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  2. third_eye

    Seance summons Maggie Thatcher

    Oh leave Maggie alone and go bother Sir Winston... ~
  3. Gwynbleidd

    Democrats call for Kavanaugh impeachment

    LOL I'm glad you got my sense of humour there!
  4. Since there's been some exposure and publicity ripples on this recently both in movies and books, it's easier to recommend a read like this... LINK It's a nice one... PDF format available ~
  5. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    After cruising through 4ch to see if there were any new links that someone has found, I came across this one where someone's linked an article explaining and exposing prominent members of the 110 year old Anglo-American Pilgrim Society (formed in 1909) in Epstein's little Black Book. I have never heard of this society at all, but oh my goodness, this is a rather large article that covers from the founding of this "society" and mentions a bunch of names that we already know of. One of them in particular was that SCOTUS Antonin Scalia that was found dead...... gosh they all turn up dead, don't they. I will quote a little bit so you get the gist of what this society is: It shows old newspaper clipping after newspaper clipping and more - someone has gone to a lot of trouble to find all of this and put it together. It talks about Anglophile White Supremacists (within this society): There is a whole picture of the flight logs and black book copies to show this below: The link opens a pdf document which is 47 pages long. https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/afi/2019-09-12-THE-SECRET-PLOT-IN-1909-BY-THE-ANGLO-AMERICAN-PILGRIMS-SOCIETY-TO-STAFF-SPY-AGENCIES-WITH-NEWSPAPERMEN-Americans-for-Innovation-Sep-12-2019.pdf It mentions so many people to do with media today and the silicon valley guys such as Zuckerberg, Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook and how Russian Oligarchs are involved too. This is really quite out there - I can't believe someone has put all of this together. It's like an extremely intricate network of elites.
  6. aztek

    Prosecutors subpoena 8 years of Trump's taxes

    criminal? was there a crime committed?
  7. Manwon Lender

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    I totally I agree the damage on those tanks was done by a missile. Drones would have left a different impact mark on those tanks. I also wonder what was in those tanks, because it would seem that if they where full the heat from the missile penetration would have set the tanks on fire, they may have empty. I don't know about claims on the internet, but CNN reported this morning that one of the cruise missile missed its target, didn't explode and landed pretty much intact. You could most likely check it out on CNN online.
  8. You do not disappoint, thank you. Of course, I got a chuckle and great comfort out of “No, shadow work is not being a jerk and being proud of it” Phew. Wonderful explication, overall. Please start a Jung thread of your own, some day, I would sit at your feet.
  9. Did you test this out or are you just speculating?
  10. What made it haunted to you. Can you describe some of the going on's?
  11. RoofGardener

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    I agree. And here's ANOTHER thing.. those tanks don't look particularly fragile. Whatever hit them had to have been very heavy, travelling very fast, and have a pointed cylindrical shape. Like an artillery shell. I can't imagine a "drone".. in the sense of the domestic quad-copter type things.. doing that type of damage ? They would have disintegrated on hitting the dome. They might have exploded, but they would NOT have produced those almost perfect circular holes. There are rumours flooding the Internet that an unexploded cruise missile was discovered. If so, this could be a smoking gun ?
  12. Thanks. I've stayed away from the thread, since as Spartan and Not have already pointed out, what the OP is describing isn't what most Jungian folk mean by "Shadow work." (I was with Spartan until his edit at the end; NAR mentioned one of the trickier bits of Jung, what NAR called "the Freudian stuff." We could do a thread about just that, and how much of it grew from the dysfunctional relationship between Freud and Jung, but not this thread and not the SR&B forum.) Habbie raises a good point: Jung's attitude towards "Jungians" was nuanced. Jung the human being was a heady combination of healer, philosopher, shaman and scientist. In that last capacity, Jung knew and accepted that scientific success would consist of subsequent generations who'd build upon the foundation that he laid out. (E.g., his personality "types" evolve into today's open-conscientious-extraversion-agreeable-neurotic "nesses.") His immediate successors, people whom he'd personally worked with, included giants (e.g. Marie Louise von Franz). Nowadays? There's still good experimental work (people sometimes forget that young Jung was an experimentalist, and a distinguished one), but the giants are getting fewer and shorter . (We've done a thread on Jordan Peterson, for instance, the best-known living and self-identifying Jungian, I think.) Anyway: no, "shadow work" is not about being a jerk and proud of it. Flight of fancy time. IMO, the current icon of successful Shadow work in popular culture is Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost (in the books; screw seasons 7 and 8 on TV). I wonder if Martin borrowed the brilliant imagery of Philip Pullman in His Dark Materials, the alternate world where people's souls are animals who visibly accompany them. Integration is not "being" Jon Snow, and not "being" Ghost, either - it is being each simultaneously, and at any moment being more of whichever aspect any particular situation requires, thus the pairing transcends the sum of its parts. Again, keeping to the books, the hapless Sansa is the very image of what happens to people who lose touch with their Shadow, they become prey for whatever predator happens along. There is a moment in the books where Eddard realizes that the children's direwolves were gifts from the gods, and that he has killed his daughter's connection with the divine - hell, yes. Dany and her three dragons are Shadow work in progress (the books correspond with seasons 1-6 of the TV series). After one of the dragons kills a child, shocking Dany, she locks them in a dungeon (!). But she can only confine two of them, and those two don't remain confined indefinitely, either. Meanwhile, they're melting the chains that were meant to hold them, etc. Tyrion? He gets his own thread (Spoiler: he's Uncle Carl himself.)
  13. Manwon Lender

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    I also looked at those photos, it almost looks like the projectiles hit their target but didn't explode. If they had those mushroom shaped tanks would have been destroyed.
  14. toast

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    As for the target accuracy, distance doesnt matter for advanced CMs/rockets. These devices use up to 4 different kinds of destination guidance systems which will ensure an accuracy of 5 meters or even less. Just think about space missions like the ROSETTA mission in 2014. After a trip of 6.4B km we placed an object on the surface of 67P, which was only ca. 4x4x4km small and traveled at a speed of 55.000km/h.
  15. brian100


    But there is still no time to throw a bunch of papers and linens b/c hes still tied up. Something is wrong. I tried to look to see if the curtain moved when they raised it for the secret compartment but I saw no wiggle. And then there is the Prostitiu&*^%6e arms grabbing him scene. I counted 3 or 4 people in there. Too fast to hide 4 people.
  16. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    It's a stupid weird idea

  17. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Seance summons Maggie Thatcher

    to oust Boris and take over Brexit? I'd back that
  18. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Oh yes, some of them have really hard to spell or pronounceable names. Look at Ghislaine. I'd never heard of that name before her.
  19. Impedancer

    Recurring Dream- same day-every year

    It's just a dream i guess that thoughts triggers this
  20. Impedancer

    Would You Buy A Haunted House?

    Since you can ban them to kingdome come i guess i would. Plus my first apartment was haunted and so is my parents house.
  21. RoofGardener

    Would You Buy A Haunted House?

    I'd have to agree @Scholar4Truth. I'd buy it like a shot, just so I could see first-hand if ghosts really exist !
  22. RoofGardener

    Aramco facilities on fire in Saudi Arabia

    Thanks for that @toast. Here's one thing that I don't understand. What kind of weapon has the kinetic energy to punch those holes in the buildings, and yet does NOT have sufficient explosives to then rupture the building ? The mushrooms look undamaged. You would have thought that even a relatively small explosive charge, detonated INSIDE the structure, would "pop" the structure like a balloon ? Indeed, based purely on these photographs, it seems that the facility was hardly damaged at all ? As I mentioned in a previous post, I am having a real hard time correlating the (light) damage in these photographs, with the raging firestorm in the various video's. I dunno folks.... I'm not a forensic engineer or anything.. but... it just looks.... odd ?
  23. Today
  24. RoofGardener

    Mars sample return mission

    I believe that is true. In point of fact, they can produce their own water by electrolising sea water. It's just food they need.
  25. Gwynbleidd

    Epstein found Dead in Jail

    Thanks Susie, I was just looking at this article too of Elon's where he said: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/16/elon-musk-once-worried-unsworth-may-be-another-jeffrey-epstein.html And I had to laugh at this, because if anyone actually believes that what is said on Twitter is fact, they probably should rethink that. It's such a toxic wasteland of nastiness back and forth. Actually I think of it more as a venting place - ppl just go off like maniacs. Oh my!
  26. They would be called nuts like everyone else. So they keep quiet.
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