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  2. Trivial? No not at all. What I am saying is it was used in an intentional effort to take the spotlight off of Trump's misdeeds by the Russian propagandists.
  3. You honestly think that letting the truth about Clitnon and the way that the "Democratic" Party had behaved (basically, completely overriding the wishes of those if its members that supported Sanders) be known was just a trivial distraction, instigated by the KGB as part of its campaign to destroy America, from the really important matter the Trump was a nasty sexist?
  4. Thank you MauriOra for your kind words I truly do appreciate that..I would be honoured to meet up with you we can arrange that , I will pm you some details an we will see what suits I look forward to it,... Whaingaroa on the west coast very interesting, an Tauponuia Tia both very very beautiful places lucky lucky you, You have similar lineage it sounds I will enjoy our meeting imensely... Wow you have a colourful history also, in turn you have a very blessed connection an insight into a special realm of understanding only a chosen few are selected to view an experience..Thank you for that previlage MaoariOra of the chance an offer to exchange knowledge face to face an I humblely accept with the highest of esteem an gratefulness... Kiaora ra ehoa, I will pm you with further details so we can share our matauranga in more detail...
  5. Absolutely and I'm not a fan. That doesn't mean we should just roll over as a nation and say "aw shucks , you got us, go ahead its your turn" .
  6. Hi Farmer77! Thank you so much for your welcome and your reading request! I don't find your request weird at all! I have your reading ready to be sent through PM in a moment, just give me a sec to figure out how that works...
  7. You know that the US has been doing that since the 1940s? Voice of America Radio Free Europe (to which you could add Washington Post, to all intents and purposes, since that's a propaganda outlet pure and simple now,)
  8. In order to even kinda gauge their effectiveness you've gotta look at the timing of those messages/posts as well. There seems to have been an orchestrated effort at times to deflect bad news stories regarding Trump as they broke - ala the Clinton emails just happening to show up just as the "grab em by the P" tape was released.
  9. First charts don't take into account the stability of those countries. If you isolate the US and comparable more developed countries it doesn't look so good for you. That said, looking at your third graph, if you're happy to be slightly less dangerous than Guatemala and Venezuela then maybe you're not so keen on being a developed country.
  10. No I'm simply saying an honest evaluation of the known actions taken by the Russians shows their actions are worth retaliating over. They basically set up their own propaganda network here in the US with the sole intent of spreading discord by capitalizing on the already established riffs in America. How anyone can argue that is acceptable or just NBD is beyond me.
  11. 4. the economy tanks, a terrorist attack happens, people in government housing areas get blamed and legislation is enacted. ........wait have we seen this movie before?
  12. Might be they only let trump supporters in or could be they realise how fragile his ego is. Giving him a little ego boost practically guarantees he'll like whatever you say next.
  13. so you're in fact in possession of more intelligence (possibly even the metadata) than the general public has been allowed to know? Because hardly anything that even the Witchhunter General himself has made public seems to have been much more stunning or horrifying than that, let alone proof that the Commies Want to Destroy America because That's Just the Kind of Thing They Always Want to Do.
  14. Agreed. In as far as stuff that shows up again and again is harder to ignore. So there were 120 pages created, which created 80,000 posts, which by way of shares and likes, and normal searches, reached 29 million people. OMG that is like 350 people who saw each post!! Or, are we assuming that all 80,000 posts went to 29 million people? I do like this quote from your link... I'm not saying it didn't happen. And I'm not saying we should not do anything about it. I am saying that they probably had Zero effectiveness. Like I said, probably close to zero effectiveness. Excepting perhaps those who are predisposed to believe in political Conspiracy Theories to begin with. In which case they probably were already in the bag for Trump or Clinton anyway. I suspect if you went back to 2014, you'd find Trump telling everyone he probably would run again. I still think claiming this is Proof of Trump conspiring with the Russians is very flimsy.
  15. Hi Illyrius When I speak of spirit it is not as in terms of religious or mystical and I am not imposing something on them I am speaking in terms of how I describe that part of me that keeps me going under different circumstances which is why a said it is part of the ego. I am not saying that they would describe it in the same way but that they would understand how I am using the term. And yes it may well have some form of energy but I would not ascribe it to consciousness. jmccr8
  16. I'm totally having that same problem
  17. Only halfway so. If one wants to be a "superpower" then yes, I am serious......and no I'm pretty OK with not being a superpower under that paradigm but it is what it is.
  18. He may have either become a totally ruthless neo-Darwinist capitalist, or he may be being satirical.It's really getting hard to tell.
  19. This is not directed at any country but just a thought that came to mind: 1. People in receipt of Govt aid are frivolous when spending money meant for food - OK let the Govt supply the actual food instead - probably save of money in the long term and help some big company at the expense of the local stores, but all good. 2. People in receipt of Govt aid are spending 'benefit' money on housing some of it more expensive than we feel they should be entitled to - OK lets build basic govt housing instead and accommodate them there - probably save of money in the long term and help some big company at the expense of the local landlords, but all good. 3. People in receipt of Govt aid are leaving there government housing areas making things intolerable for for local residents - OK lets build a govt wall around the govt housing - that'll solve the problem.
  20. No I'm saying that the man who appointed a person with no scientific credentials as chief scientist of the USDA , and a woman with no education experience as secretary of education would be the same man who hired whomever is put in charge of the food packages. I don't think its necessarily something that I would "pound the desk" over but I know that when I was on food stamps the little bit of dignity that planning my menu and swiping that EBT gave me as opposed to using actual stamps (or in this case just taking what I was given) was a really big deal. Hell every couple of months we would splurge and go to papa murphys (they accept EBT) and that was a HUGE thing for a family of four who was struggling to have a family night of hot pizza in front of the TV together. I know those things aren't tangible in terms of dollars and cents but we really should try and figure those factors in when discussing this issue, imo. Still happens today unfortunately. Before I received my medical card I knew a couple of pot dealers who would take EBT in exchange (no I never)
  21. It never ceases to amaze me the people who would rather go to war with Russia than have Trump as President ...especially from so called "progressives". What's another country to destroy?
  22. you can't be serious...?
  23. Hi Hre2breal, Sorry for not replying sooner .. WOW ..your grandmother sounds Amazing.. And the Other family members who lived to be 100, wow again .. They lived the Old Natural Ways of The Land .. I am in Awe ..And how lucky you were, to be raised this way.. Definitely Magical, the Old Ways,some Frightening, some Truly Amazing .. My Great Grandfather is from Whaingaroa, well respected and feared Man, and he was Tohunga like as well ..He would go to Heal many people, or they would make the journey to see him, and he fought Spirits too, Protecting the Whanau ..He visits me in spirit, My Kuia are from TaupoNuia Tia, and they are a gifted bunch of people .. We all are Really .. You were very lucky Hre2breal.. Thankyou so much for Sharing your Story.. I went off topic, but its worth it .. We should hook up some time .. It would be a pleasure to meet you and share more story's .. Arohanuikiakoe.. Peace and love to you and yours.. MauriOra.. xx
  24. So, are you saying that the President is going to directly pick what goes into each person's shipment? Come on now. You are assuming quite a bit in saying Trump is going to directly influence what goes into the food that is delivered. Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with having people work for what they get, and giving them what is known good, rather then allowing them to spend all their EBT on junk. I'm sure there are ways around it anyway. I knew people who would take their Foodstamps (some 30+ years ago) and would buy food, then trade the food to another market for cash, then go buy whatever the wanted. You're not going to stop people from doing what they want, not outside having a hardline dictatorship with martial law.
  25. I always thought the Omelet was worse then the Potatoes Au Gratin. Re - Tabasco => eyes... Ewwwwwwwww!!!
  26. Of course, well at least destroy its ability to function on the international stage. That should be the goal of every nation regarding every nation right? I would definitely say harsher sanctions should be put in effect, I'm certainly not saying military action should be on the table , but even a slight rebuff from the POTUS would be a great start. (or you know him believing his intelligence agencies over the Russians) Yes you can post one quote and proclaim that was the extent of what was done ala foxnews, that however doesn't tell "the rest of the story" (talk radio listeners will get that) does it?
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