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  2. Mr Walker

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    yep That was an early version of bluo. I often had to stir it into the copper, make sure the fire kept going, and do the heavy lifting for mum Then put the wet clothes through the hand mangle. The wash board was used first to loosen and remove the worst stains and grime.
  3. So know we've got a cross cultural expert proposing fa'afafine is justification to disregard the groundswell of female concern. "No matter how we look at it, he's a man [sic] and it's shocking this was allowed in the first place." ... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-30/transgender-athletes-in-the-pacific-under-fire/11360854 I've never heard any of my islander friends ever refer to a fa'afafine as a woman.
  4. Mr Walker

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    I don't have that idea at all Happiness comes from within so you can be just as happy, rich or poor The point being that you CAN be as happy on 50000 a year as on 500000 a year A number of surveys have shown the following Up to a certain point, where basic needs are met, people are happier with more money However after that point extra money does not confer any extra happiness or contentment, and in many cases decreases it Ie there is a median point where one has enough money to live comfortably and be happy/content. Too much or too little reduces your chance of happiness. As i said my sister is worth over 50 million dollars She seems pretty happy, but no more so than me, who is worth a few hundred thousand. She can take a canal boat on the seine, then a holiday in a villa in tuscany or attend a truffle festival in Italy, but this doesn't make her MORE happy than me. Her husband's hobby is restoring a 29 Packard gangster's car, where each wheel nut can cost $200. He will have it done from a very basic chassis, into a fully restored vehicle in about 2 years total He is happy, but no more so than when he was a mechanic or fisherman when they first married. The things which make them happiest are the same things that make me happy ie being loved, having people to love, having a purpose etc. Being connected to family, place and community. (He is a member of rotary)
  5. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    If that is true and not computer generated, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen. And must have taken an incredible amount of patience. How do you put a hat on a pigeon? That's a question worth asking. The pigeons were released by a prank organization known as P.U.T.I.N.
  6. re bolded.... but it they and you that are fixated on what is between their legs.... in modern Western culture a woman can express the masculine side of their nature and a man can express the feminine side of their nature without resorting to surgery and hormone intervention... we are not pigeon holed like we used to be... but those behind the transgender agenda are trying to push it onto another level and create faux women and faux men.. it's like an experiment using vulnerable people as the subjects... one's that might have psychological problems or depression or dissatisfaction with their life and are drawn to thinking that by changing sex everything will be ok... but it won't because... we are much more than what we have between our legs... but unless we are born hermaphrodite we are basically male or female.. it is patently ridiculous that transgenders, faux women, are allowed to participate in female sport..
  7. jypsijemini

    Hiding your Positive Qualities

    That makes me obnoxious?? Wow. I would have never seen it from that perspective before. Sure, sometimes I do get the grumpy old furk who isn't impressed by someone seeming so optimistic, positive and friendly - but that's a reflection of where he's at and the day he's having. Doesn't make me an obnoxious sAss-hole. I work in customer service and usually do the graveyard shift. It may just be the laid-back friendly Aussie culture but I get people commenting all the time on how bright, bubbly, smiley and happy I am all the time. And you know why I push myself to be like that at work? Because people walk in all foggy, on autopilot, not giving a rats sack about the other people around them - and I'll twist their arm into a conversation and get them walking out the door with a smile. Because we're humans. We're made to interact. We're social creatures. And in this day and age, people are stuck in their own sad little worlds. I like to kick the door down with a smile and invite myself in. Sure, not everyone appreciates it - but MOST do. You'd be surprised. And I'm not an insensitive kent. I read people's body language and reactions and if I can see that they're just not having a bar of me, I'll ease off and just put through their sale and gently wish them well. I'll change my tone of voice to something calmer and quieter. I'll hold off from too much meaningless yammering. I can see when people are tired or stressed. Smiles are infectious. Worse than yawns. People like it when you remember their name or how they like their coffee. Last night (midnight - dawn shift) I lost two hours because the truck drivers like my company so much they just wanted to stay and chat a while - and there were about seven of them in a row. They remember MY name. They remember my stories - because after a few times, they realise that all I do is ask them about themselves. I've had people stop talking and say, "You always ask me how I am - how are YOU doing?!" People are amazing. Crazy, weird and sometimes unbelievably frustrating - but they're also caring, thoughtful, considerate, respectful and incredible. Yin and yang, baby. We're not all meant to be little unicorns shooting rainbows out our bum freckles! There's a balance of good and bad and that's what UM has really taught me lately (there are a few really wise gems floating around here in UM cyberspace). Channel and use your anger where it's deserved and warranted. There are plenty of situations where it's the only 'right' thing to do. Sometimes kindness, understanding and forgiveness will get you nowhere and actually make the situation worse. Sometimes things and people deserve your anger. I think one of the meanings of life is to learn this - when to channel your yin energy, and when it's time for some yang. x
  8. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    he speaks a lot of sense.
  9. Habitat

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    The blue bag used to be the thing.
  10. Habitat

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    As a funny bumper sticker I once saw said, "All I want is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy "
  11. Sherapy

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    You are honest, this is a blessing.
  12. Mr Walker

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    True hicks still use a copper, wood fire, long smooth stick for stirring and mixing the clothes, and a block of bluo Bluo, keeping Australia's whites white and brights bright for more than 125 years. Bluo Laundry Additive, available at all major supermarkets in Australia
  13. Mr Walker

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    Nice one. But untrue. Unfortunately we often spend money on things we believe will bring us happiness/satisfaction, but do not. Ps isn't alimony the price one pays for peace of mind? and ears?
  14. Based on this thread and other recent ones, not so different as I'd have hoped.
  15. If you're going to plagiarise, a link is traditional. Here you go, along with the section on gender you left out: https://www.who.int/genomics/gender/en/index1.html
  16. jypsijemini

    The reality of soul

    I doubt that even if this were true, and even if real, reputable scientists were able to find proof for the supernatural, spiritual and soulful nature of life, that you'd be able to convince half of the UM community to believe it. Even if cold hard evidence, facts and proof were finally thrust in their faces - they'd still find a way to berate, insult and belittle what you're presenting. Imagine back when everybody was CERTAIN that the world was flat - and how impossible the claims would have seemed that it was anything but... It's the same here. It'll take probably an entire century to get most people to accept it if it could ever be undoubtedly, completely proven by science. Think of all the religions that have holes in their core belief structure and yet their followers would happily die martyrs just to defend their claims. People don't like change. And they like being wrong even LESS.
  17. Hammerclaw

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    Well, if everyone will send me some, I'll see if I can find out.
  18. Sherapy

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    I think we each have a “this is my best life ideal” and I get what’re you are coming from. For me, it is about having someone that I can love and who loves me, it is about having great relationships with my kids, it’s about being of service in a way that is personally rewarding, it is about having quality relationships. i have had personal success over and beyond what I even dreamed. For someone else this may not do it for them. I want grandchildren and daughter- in- laws, this is in the works. My sons are in serious relationships it is really a matter of time. I have it all. For me, money enhances these things and I will say I am incredibly grateful for what I do have and the things I can do especially for my kids. My greatest joy is giving to my kids and other things I am involved in. Where I have grown is in gratitude.If it all went tomorrow I would only be grateful. I don’t see money as an evil.
  19. Kenemet

    Irish Origins of Civilization

    They're not old enough. They're younger than the oldest African fossils. While they might have migrated BACK.... there's no evidence that they actually migrated out of Africa.
  20. Lousy luck... imagine training and preparing for so long, then being pulled at the last minute.
  21. Jujo-jo

    Sitting up in my Sleep

    More info plz on the other strange stuff and sometimes just talking about it helps ; ) looking forward to your posts.
  22. and then

    Mass Shooting Hanau, Germany

    I totally agree, no matter WHO it is indulging in the hate.
  23. Great Old Man

    Mystery pneumonia virus probed in China

    now corona virus patients in ROK are 82 people. just one day, more than 30 people are infected. edit) more 5 people are infected, (on live report, including public servant) now 87 people
  24. All my life unusual events are always associated with me. As I get older. I pay more attention. I’ve come to the conclusion. I’m possibly affecting the weather when I’m upset. Earthquake in particular. It’s not something I try to do it just happens. At first I thought I was having glimpse in to the future. Something inside of me never believe that to be true. I always thought I was directly responsible. Last year the Month of October 2019. I was upset going through ups & downs. In my head like a picture on television I seen the earth shake and open up. I went to bed when I awaken there had been Earthquakes everywhere. If I’m not causing it. Than I’m seeing it before it happens.
  25. Today
  26. Hammerclaw

    How can Judas have betrayed Jesus?

    No, but we both can think of amounts that would upend life as we know it. Most of the time, it's a good thing. Sometimes, if one is already satisfied, the challenge is finding a new level of satisfaction.
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