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  2. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Habitat this is science, if you disagree you must provide something else from science to negate this. Hell, I am open to it, too. You don’t offer anything but angry Stewie outbursts.
  3. The part concerning the an inquiry concerning the deaths of astronauts is what I remember.
  4. Atheism is incompatible with science

    I said there is no science to say it doesn't, only a crackpot would make that claim, but I have my own experience to say it does, good enough for me, of course not good enough for anyone else, but to be drawing conclusions in the negative, is just a commentary on the person "bold" enough to do that, and it is a very unflattering commentary at that. If you can't see that, you are lost.
  5. {un}holy haiku - 3rd Edition

    casfs purple Shadows Night outside perfect as cats not afraid of selves
  6. The truth sounds so much better, doesn't it.
  7. One aspect that is never mentioned is the G in the PGF. I believe at the time Bob Gimlin was a known tracker and it is difficult to believe that Roger Patterson, knowing Bob, would think he could fool Bob with fake feet. I can't speak to the casts. But Bob Gimlin would have seen the actual prints after being freshly laid and would have been able to recognize a fake print (and probably a man in a suit) fairly quickly. My understanding is he was not part of nor involved in the inital activity by Patterson and DeAtley of the film, marketing showings and such. Seems he would not have much of a reason to cover a hoax and actually could stand to gain quite a bit financially from a debunker story. Everyone is gone now, wouldn't hurt a thing. So it seems he believes what he saw. Locomotion - It is logical that bipedal species would locomotor (if that's a word) in a similar fashion having evolved to move as efficiently as possible given their specific body types. Just google videos of various quadrupedal African felids striding. So the locomotion should look natural and real/fluid. A suit - who knows, that is why the debate still rages after 52 years. One interesting point brought to my attention was the head turn. The head turn exibits Gorilla type motion because of where the spine would enter the skull. The spine is in this position, forcing the jaw wider and lower, because of the way a gorilla walks and the skull structure with large sagital crest and accompanying muscles. In order for a gorilla to turn its head around as we see in the PGF, at a certain point it contacts the shoulder forcing an upper chest rotation to continue to looking farther around. This can be seen on videos. This argument stated that a fully bi-pedal animal would not have a need for the spine to be in that "gorilla" position but instead should be as in humans who do not need to rotate the upper chest to look that far around. Personally i feel too many assumptions are made here as we have no good data to reference, but i like the argument because it was a sound criticism. Now throw on that monkey suit with some padding for effect, put on some homemade 2x6 feet about half a size bigger than your foot at least and head on out to the woods, start walking like that and turn around like that and then keep walking. See if you trip, fall down or not and how many takes you need to get it right like in the film. Anyone ever tried to turn around while striding like that in snow shoes?
  8. Atheism is incompatible with science

    You don't know what survives death, and neither do I, but I do know it ain't nuthin' !
  9. Atheism is incompatible with science

    You say something might possibly exist based on no evidence and they say there is no evidence it exists. You operate on faith, hope, wishful thinking--they don't have anything to operate on leaving them no reason to support your hypothetical conclusions of what is possible--get it?
  10. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Yes, there is the death process- consciousness doesn’t survive death. You just won’t look at it.
  11. Atheism is incompatible with science

    The opposite, I observe science, and I don't try and fudge facts under the guise of science.
  12. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Of course, no way you croissant be incorrect with your direct ties to the morse code in the other side is there now, I mean that's a given isn't it how can such intelligent rebut all be ignored........ LOL
  13. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Thank you interesting link.
  14. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Exactly what I have been saying. There is no science that rules out an afterlife, if you want to claim there is, then you have your foot on the same slippery slope as "old mate"
  15. Atheism is incompatible with science

    No, College Philosophy courses.
  16. Atheism is incompatible with science

    You are jealous of Science, your beef is there,
  17. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Steady on mate. You'll pop a vessel at this rate. Conclusions based on no evidence are b ull s hit.
  18. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Your epithets are unfailingly inaccurate.
  19. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Icelanders are a unique people with a rich history and mythology. https://exemplore.com/magic/Hulduflk-Icelands-Elves-and-Hidden-People
  20. Russia probes II -- The Mueller Report

    Care to clarify that? He's been investigated for over 2 years. He made ZERO claims of executive privilege and allowed every member of his administration to sit down for hours with Mueller's thugs. He turned over every piece of paper they requested. How is that stonewalling, Sparky? After ALL OF THAT... he sees the House wanting to do it all AGAIN for the next two years and he has told them to pound sand. SCREW them and the horses they rode in on.
  21. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Is this what inspired you to move from atheism?
  22. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Conclusions based on scant evidence are not scientific, so don't try and enlist science to your anti-woo agenda, because science has bloody nothing at all to say on the subject !
  23. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Oh , you mean I can one day be just like you? All I need to do is practice self delusion and eschew the sciences? Your good for a laugh at times. Honestly, do you actually think anyone would wish to aspire to be you? Hate science, treat others rudely, and promote childish nonsense? What part of that do you see as a drawcard?
  24. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Iceland is taking the cake for me here, little people living in rocks.
  25. Atheism is incompatible with science

    All scientific conclusions are based on current information and are amendable with additional information. Got any?
  26. Atheism is incompatible with science

    Or space aliens or nessie or bigfoot, the lost continent of atlantis, astral project, supply side economics, Michael Avenatti.
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