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  2. skookum

    Should all British police officers be armed?

    I think the time is coming when the option should be given to officers on an individual basis with training. I think the British public are force feed terrible scenes recorded from the US were excessive force by use of armed police is deemed as routine. Accross Europe the police are routinely armed and we don't see the same scenes. This is most likely as they don't have the gun culture which is the USA's major issue. I believe we could routinely arm the Police and not get the bloodbath predicted. There are definitely cases of terrorism and general lunatics that may have well been stopped or ended early by police who were on scene but not adequately armed. Of course we will never know now for sure.
  3. I like to peruse youtube now and again and I came across a whole load of videos on Flat Earth and a place called Tartaria, which is now Russia apparently. What people are alleging is that the history of the world has been altered so that it looks like there was no such place or empire and that Tartaria never existed. However there was, according to these videos, a large area of land in what is now Russia, and a huge part of North America which was populated by giants. These giants are Tartarians. They were said to be as tall as 2 and half miles high. Really? They are also saying that Greco Roman architecture came from Tartaria and not from the Roman Empire as we are told in our history books. If its true it turns everything on its head. I don't know about the whole flat Earth thing though I mean... that would mean that the arctic and the antarctic might be the same land. They are also saying that a mud flood buried half the buildings the Tartarians built and the reason a lot of them have huge doors and ceilings is because the people using them were much taller than us. I kind of thought the parts of the buildings underground were foundations and that they built big in order to be grandiose and show off a bit and over awe people. What do you all think of it?
  4. stevewinn

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    getting on like a house of fire. Biggest NEWS of ALL. suck it up democracy deniers.
  5. Gromdor

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    You know, that is exactly what the Democrats are pushing for in the Red Flag Law. Unfortunately since the second amendment is a right, it means that all people are entitled to it- even the blind and insane. So the NRA and gun rights activists are unyielding on the issue- because of slippery slope, a right is a right, yada, yada.
  6. Habitat

    What is the point of Spirituality?

    Interesting thought. These are indeed arbitrary concepts of convenience, a seamless reality has only the appearance of them.
  7. The Wistman

    {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    the highest dead stalk what goes up must come down - old yews watch, secretive
  8. XenoFish

    What is the point of Spirituality?

    I don't know. From the video it appeared that spirituality is more about 'one-ness' whatever that really means, God appeared to be an afterthought.
  9. lightly

    What is the point of Spirituality?

    i'm starting to wonder if beginnings and endings are nothing more than concepts. Misconceptions actually. Does the Universe need concepts?
  10. XenoFish

    Mega disaster rocking end July or on August

    Can we safely assume that these predictions are false? Yes/No
  11. XenoFish


    This is definitely a 'sit on the porch morning'.

  12. Who forced you to post this? Secondly, Never say your sorry...it's a sign of weakness.
  13. Damm, l knew that l shouldn't have launched then?
  14. Does the Universe exist if no one is around to view it? The answer...just like 'the tree falling in the woods'...it does. But the wonders and magnitude of the universe can only be accessed through the avenue of Life. If there is no Life to view the universe, it still exists...but it doesn't make a 'sound'. The greatest mystery of all is: The Beginning of the Universe. That question only became relative when a Life Form asked it. Spirituality is the answer to that question. The majority of people believe in God of some sort because of that one question. Everything that the universe is, seen and unseen, is very real. Spirituality is all mental. Therefore it only exists inside the Life Forms thoughts. It isn't real otherwise. It is an attempt to understand the unknowable.
  15. Two pieces of fluorescent cardboard on an oil drum, and waving the camera about, pretty much covers it.
  16. XenoFish

    What are you playing right now?

    For myself it's nostalgia. I used to own a turbografix. I got a nes mini (I recommend it) and a PlayStation mini (I don't recommend it).
  17. Today
  18. I don't think it a spider web as it clearly looks like a person walking into the room. The little orbs moving around, that could possibly be an insect but I think whole thing is fake.
  19. I figure if he eats some chilly and lights a match the problem would be gone?
  20. What was his contribution that makes him a true friend?
  21. RoofGardener

    Iran has seized a British oil tanker

    That is a very nasty comment, @Sir Smoke aLot, and you should be ashamed. The children where playing near a known HAMAS weapons dump. It was a tragic accident, not a deliberate act. What on earth are you talking about, @Sir Smoke aLot ? Some Israeli's where allowed into the compound.. THEIR compound... as part of the celebrations for the liberation of Jerusalem from Jordanian control. They where escorted. They behaved respectuflly and did NOT enter the mosque itself.
  22. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    SEVEN days of chaos!!

  23. Truthseeker007

    What are you playing right now?

    Looks cool Xeno but what is so great about it?
  24. I thought Barbara Walters was dead. Isn't she?lol!
  25. psyche101

    New Zealanders hand over guns in Christchurch

    Who are they and what might they get carried away with? You surely aren't talking about the New Zealand government here?
  26. psyche101

    New Zealanders hand over guns in Christchurch

    No he is not. He is trying something. He is trying to better a situation. Whether his idea is good or not doesn't matter. Its got focus on the subject.
  27. RAyMO

    Boris Johnson to become PM

    Speaking alongside Trump, his [Boris Johnson's] language was more conciliatory, however. “I congratulate the president on everything the American economy is achieving. It’s fantastic to see that. “But just to register a faint, sheeplike note of our view on the trade war – we are in favour of trade peace on the whole,” How the mighty have fallen.
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