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  2. and then

    What is the point of Spirituality?

    That's kind of the way I think of the term as well. I was first exposed to the concept of spirituality through AA meetings. The founders of that movement obtained success with extreme, low-bottom, hard-core alcoholics by helping them to focus on something greater than themselves. It taught them that they could stay sober as long as they spent time helping others like themselves. Both Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob were Christian but they intentionally kept the fellowship from being associated with the dogmas of any church. Spirituality to me is believing in and taking strength and comfort from a "power greater than yourself"
  3. Piney

    Blackmailing: nuke detonator threat

    Not exactly "carry on".
  4. toast

    Free cartamoncy reading

  5. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Dumbledore the Awesome

    Penge West!

  6. From the piece: "If we find anyone guilty of wrongdoing, we will file a criminal case against them," said Maj. Gen. Damrong Petpong. "If a UFO descends and parks here, that's even better. We'll capture them all." Now, THAT'S a no nonsense law and order type!
  7. and then

    Death gives context to life

    For my part, Mark, I appreciate the posts and links. I am curious about this phenomena and for the most part it is uplifting to me. I have a bit of trouble understanding the negativity here by several on this topic. It isn't important enough to try to change their minds but it is fascinating, in a sad kind of way, how absolutely committed some are to quashing or being dismissive of NDEs before all of their mysteries are examined. To a man they will stand up for science and its strict methodologies yet they casually reject discussion of a phenomenon no one yet truly understands. All I know is that nearly every person who has one of these is fundamentally changed on some level in their view of what we are and where we are going. To me, if a thing gives hope and comfort in this cold, angry world, it is not to be dismissed and mocked.
  8. toast

    Blackmailing: nuke detonator threat

    I`ve read the translated text and I think this is big BS. Its claimed that a W88 warhead is involved, which is an US weapon and I dont think that anyone on this planet would be able to manage to get such a device illegally in his/her possession. If there would be a W88 at ICN, or the guess, there would be the Indonesian military and dozens of Galaxy C17 at the airport with hundreds of Marines and other US military staff.
  9. TrumanB

    The Rake...

    I've just watched a video where girl explains that she saw some creator that looks like rake near her village. But don't ask me to post a video, it's not English. This creature had dark skin and was skinny with white eyes. It ran into corn when the girls start screaming. Luckily, topic already exists on one of my favourite forums.
  10. Emma_Acid

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    This. This. This and all of this. Listen to the man.
  11. Harte

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Not if their brains were in their toes. See? Open your mind Tatetopa, open your mind! Harte
  12. South Alabam

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    No. I figure In all seriousness, even Dems aren't that stupid.
  13. Raptor Witness

    President Trump "I am the Chosen One"

    The more try to imagine Trump as "The Chosen One," the more I'm left with more laughter in my belly than I can keep contained. Every time I think about it, including today.
  14. Tatetopa

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Piney, you are too modest. To the malnourished, disease ridden, plague infested voyagers from Europe, the healthy, robust, physically fit people they saw on the American shore must have seemed like giants.
  15. Tatetopa

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Have you considered that maybe they didn't invent it but became it? Maybe that is what happened to all of those giants.
  16. oneLov3

    Weird Markings

    Lol.. You didnt read the replies I presume? It was an imprinted mark, lasting 11 or so hrs, & after rubbing for 20min then went away. & I've done a ton of medical research in regards to the Mark's. Your research was by far the Furthest idea from what is looks like or is. LMAO Everyone thinks there doctors these day hmm... (rolls eyes)
  17. Nope, I don’t think that is it. The letters were unambiguous in my opinion.
  18. toast

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    It was your claim to understand science and you have shown various times already that you dont, example: 2,5miles tall "giants". If you would understand gravity, which you dont, you wouldn't even think about such nonsense. Secondly, you see windows and doors where there are no windows and doors. That effect is caused by an "open mind", which also allow to hear colors and to talk to trees. I do not answer stupid questions on principle. See above.
  19. Great Old Man

    Blackmailing: nuke detonator threat

    http://www.newsis.com/view/?id=NISX20190825_0000750146&cID=10201&pID=10200 (not English news available, yet, you can use google translator) Someone unknown claimed that he installed nuke detonator on Inchon airport. Now, Korean police and national security team try to track down who is he. It seems that nuke isn't actually installed on Incheon airport, However criminal remained ominous symbol on email. One of the Korean Mystery site users says that "It seems like animal protection, All pets org sent blackmail on purpose of opposing "dog eating" on Korea. PS: on blackmail, it includes "the eye". and why they say soul? the pronunciation "Seoul" and "soul" are very similar. Maybe It implies the nuke disaster on Seoul?
  20. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    No hope for Bernie...? How can Dems turn him aside? After all, he promised to spend $16 trillion of *someone else's* money
  21. Tatetopa

    Flat Earth and Tartaria

    Greetings Crookshanks and welcome. No history student am I, but consider a few common sense trials. How tall is a giraffe 14 feet? A sauropod, maybe 25 feet? The tallest of trees, 375 ft? All of them have adaptations designed to combat gravity. Raising water to the crown or pumping blood to the brain are not easy when you are tall. Animals and trees have their own special adaptations to accomplish this. Consider the problem with pumping blood to a brain 2.5 miles high. Knowing the density of water, you can calculate that there would be a difference of over 5000 psi between the toes and the brain. Wherever you locate the heart in that body, it has to overcome several thousand pounds of hydraulic pressure just to circulate blood. Even with today's technology, to achieve any volume at that pressure would take a heckova pump and very high pressure lines. Consider the energy that would take. You might have come across the physics definition of work in high school, work=force *distance. Energy is the ability to do work. Just think about the energy required to pump all of that blood that far. Without the math, lets just say a crapton of calories. A being that size needs to produce a lot of energy. Digesting animal or vegetable substance would take a lot of volume. Photosynthesis would take a lot of surface area. You could do all of that math if you wanted. Nuclear power? Consider nerve impulses. The fastest travel at around 350 feet per second. Getting a message through a 2.5 mile body would take what,30 seconds or there abouts? Not what one would consider quick reflexes. Enough to tell you that no animal or plant based on earth life and tissue limitations could reach 2.5 miles in height. As for underground doors and windows on buildings, google Seattle underground city tours. Cities built on coastal sediments sink. Streets get raised, lower levels become basements. The human habit everywhere through a lot of history was to chunk everything out the window into the street. Street level rises. As buildings age and crumble, they get flattened enough to build a new one on top.
  22. The Khao Kala Meditation Center, which is run by a UFO group, has been raided by authorities twice in one week. https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/329966/police-raid-et-contactee-group-in-thailand
  23. Scholar4Truth

    What are you playing right now?

    Resident Evil Code Veronica.
  24. Today
  25. Scholar4Truth

    What's your weather like today?

    Scattered Thunderstorms and 67 Degrees.
  26. Earl.Of.Trumps

    Who will the Democratic nominee be?

    If Trump was smart he'd offer Tulsi a place in his cabinet.
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