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  2. Evidence is not a theory. I only give a series of evidence in one place and read what it says. Blueshift is not a question, this is a proof. Discussion of relevance to the evidence requires courage, lots of arguments. and resistance to spitting. Who wants to throw the first stone? For Big Bang read the topic here or: Their evidence (high church science) in one place yields the result: forget the Big Bang. You ask a question even though you read the evidence (official)? Review the tables again. Inflation and expansion with a blue shift? Is not it funny?
  3. 2009 - 2017 summed up quite nicely, thanks!
  4. Why didn't he add this to the list? Link
  5. Most annoying goddamn song on the whole effin' planet ^
  6. They are not a male...I say...I am indeed. The question of proof there is on me to prove that I am...and so I do. or The Being standing beside me is from the moon of Mars known on Earth as Titan. I say, prove it. You say, Prove that he isn't. See the difference?
  7. Occurrence 6 : mark 16:1 : magdy goes shopping for burial ointments, accompanied by the ever-present mary the mother of james and by our new kid on the block, salome : mother and daughters on a shopping spree, what´s more natural ? mother and daughters taking care of the burial rituals for their dead son and brother, what´s more natural ? who else was supposed to take care of this ? Thus the context too points us in the right direction : these 2 marys and salome are members of jesus´ family.
  8. My point exactly. There is no room for advancement. Therefore I would not classify it as a career. A link to where you got the information from about his career in tv and film.., and how much he has earned from this. I think you may be confusing expenses with profit? Anything with this symbol (?) is a question. I'll post them again for you. Regarding his appearances on TV..., and that he shouldn't have done this..... If he really did see something (albeit hallucination, but he is 100% certain and wants to inform people) then how else should he have gone about this? Write a book? Would that mean he would have a career in writing books? What are the rules here. Is he just meant to give one report.., then shut up? I think if I saw something like that.., I would be telling everyone too. But if the rules say no.., then I would just say it once, and never say it again. Memories over time.... I am debating the original event. No. You are using a known issue of memory over time, to dismiss events. But as mentioned.., judges, lawyers, police are all aware of this.., and have ways to work around it.., rather than simply ignoring all testimonies. Not true. Otherwise there would be no such thing as witness testimony in court.
  9. I here what you are saying Mo, However I am not saying we should dwell in the hurt inflicted on our tupuna, I just saying we need to teach it all, The good the bad an the ugly for it is siginificant....I here far too often aw that was the past, move on, forget that we need to think of the future not the past..I believe its important to acknowledge it all...Its a personal journey of emotion an our children will have to experience that journey also to know an understand it in its entirity...Hurt is enevitable on this journey Mo for it did happen an to which degree is it still happening..For im sure it still is an you are touching on some very valid issues which lead me to believe this....Well done you..
  10. Hi, are you still doing the reading here?
  11. Hello Trame, Can I get a reading too?Thank you!
  12. At least we have that in common.... There are seemingly endless variations. That is where I get most of my enjoyment from the guitar...just 'letting my fingers' go free and wonder in amazement sometimes where they do. But no matter where your fingers matter what sound comes out of that others it may seem magical...but it is real, and those of us who know...know how the sound was made. In Quantum Physics...someone may say for instance that they did a study that proved that ...reality as we know it doesn't actually exist...(I've read most of it trust me)...that reality itself wanes in and out of existence in a fraction of a nano second. It very well may....I don't know. But it doesn't change physics really at all. So, I'm skeptical. There is no skepticism when it comes to the guitar however! It just rocks!!
  13. Vlad the Mighty

    Book of the Day which I must put an order in for on Amazoin: ¡Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole by Ann Coulter. I can hardly wait! ^_^

  14. I've got to wonder if she's been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans then why did she spell it: Just saying.
  15. 5th occurrence : mark 15:47 : again as in matthew above, mary magdalene witnesses the burial of jesus, again in the company of the faithful mary of james, here obfuscated by a dust cloud of variae lectiones in the manuscripts, iose, joseph - our usual stand-ins for jesus and james. Now several manuscripts here add the word mother : mary the mother of james, thus helping us to confirm what we had suspected all along : that this mary is mother mary, the mother of james jesus judas simeon and john bap.
  16. Same here. Fila, please address the troll directly. Hopefully that will prevent any level of confusing in the future.
  17. Chicken cutlet with a side of angel hair, green beans and some Muggy's hot chocolate.
  18. Aquila King

    I almost died in the shower today.

    I slipped and my dumb ass tried to grab the water.

  19. Back before this circus was in full swing I would have taken this on point by point, at least for the first few. I now figure it’s just better to laugh. “Facts” LoL that’s a good one. More like truths left wingers can’t stand.
  20. Two of them weren't even "news". They were Tweets that weren't even published, but corrected nevertheless.
  21. I think this is a flaw in your thought process. Lets just logically... say that someone claims you are not a male - it is a negative proposition. You can drop the pants and prove that they are wrong if they are.
  22. It's been gloomy, cold and snowing off and on the last couple of days. Highs in the low 30's and lows in the low 20's.
  23. Sorry I did miss that.
  24. Excellent Analogy.. Thankyou.. Mo..xx
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