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  2. Doing God's will.

    I think that's what's at the root of our apparent failure to communicate. But not really. I understand what you're looking for as evidence but I see the evidence as looking for me. No. No. Why you ask? Because that's my decision. Just like it's my decision to believe what I believe.
  3. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    Nah. If we did that, the wall might get blown up or knocked down by tanks. Best to run back to the other side so the wall can do it's job.
  4. Yeah the first archaeological book I read was his, Aku Aku, he had his good points but he was pretty much wrong about everything. His museum in Oslo is great!
  5. I don't believe you

  6. Doing God's will.

    All that we can ever experience is what is created in our brains, sadly. Truth, even regarding our mundane existence might always elude us. For the same reason, we can only believe what our brains find believable.
  7. I don't believe you

    135 thousand is the total figure for all adoptions, is it not ? The only relevant figure is newborn adoptions. The difficulty of adoption is simply a reflection of mass terminations, rather than going to term. In the 60's abortion was very difficult to obtain, and some poor single teenage girl, had little option.
  8. Doing God's will.

    Now you're mixing Hindu beliefs in. What's next? Mein Kampf?
  9. Doing God's will.

    I like some of the hymns, not too shabby for an atheist. Some of the more beautiful music I have heard, has had no music, just chanting monks. Hauntingly beautiful, at times some sort of harmonic seems to create an extra sound from somewhere.
  10. I don't believe you

    135 thousand, I personally know several people who have adopted successfully. I am sorry to hear it is so difficult to adopt in Australia, why is this?
  11. Weird lucid dream state to reality.

    before i jump and say all was a dream i was gonna say you might have sleep walked the receipt moving but hum, you would still be sleeping, ive personally had sleeping problems basically my entire life and while i dont believe thst why myself i do see how some people subscribe things like alien abduction and out of body to it, the mind, sleeping one area that all kinds of weirdness happens, i went thru a spell many years back, i was a sleep but thought i was waking, my hands felt just like 2 balloons, yeah, like in the pink floyd song, mine felt like they were growing huge, i would startle awake and my hands were of course normal. i hear loud bells, noises etc a lot while asleep i know its only in my mind as neither tina or any pets react, but its real to me.
  12. Doing God's will.

    It's ok to eat them, as they eat us too......In the reincarnation game, with Karma as the law, we all take turns at being someone's else food.
  13. Doing God's will.

    You are close to the truth......we are all dreaming we are alive, whether butterflies or humans...just dreams.
  14. Doing God's will.

  15. Why Is There So Much Mass Violence?

    Not all of them. It may be naïve of me, but I do see good in many people. But we tend to allow the misguided ones to grab all the notoriety.
  16. So far cool heads. Now what happens if more incidents happen eh?!?!
  17. I don't believe you

    It certainly does not fit the narrative of a woman who has decided to adopt, to be bonding with the baby, simple ! Your agenda seems to be to contradict me at all times, which does not worry me in the least.
  18. And those very books we discussed still sit over my head.
  19. Doing God's will.

    That's where the problem lies.....one cannot truly understand one without the other.
  20. Doing God's will.

    Gee, and I thought the golden rule, as quoted by Confucius, was "Treat others as you would have them treat you". Also co-opted by Jesus as "Do unto others, as you would have done to you". But Petty apparently resides in a different reality that the rest of us, where joyful want-to -be parents wait at the hospital for newborns to adopt, and all things are solved by a god who walks amongst men.
  21. Doing God's will.

    A true child prodigy...a musical genius. I have heard that he could listen to a long composition once and then reproduce it from memory without any omissions. Mozart was definitely inspired by God. He played so well that God took him back much too soon. The Barber of Seville and Don Giovanni are on my list of favorite operas. He was doing God's will, musically. “The miracle which God let be born in Salzburg” was Leopold’s description of his son, and he was keenly conscious of his duty to God, as he saw it, to draw the miracle to the notice of the world (and incidentally to profit from doing so) Can we even imagine a world without music?
  22. I don't believe you

    As I understand it, overseas adoptions have also dropped somewhat, but for some time has been about the only option.
  23. I saw the term "Great White Gods" in a review and said "OK, I'm done".
  24. Trump Wanted To Put Migrants In Sanctuary Cit

    This is an outrage and an act of war! President Trump should command the American military to retaliate IMMEDIATELY!!!!! https://www.yahoo.com/news/mexico-draws-weapons-american-soldiers-122737712.html
  25. Why Is There So Much Mass Violence?

    I Know. I have friends from Northern Ireland who lived through the Troubles. I have a Muslim Croat friend from Sarajevo who survived the siege. People suck!
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