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  2. and how much of it was remotely serious enough to warrant a Special Investigation and the very head of the FBI being involved and millions of taxpayers' dollars being spent on it for years? Those were all things that any competent judge could have handled.
  3. Nice to put a face to the name
  4. The "indictment", if you can dignify it by calling it that, is really very funny. Excerpts from it here , but here's one highlight: Exchanged an intelligence report regarding the trip! "So here I am, where's that, Comrade Aleksandra? "Oh, probably the Grand Canyon, honey, it's hard to tell because my finger's over the lens, I'm afraid I'm never any good at taking selfies". "But here, look! Here am I in New York! And that in the background might possibly be the Trump Tower." At this point the Grand Inquisitor, Brother Mueller, stands up and points a tremulous finger. "See? They had contact with Trump! This is all the proof we need! To the dungeons with them!" "But they are in Moscow, under the protective wing of their reviled leader, O Grand Master", protests a minion. "Very well! To the dungeons with Trump! Some Shadowy Russians once took a selfie of themselves with a what might possibly be a building owned by him in the background! Put him to the Inquisition!"
  5. Oh thats how it it? The last joke I ever remember taking offence to was about the smell of Jews being gassed/burnt in Auschwitz.... perhaps thats OK with you too? or....Oh its just seeder having a wobble? Joking about the smell of Jews burning.....was JUST me misreading posts? Perhaps I shall invite read some...very particular....posts of yours... some of us have standards..... and YOU.....are supposed to be a who has rapidly lost my respect...
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  7. A little detail usually means a little detail, unless they mean a little detail on the light??? As for the rest, l find it ironic that individuals who don't believe in what this site is all about, (proving that UFO's are real, and ghosts, etc) either crack the s***ts or attack the messanger when one of proven. This site isn't here for a small army of rapid deniers to scare, bully, intimidate, discredit and p***off anyone trying to show something is true, it is here for the opposite reason.
  8. Vlad the Mighty

    Every Dollar, Pound and Euro you send us helps us reach more people and to continue to shed light on the social-political issues of our time.

    So please, give with great generosity. ^_^

  9. The first name of Richard Dawkins, the well known all-purpose expert, is actually Clinton. Clinton Richard Dawkins FRS FRSL (born 26 March 1941) is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist and author.
  10. If they rather follow the rules of their imaginary friend I say send them to prison.
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, I am not Roman Catholic so limited in my knowledge of it, but where in the bible does it say that priests should hear confession and preserve anonymity of the confessor? This law is man made by the church, probably to ensure the sale of indulgences or whatever they were called, where you could pay to have all your sins absolved. Something along those lines and was commonplace in earlier times. Not sure if it is still done now. The greater the reassurance that your sins would not be divulged to earthly policing the more money they would take in.
  12. Surely this is proof of collusion with Ukraine, which is hardly going to be anxious to promote Russian interests is it? Just the opposite if anything.
  13. heck of a lot if so....isnt it?
  14. confused? How come? I think my position is fairly clear. The whole thing's a completely manufactured witchhunt, which relies on totally tenuous insinuations and guilt by association. There, I think that's reasonably clear, isn't it? Not to say that I believe the sun shines out of Trump, er, hairpiece, there's many things you could perfectly legitimately criticize him for, but this whole "scandal" was, my personal opinion is, concocted by the losing party to give them an excuse and avoid having to face the obvious.
  15. Bolded: no pilots can make mistakes but in this case there is scientific proof to back up what the pilot saw. Red: well this craft was recorded. and your point is what? if it moves like a duck, acts like a duck and quacks like one... its a duck!
  16. It is the very same thing imo. If the rights of a victim over rule everything else and confidentiality, then it applies to both, surely?
  17. because it's straight out of Sen. McCarthy's witchhunting handbook. Don't you see that? "You once met some Russians, who may have been Shadowy. You are consequently guilty of Un-American Activities. Take him away!".
  18. special in the sense that the U.S. are world leaders in aerospace and technology. they have resources and methods of analytical detection second to none. they had a pilot eyewitness... a radar and camera recording to prove it. now if the aircraft is employing aerodynamics beyond those we have then what other conclusion can be made?
  19. Indeed, it's been shown pretty conclusively that the "Steele Dossier", for one, was almost certainly a Ukrainian propaganda operation.
  20. What substance do you post? Just the latest gossip about some absurd "Shadowy Russians" who may or may not have once posted something on facebook. And you say others have no substance?! You're about the only one keeping this ridiculous affair going.
  21. Actually, their agendas are not the same. Turkey's real enemy are the Kurds who being of Persian origin are ethnically different from Turks (as well as Arabs), although they are Sunni as most Turks. More than religious its a struggle between ethnicities. Turkey fears the creation of a Kurdistan on it's border and 20 million Kurds occupying large chunks of it's Anatolian region within it's border. For Turkey, what happens in Syria with the Assad regime is low on its agenda while a US/Kurdish alliance against Assad is high on the US' agenda and endangers Turkish interests.
  22. True, thankfully they only see statuses you post.
  23. well friends I understood. followers? just strange. We used to be able to be asked and approve and then you had a friend, easy to talk with or mail to. Here they do not even have to ask. Kinda twittery I guess.
  24. So I thought I would give you some of the CORRECT pyramid texts. These are only a few - I could lumber you with many of them. But these few will serve to show that you have gone astray in thinking the Faulkner text was one single text and that you had the latest understanding. (pyramid of Unas) Osiris Unis, accept Horus’s white teeth, which provide your mouth. (pyramid of Pepi I): ."I am Nut, the Granary. I will wipe the mouth of Osiris Pepi" (pyramid of Pepi I) ". Osiris, you should embrace them: there is none [of them] who will be away from you. Father Osiris Pepi, accept, let your throat breathe from them. Don’t [you] let [loose of] them, and come to your proper condition" "Green light over the Great Pyramid" just looks silly in these contexts (teeth in a green light? Green light with a mouth? (there's many more examples) Or for the word, "King" (pyramid of Pepi I) The mistress of contentment will be in festival for Pepi, for Pepi has come to stand on the north of the sky with him and Pepi has acquired the Two Lands like the king of the gods\ (Pyramid of Pepi I) Turn yourself and see this serving that the king has made for you, that Foremost of Westerners has made for you, that you might go to yonder gods, the northern Imperishable Stars. (pyramid of Pepi II) This Osiris Pepi Neferkare is the eldest son of Geb and] Nut. This Pepi Neferkare is Osiris, whom [Geb] bore [that he might make] him Dual King in his every insignia. Sons of Horus: (pyramid of Merenre) O, Hapi, Imseti, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuef! Fetch for Nemtiemzaf Merenre that Khnum-made boat that is in that Canal of the Goose. (pyramid of Merenre) For Nemtiemzaf Merenre is one of those four gods—Imseti, Hapi, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuef—who live on Maat and lean on their electrum staves, the watchmen of the Nile-Valley land. (pyramid of Pepi II) Those four royal property attendants of this Pepi Neferkare—Imseti, Hapi, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuef, Horus of Letopolis’s progeny—have stood up, that they might bind a rope-ladder for this Pepi Neferkare and make firm a ladder for Pepi Neferkare, and elevate Pepi Neferkare to the Beetle when he comes into being in the eastern side of the sky. Throne: (pyramid of Neith) You shall lead the perfect ones and govern the westerners, for you are an akh of great strength who lands for yourself at the causeway to every place you wish to be. Neith, you shall exercise control there, for the god has [commanded] that you save yourself from the claim of your opponent, Neith; for you are the one Osiris has placed on his throne that you might lead the westerners and become akh at the fore of the gods (pyramid of Pepi II) Oh, Pepi Neferkare, you are a great one’s son. You shall become clean in the Duat lake and receive your throne in the Marsh of Reeds. (pyramid of Neith) . You shall sit on your metal throne and render judgment with the Dual Ennead. Serpent (also "snake"): (Pyramid of Teti) Fetch Teti to your side, and he will light a lamp for you and guard you like Nu’s guarding of those four serpent goddesses on the day they guarded the chair—Isis, Nephthys, Neith, and She who Aspirates Throats. (Pyramid of Unis) Unis is one who eats people and lives on gods, one who has fetchers and sends off dispatches. Grasper of Forelocks in the kettle is the one who lassoes them for Unis; Serpent with Sweeping Head is the one who guards them for him and bars them for him; Pyramid of Unis) You are one whom the attacker attacked, you snake whose attack has missed. Your aggression is for your aggressor, you snake whose attack has missed. (Pyramid of Unis) Mafdet will jump on the neck of the snake who brings his gift, and again on the neck of the snake with sweeping head. Which is the one who will remain? Unis is the one who will remain "Lotus" does not appear in the pyramid texts though it does in the later Coffin texts. So... there's many more of these examples. While these individual verses may not make sense to you, when you see them in context (each within its own pyramid and placed on significant walls), they make perfect sense. Your re-interpretations don't. And as I indicated, there are well over 200 more examples of this and your re-interpretation fails on them.
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