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  2. That place is littered with stuff and unfortunately bodies. You go there on your own risk.
  3. God of philosophy and God of religion

    The God of philosophy, is the same as the God of religion. Plus, is the same God of science, and of science fiction. And this one God is better understood as the monster, God-zilla, because he knows and is master over gazillion bites of information. He knows everyone that was, is, and will be. And He knows everything that can possibly be known, besides knowing that which cannot be known by any of us puny, pretentious, spoiled little "know it all" humans. Some here are depicting God as some kind of king of monsters, and that's pure folly.
  4. In today's UK news... "An Irish man is among eight people who have been killed scaling Mount Everest in the last week, while another Irish climber is missing "Kevin Hynes, 56, died in his tent in the early hours of Friday at a height of 7,000m, after deciding to turn back before reaching the summit. "The father-of-two had texted friends the day before to say the expedition was "proving the most fun he had had". "His death comes a week after fellow Irishman Seamus Lawless, from Bray, Co Wicklow, fell as he was descending from the peak, having achieved his "lifelong dream" to scale the mountain." Full sad report at Sky News UK: https://news.sky.com/story/one-irishman-killed-on-everest-and-another-missing-11727866
  5. Excitedness Effect

    ...and sometimes meteors do hit the ground...aka... c r a s h .... ...but one has to also think, if there were Alien Spaceships in our atmosphere...in reality, what would be the likely hood of their ever crashing anywhere? To traverse interstellar space and effectively avoid all the junk in space and be able to enter/exit planetary atmospheres at will, is to suggest a perfection of flight that would negate any chance of 'crashes'. Not only that...in the desert of all places? Aside from the Excited Effect, which is very interesting...one has to also take into mind the local residents of rural areas. In East Texas those rural areas are often referred to as 'the sticks'. Many in the 'sticks' just don't have the ability to process things that they have never seen before as something other than ....way out there....especially in places like Roswell, where there is a secretive airforce base. The association must therefore be that the Military is there to investigate these lights we saw because they know they are Alien spacecraft and the fact that I saw one crash should tell everyone that they have it inside their base. ...when in reality...the desert is a great place to conduct secretive flight experiments. And why should an airforce base in the desert...and meteor showers that have always been happening have anything to do with each other...in fact they don't. Back to the Excited Effect...what our memory lacks, imagination will insert. It is also difficult to distinguish a real memory and a thought memory. One might see a blue car driving fast...and then watch a movie where there was a car chase with a red and blue car. One starts thinking about the red car, because someone they knew use to have one like that which they saw...the next thing you know...they are remembering the 'blue' car they originally saw as a red car.
  6. i'm not surpriced most of our technology can be hacked if wanted.
  7. It’s difficult to be scared of an imaginary place.
  8. What Are These Shadow People?

    You can't, you've been marked by them and you are known to them now. Had you kept silent, you'd be safe, but now they know you are aware of them....
  9. Sorry, guys, for unintentional insult, though I've had couple of classmates whose fathers were career military officers. Even by teenager's standards they were kinda morons back in 1980s. And one them I did met somewhere around 2010 (+/-). Jeez, the pile of manure in his head just grew up to unimaginable heights. Again, my apologies for hasty generalization.
  10. Dumbledore the Awesome

    Fog in Coastal Areas

  11. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! You better watch out for those pesky Vogons and whatever you do dont let them read their poetry to you.
  12. "The number of malicious mobile banker packages on the web increased by 58 per cent in the first quarter of 2019. "That's according to Kaspersky's most recent IT threat evolution report, which reveals that more than 300,000 users have been attacked. "In particular, researchers have noticed a rise in malware that steals credentials and money from people's bank accounts. They identified 29,841 cases of such malware." Full report at Computing UK magazine: https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/3076308/researchers-warn-of-rise-of-malicious-banking-trojans "Mobile Banking Malware On The Rise, Kaspersky Lab Warns" At Silicon UK magazine: https://www.silicon.co.uk/mobility/mobile-apps/mobile-banking-malware-rise-kaspersky-256953 Stats at Kaspersky Lab: https://securelist.com/it-threat-evolution-q1-2019-statistics/90916/
  13. The Secret Space Program

    I feel thoroughly alienated by the story.
  14. Lately, I have been seeing strange shadows at times out of the corner of my eye. The strange thing is that when this is happening, my electronics often malfunction. So, something is definitely going on. And I've been having strange dreams as well where there are unusual shadow like entities. It's very strange. What are these things exactly? Most of them look like shadows of people, but others aren't. There's one that has kind of a bulb like head that I see in my dreams, and this happens a lot. It's extremely creepy honestly. How can I get rid of them?
  15. I still find it bewildering that we are obsessed with making robots that look like animals (including humans). If we started from scratch, maybe the boffins could come up with something more practical.
  16. God of philosophy and God of religion

    Don't make me laugh! Such audacity! If God does not exist, then neither do I! This universe was created by the multiplication of nothing, and not a division operation over a denominator, or rather, over God's global religious denominations. “Thou shalt not divide by zero.” So goes one of the great commandments of mathematics classrooms, a rule that must never be broken; otherwise, computers will crash and explode, black holes will spontaneously form, and the universe as we know it will come to an abrupt end. But rules are meant to be broken. What if I told you that, despite what you may have learned in school, you can divide by zero if you just think of it in the right way? And what if the answer you get not only had real-world significance, but could actually explain why other parts of math work the way they do? If you’re not afraid to question what you’ve been told, and you’re willing to be flexible with math, then read onward to discover… https://www.1dividedby0.com/
  17. Excitedness Effect

    The links I provided showed several examples of this behavior in which known events and well recorded events were reported as UFOs. In these cases the witnesses made major mistakes. This link is full of mistakes made by witnesses. It reveals how even the direction of travel is gotten wrong. http://www.astronomyufo.com/UFO/rocket.htm I think your hair example would fail this test since both husband and wife have a base line of knowing each other well. As far as the PTSD event, that doesn't mean they remember it correctly. As stated in the excitedness effect people usually get the place right and something happened right but after that all bets are off. This effect is not to discredit and silence debate. It tells us that we have to be careful with witness reports. They often get things very wrong and those most likely to report are those with the worst accuracy.
  18. The Secret Space Program

    Makes a good script for a Star Trek sequel but that's about it.
  19. "Measuring 1.33 metres long and 90cm tall, and weighing just 130kg, it could be easy to underestimate this adorable robot dog. "But the incredible robot, dubbed HyQReal, is much stronger than it looks, and has even been filmed towing a 3-tonne airplane for more than 10 metres! "Researchers from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia developed HyQReal to support humans in emergency situations." Report and video at the UK Daily Mirror: https://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/tiny-robot-dog-pulls-3-16193036 52 secs video report at Reuters: https://mobile.reuters.com/video/2019/05/24/four-legged-robot-pulls-plane?videoId=553987219&videoChannel=6 98 secs decent quality YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAwDtqE5Y_k
  20. US apparently readying for Iran attack

    Based on modern Iran's military history he might be just that. I agree with that but with one difference, he doesn't want to attack USA jet the same warmongers who pushed other US interventions (out of which many were based on false information) want us to believe that Iran is a threat. I was very satisfied to see that Iraq is also aware of this and their politicians will soon deliver strong message (as i wrote in UM already almost two years ago). This also shows that aggression doesn't pay off even if you are most powerful army in history. OK, it did pay off to Monsanto and other companies, alto for relatively short time (see order 81). This relatively calm situation and Saudi calls to 'discuss Iranian aggression' do concern me a bit.
  21. How Iran will defeat Trump and America

    Apologies SSaL, but I dont think it funny, at all. Wars have been and are started because of this blatant propaganda, thousands upon thousands die or become mamed for life, whole nations are reduced to rubble, refugees start to flow into the West (which we subsequently lament for ´causing trouble´), terrorism blossoms. We are really, really heading to a wrong place as a Western society, and I think our combined apathy to be immensely disconcerting. Especially given we couldnt be bothered because our own level of comfort isnt compromised. Once it is in.. well.. even a remotely comparable way, we will probably think ourselves the most prominent victim screaming bloody murder while overwhelmed with self pitty, eventhough it doesnt even come close to the plight we have forced upon the native populations the nations of which we intervened in. It actually reminds me of a group of children who knows perfectly well the group they belong to are bullying / making the lives difficult (understatement) of others who dont belong to that group.. But because they themselves arent impacted by it, and because the thought of being impacted scares them so much, they keep their mouths shut.. or refuse to act against it because they dont care enough, rationalising it to soothe their minds. EDIT: We should be absolutely outraged, act against such tactics with extreme prejudice. As if the war was against us instead of a foreign population. This is deceit of the gravest forms imaginable, resulting in massive human death and economic damage on both sides of the fence. The only ones which stand untouched are those who foment these lies. Like Bush and co, who still live like 21st century kings instead of being jailed. Some have even been re instated into the present US administration. This is a carcrash waiting to happen, and once it does, we will only have our own apathetic, hedonistic selves to blame.
  22. Excitedness Effect

    Actually they do fit in very well.
  23. It is hard to imagine a time when Albert Einstein's name was not recognised around the world. But even after he finished his theory of relativity in 1915, he was nearly unknown outside Germany - until British astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington became involved. Einstein's ideas were trapped by the blockades of the Great War, and even more by the vicious nationalism that made "enemy" science unwelcome in the UK. But Einstein, a socialist, and Eddington, a Quaker, both believed that science should transcend the divisions of the war. It was their partnership that allowed relativity to leap the trenches and make Einstein one of the most famous people on the globe. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-48369980
  24. Tommy Robinson standing for MEP

    Just curious, exactly who in 'the establishment' do you think is taking the time to plant racists in a very minor organisation?
  25. "Two baby anaconda have been born into an Amazon exhibit at the New England Aquarium that has only adult females of the world’s largest snake species. "DNA testing has confirmed that the 2-foot-long, green anaconda youngsters are the product of nonsexual reproduction. The extremely rare reproductive strategy is called parthenogenesis, which translated from its Greek word origins means virgin birth." Full report at the New England Aquarium blog: https://www.neaq.org/blog/two-baby-anaconda-born-in-all-female-adult-exhibit/ News report at cNet: https://www.cnet.com/news/no-dudes-needed-baby-anaconda-snakes-born-in-all-female-exhibit/
  26. Game of Thrones

    Which endings?
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