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  2. Mankind

    Build a ecosystem that works for us. Not try to repair the one that's damaged beyond.
  3. What are you playing right now?

    This is exciting news
  4. Religion versus Fiction

    That just makes you sound like a dog, DDD. And all dogs are loveable.
  5. Religion versus Fiction

    Of course, published fiction is acknowledged as fiction. To reposition my idea once again -- religion, particularly in today's jaded and over-educated world, is asking _so_ much of prospective believers. It always blows my mind that any new Christian doesn't just google the nigh forensic account of the historical Jesus as researched by Barbara Thiering and just say, "Ah, well". That suggests to me that, deep down, all anyone really cares about is a compelling story, something to inspire their imagination. Fiction is designed to take us out of our regular worlds; religion develops as a byproduct. My contention is, _that's_ the thing that allows religions to exist, not because of something the Pope or an evangelical, dogmatic family says. And if that's the case, why _wouldn't_ an atheist then choose to engage with religion at its roots --in the concept of fiction itself, all fiction everywhere? So much of today's fiction has a religious aspect, from beloved franchises like Star Wars and Game of Thrones to under-the-radar cultural smashes like True Detective and The Leftovers. Who's to say the writers of these things weren't using the religious aspect for exactly the same low-brow or manipulative purposes as religion proper? Because they aren't asking anything from us (apart from viewing figures?) Religion doesn't ask anything of us, either, no more than we're willing to give, and even if we _do_ give it ...it must be ...because we're gullible? The thing is, I, personally,think it's uncool to accuse _anyone_ of being gullible, so ...probably best no to discuss it at all. What do you think? But yeah. This is exactly what I'm saying. 'Suspension of disbelief' has always traditionally been used to refer to fiction ...but then, it's still just shoe-horning, necessary to assimilate someone else's ideas into your own. Poor auld Pope Francis. Is he the one that looks like Jim Bowen? Well, D56, there's the whole of 'The God Delusion' for a start. And _a lot_ of Youtube videos. But the atheism you describe sounds very cool, and liberal, admittedly.
  6. Don't wanna p*** on your parade, but, just in case "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you" (Matthew 17:20). There are no faithfuls....
  7. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    Heres an interesting piece (imo, obviously).. Fast-forward more than a decade after Hersh's predictions, and a bloody proxy war for Syria that has tragically taken half-a-million lives out of which Assad and his Hezbollah and Iranian allies have emerged victorious, the Washington neocons' worst nightmare has come true. A literal new land bridge establishing an international highway that runs all the way from Tehran to Beirut is now under construction, just released satellite images reveal. At the end of a month that's nearly witnessed directly military confrontation between the US and Iran, with a continuous war of words and American military build-up in the Persian Gulf, the White House has ordered a fresh deployment of 1,500 troops to the Middle East to monitor Iran's actions, according to Pentagon statements. No doubt these new ground forces will take note of any potential Iranian troop or proxy militia movements through Iran into Syria. Beirut-based Al-Masdar News provides the following details of the newly released satellite images as follows: The Israel-based Image Satellite International company released a new satellite image showing the construction of a land bridge between Syria and Iraq. Based on the image, the construction is taking place between the Syrian border city of Albukamal and the Iraqi border city of Al-Qa’im. This border is controlled by Hashd Al-Sha’abi (Popular Mobilization Units) on the Iraqi side, and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on the Syrian side. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-25/satellite-photos-reveal-irans-land-bridge-tehran-mediterranean
  8. Just because a man got a woman pregnant doesn't give him domain over her. Plenty of domestic abusers use coersion to get their girlfriend or wife pregnant to keep control over them. A fertilized egg isn't a human being. And asking women who are carrying hopeless pregnancies to stay pregnant because the Pope thinks it's better is insane. Imagine a mother finding out her fetus is doomed and going through her day having people ask if it's a boy or a girl, or when are you due with smiles on their faces. It's torture. It's why we need to leave grieving women alone and let them decide if they want to terminate for fatal defects.
  9. What does sperm have to do with abortion? A sperm cell can't grow into a baby like a fertilized ovum can.
  10. Pixies - Gouge Away Old farts, nevertheless...
  11. Banned CFCs traced to China

    That's unfortunate. No doubt the issue isn't over then.
  12. Abortion exceptions

    It would probably be closer to the truth to say that they know but the numbers reflect poorly so it isn't disseminated- kinda like the civilian death toll in our middle east conflicts. There is political capital to be had on both sides of the abortion issue. They don't really want to diminish it's importance with something as trivial as the stats on the actual fate of the kids. Here is a quick google: https://adoptionnetwork.com/adoption-statistics Average age of child waiting to be adopted: 8 years old. Average race: Black Majority sex: Male 428,000 in Foster Care with only 135,000 adopted every year. (Compare that with the number of abortions each year and either this system collapses or 10x as many people need to step up and start adopting.)
  13. Religion versus Fiction

    I wish we had an angry face response button. Grrrrr.!
  14. Mankind

    Eh, 50/50. It existed, We allowed it to grow.
  15. Mankind

    By default nothing is sacred, sacredness is a human concept, a value. Every dies.
  16. Mankind

    And your solution to this is.... what?
  17. Mankind

    Agreed, but to be fair, those Europeans had no concept of pathogens. True, they knew about diseases, but most had no idea how those diseases spread.
  18. Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency

    The irony is that the reason why they made it so that you couldn't file for asylum at the embassy in the home country was that it was too easy and too many were applying- that and places like Syria and the like often had no accessible US embassy at all.
  19. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    This is what WAR does with regular Americans, not even touching upon the financial cost of the American taxpayer, and not even touching upon the suffering incurred in the nations they 'intervene' in (based on deceit).. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-26/army-virtue-tweet-backfires-1000s-expose-heartbreaking-horrors-war ..Funny how most ardent warmongers are boastful, deceitful (and boasting about being deceitful like Pompeo) chickenhawks who never served in a war a single second in their lives.
  20. Mankind

    With the word "sacred", I refer to sanctity in either a religious or moral sense (not necessarily one and the same thing). Something that perhaps I should have clarified is that also what is "sacred" and what is "sacrilegious" are also attributes administered by man. In that sense - if all life is sacred - it is sacrilegious to eliminate dangerous viruses - and here it is quite obvious who it is that decides, or better to say has the arrogance to decide, what is "dangerous and for whom". In this sense, our choice to take e.g. antibiotics to cure ourselves of a disease that would otherwise kill us - is our advantage over bacteria. Many things that we do give us an advantage. However, an advantage has nothing to do with right and wrong or good and bad. Such is nature - survival of one comes at the expense of another. If no life is sacred and all life is sacred - the purpose of sanctity itself is defeated, and then at least perhaps we can discuss all life on equal footing without discrimination and hypocrisy. My main point here is to dethrone man from a position where he has no rule at all - the throne of nature.
  21. Mankind

    Most of them came from us doing the wrong thing or failing to do the right one. Hence the term "zoonotic". North America didn't have any dangerous pathogens until the Europeans brought them over because they keep animals in close quarters and didn't try to solve a rat or human waste problem. So you can consider them "caused by man's stupidity" Not a "product of nature".
  22. "UFO experts" / "testimonials" / "sightings" / "witnesses"
  23. I have repeatedly. But fine. I don't care anymore.
  24. Students protest climate change inaction

    Silly. Go to school and eventually figure out productive ways to fix the issue rather than skiving off.
  25. UK cladding tests "almost certain to fail"

    The problem seem so be solely the cost of re-cladding the buildings. According to the news one private home homeowner in a tower block (likely in an ex-council flat) was quote £80,000 as her share of the cost of re-cladding the block. I don't know whether they're were on about simply removing the old cladding (leaving it a colder building) or re-cladding it with new flame retardant cladding in terms of the £80k quote.
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