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  2. IC Spirits

    Once again, I merely want to know if anyone in this forum has or knows of anyone that has experienced anything similar to this spirit event that I am experiencing? Any and all input would be appreciated.
  3. The BFRO and Gigantopithecus

    To you. I was joking. I thought your post very well researched and expressed.
  4. IC Spirits

    Do not use the forum to complain either about Moderation or the host site you choose to post on. If you have an issue with a post or poster the correct and respectful way to adress it is to either pm a Moderator or report the offensive post. Further posts designed to complain will also be removed.
  5. IC Spirits

    We have all ages here, Spirits, and it is a common practice among us to not risk any phone numbers being published. The owner is very concerned for under-aged users, etc. I am sure you understand. Everyone is discouraged from doing it. Sorry your topic is being trolled now by someone complaining of trolls. Ironic, but, it is what it is. Can we hope for you to film the mirror so we might have a chance to see what is going on?
  6. Beer and doughnuts! (and whatnot ) *drools*
  7. IC Spirits

    I don't know what you posted, but if you call people names, then that will get deleted.
  8. I think I've sent the message, I really hope it went throigh OK. Let me know and I'll check in the morning.
  9. IC Spirits

    Plenty of intelligent people around. What do you need help with?
  10. IC Spirits

    Love having my comments constantly deleted! There are lots of trolls and they will not respond with helpful comments. Your evidence will never be good enough.
  11. Scott Peterson was innocent

    I explained all this to them back on page 58... ... and this as well. But it`s not that they don`t listen... it`s that they just don`t get it. Here it is again though... and the only thing I`ll subtract is the sandwich. He didn`t stop to eat in Livermore after all, he stopped to stretch his legs (he`d been sitting in a truck and a boat for over 3 hours) As for the $13.08 receipt at the Chevron? He simply topped up the boat tank while he was there.
  12. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    ...aaaaand no reaction to that? Second thought, yeah that was low hanging fruit. Edit: That's even a worse place name than the neighbouring town of 'Horsefly'.
  13. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate

    It's so shocking that the unemployed millennial is pushing for socialism. Maybe you should spend your free time looking for a job instead of telling others how they should live their lives. Just proving a point...
  14. I didn't say what I thought made them. I said you can get crazy EVPs. I think people manifest the phenomena, and we have discussed this. It doesn't really matter what actually makes it happen, though...only that it isn't good for people to immerse themselves in it. It should just be banished.
  15. I've heard about this. After the "run" the winner often has "glazed eyes"
  16. .5 km. Fundraising Race for Underachievers

    whoa, a marathon!
  17. Ex-cop Arrested For Serial Murder and Rape

    People want them views for that sweet $$!
  18. IC Spirits

    Because of my being in business all over the world for almost 50 years and creating business forums and blogs on the Internet beginning in the late 1980's without any negative reactions, I did not even think twice about giving out that info on this forum. My main purpose for getting involved with forum is to find intelligent people to help me with this unusual event. Would you consider this an exercise in futility in this forum.
  19. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I feel that. On a deep, personal level.
  20. Cloning Can Not Succeed

    Walker WTF was that? You do realize what the difference between an embryo and a child is, right? This is a fine mix of the Walker shuffle with a twist of your unique blend of bent logic did you even think about what you wrote or did you just speed read it after you remote wrote it? Social perspective is why cloning has taken this long to develop and is still not done with humans no matter what country it is. I am shaking my head in awe and may even suck down a few cool ones to see if it looks any better drunk. jmccr8
  21. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I should too but am too tired. And lazy.
  22. BOERNE, Texas - Charity 5K walks and runs are a popular way to raise money for a cause, but not everyone is the athletic type. If the promise of free beer and donuts is more likely to motivate your philanthropy, we have found the charity event for you. The Boerne 0.5k. The May 5 event starts across from the Dodging Duck brewpub where participants will be offered a free pint of beer. It ends at another brewpub, the Cibolo Creek Brewing Company, which is also offering a free pint of beer for participants. “Very, very conveniently, they are exactly 0.5K away from each other, or at least close enough to 0.5K that we can lie and say that it is exact,” said Jay Milton. He is the event organizer, but he says he prefers the term “Czar.” In case you need a little help envisioning how far .5 kilometers is, it’s just under one-third of a mile. If that still seems too long to “run” all at once, don’t worry, there will be a coffee and donut station at the halfway point “for carb loading and energy.” https://www.ksat.com/news/boerne-05k-charity-race-offers-beer-donuts-and-participation-medals Apparently they even have designated smoking areas!
  23. Cool. Now if we could just get the world to build and use hundereds of thousands of wind turbines. Oh, and places like where I live (New Mexico) should be so covered in solar panels they look black from space. It'd create millions of jobs, and solve all of our energy problems.
  24. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    My dad was Air Force, so we moved every 3 or 4 years. I think I've lived in every region except the northeast and northwest, but pretty much everywhere in between. I've lived in Chicago now for over 20 years, the longest I've lived anywhere.
  25. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    Regardless, I need to take a shower. Haven't had one today and I'm feelin' dirty.
  26. DA: Derailers Anonymous Thread II

    I know that I'm all open wide as can be with personal details, so don't feel obliged to do the same. I'm just personally not too finicky about sharing that kinda thing.
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