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  2. just sent you a PM... I'm prepared to beat any potential offer above and beyond your cheap asking price...
  3. Well, I didn't even consider that. Yes, we tend to play with the remote too much.
  4. Seriously? Are you now going to try and tell me and others that it wasn't YOU who said the following? As seen above you've promoted Biglino's lie, as the truth, THREE times within this very thread. This can only mean, IMO, that either you knowingly lied or you're not a competent researcher in this area. There is no other way around it. cormac
  5. Changing the channels on the remote......
  6. on the surface, i would generally agree with you. but Dutton was a former immigration minister and has alot of baggage with immigration and immigrants suffering the same fate and worse. in short, his time in the immigration ministry was one of generally not being as generous as he is being with the plight of the South African farmers, to put it mildly. this hasn't escaped the attention of other high profile Liberal party members either like Julie Bishop, who some say has a very good chance of eventually becoming an Australian Prime Minister (like a President). so those of us familiar with Australian politics are left wondering that if these farmers were black, brown, yellow or purple with red polka-dots would Dutton have made such an appeal for these immigrants when he has taken such a hardline on similar non whites.
  7. Sounds like repetitive stress, the same neuromuscular injury a lot of us men get in our wrists from doing too much... Never mind.
  8. This started a couple of weeks ago, spent all week off my lathe and jumped into it today. It seems to be the motion from following out a vessel that does it. I can lift the parts at work and do other things, but that motion causes it to ache.
  9. Please, tell me what lie I am promoting?
  10. Gees, you should probably take a break for the rest of the night, leave the poor should alone. I occasionally get wicked shoulder pains, and always in the left shoulder. I have no idea what causes them, but they make even dressing a painful chore. And then after several days, the pain disappears on its own.
  11. And you’ve been promoting a lie with Biglino’s translation. How is that any better? cormac
  12. Eh, what the heck.
  13. And take it to the psychiatrist you visit...very soon.
  14. Not great. Just trying to cut the bowl I made free tweaks it again. I'm sitting pushed up against the back of a chair and it helps.
  15. How's that shoulder doing? I keep picturing you slamming it up against the door frame. You're making a lot of noise.
  16. One should also add the non-standard sized blocks, even within each level of the 200+ layered superstructure, as well as the non-standard gaps between blocks of same. cormac
  17. Hah! I'm debating if the Kretchma is appropriate here. The band I like, Darby O'gill adds a line "Oh my goodness oh my soul, there goes alice the hole!"
  18. Goodnight. Try a cold compress or a washcloth soaked in cold water. That often helps me. Hope you feel better.
  19. Risky, if you buy this story, I've got some really exciting real estate deals -- a certain bridge in New York City and a certain well-known cliffside in South Dakota -- for you, but you'll have to PM me quickly. Offers like these don't last forever. --Jaylemurph
  20. Hope you feel better and can get some rest!
  21. Goodnight see you tomorrow
  22. College friend of mine liked to park in campus town everyday and pitched the tickets. They ended up hauling him away in zip ties (he was fat) on a bench warrant for his 117+ parking violations. In theory he could have run away to Nebraska or something and became a fugitive over it.
  23. I am no expert on Au politics but as many other refugees as they have taken in, this should be seen as simply another group. So what if it offends South Africa? If they are allowing land to be seized and people to suffer then they are no better than anyone else.
  24. Fair enough.. I totally understand why millions of folk have been murdered, burnt, genocided, etc, etc, etc, ..... Dress it up any way you like. The OT has been used to kill, rape, enslave..
  25. I better not post the alternative version of Smokies "Living next door to Alice".
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