. Are mental health issues involved? Of course. Are they the cause or the primary factor? IDK but I think shifting the narrative in that direction and painting these events as unavoidable acts of nature will only do more harm to the nation and the 2nd amendment in the long run. Yeah dude im pro second amendment. Im also willing to call a spade a spade and our gun culture is ****ed up to the point of mockability and needs to be fixed desperately. If its not, from within, eventually our society will simply vote it away. Just last year there were 4 legitimate school shooting threats at my kids school and each kid had access to an AR-15 (wait maybe it was 3 out of 4). Telling me its just a few bad apples makes me want to punch you in the gut. Now take a second and put yourself in the shoes of someone who has actually lost a loved one. Do you think your rant above will be persuasive? I grew up using guns was in fact an NRA member for years and your argument is absurdly shallow to me . How do you think it looks to the hundreds of millions of Americans who havent spent their entire lives around firearms? Throwing a tantrum and pointing fingers at everything as the culprit except the easy availability of high capacity weapons is simply creating the future you are trying to prevent.
  14. onlookerofmayhem

    The mummy overlord is back

    All the best with your recovery.
  15. You sound like a CNN reporter
  16. Impedancer

    Trump wants the US to buy Greenland

    i'll take two :-D
  17. XenoFish

    Defining God/s.

    God is an idea. So god is whatever people wish it to be.
  18. Kinda like with ghosts.... You do believe in ghosts dont you?!
  19. Harte

    The mummy overlord is back

    It's a magnificent piece of modern literature that took me months to pen. Hope it's not too long and too dry for you: link. Harte
  20. So for extra credit, why do these people exhibiting no brain activity generally have OoBEs? LINK It all seems weirdly specific, for a brain that has stopped working and should be dead.
  21. We're talking about eternity. If you can conceptualize it, you can reason it. If you can't think about questions from a reasonable, rational, and logical perspective then you might as well not think or question anything. The only thing left for those who can't/won't question is a fantasy world.
  22. Alchopwn

    The mummy overlord is back

    We rejoice at the return of our Pharaoh of old.
  23. And? Wouldn't it be reasonably to think that a memory would have formed as the brain is shutting down, and being brought back would simply "reboot" the brain? Like turning off a computer. Unless there is brain damage of course.
  24. Think about what rational thought involves, it deals in the relationships between elements within a system, and is ultimately mute regarding the existence of the overall system. The etymology of the word is clear, but somewhere a long the line, people have come to imagine that rational thinking, is right thinking, and universally so. Not so, not for this question,
  25. Some actual facts: https://fee.org/articles/mass-shootings-arent-becoming-more-common-and-evidence-contradicts-stereotypes-about-the-shooters/ https://fee.org/articles/the-myth-that-the-us-leads-the-world-in-mass-shootings/
  26. I like to drink. I even like Glenfiddich Whiskey. However even on epic benders where I have wound up in unincorporated trailer parks 2 days later I have never been so drunk that I have hallucinated. I find this disappointing. Where are my alotment of pink elephants?
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