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  2. What's uber annoying is when they talk down to rational people and say things like "Learn to do research! The Flat Earth is an objectively verified scientific empirical fact based on all known data!" (granted, thankfully few are this delusional, but there are those who do say things like this) Really makes me wonder what has to happen in someone's life to bring someone to the point of being that delusional...
  3. Really? You disregard a MOUNTAIN of lies and bizarre behaviors and yet expect others to believe a bunch of people, of which only two testified?
  4. Yeah, a good week for the Irish. As for St. Patrick himself - the most saintly Brit that ever wore shoe-leather, God bless 'im!
  5. You are right! We don't even know if these men exist. Could be that Diane Jackson lied about seeing them. Could have been local kids walking home from sports practice and put a newspaper on a porch for someone. Any number of possibilities. We just know they weren't Todd and Pearce and we know Jackson didn't report seeing them rob anyone on the 24th.
  6. Lol, just now noticing this. Quote me man! Quote me! Anyway, yeah, I honestly have no clue what to do with people who blatantly ignore reality. Whether it be flat earthers or otherwise.
  7. No it’s not a construction manual. its a lot of things, and Exodus is the foundation myths of the Hebrew culture.
  8. Personally, I have no problem with whatever people choose to believe in regards to the para-, supernatural. If it brings a person comfort to believe that there is some entity that is watching over them, then its the right belief. For them. As long as such beliefs bring no harm to others, or promotes hatred, ridicule, or minimizing the rights of others.
  9. Paddy week was great for the Irish -- Cheltenham, 6 Nations and Bay Hill for Rory - Almost make you believe paddy is a saint after all.
  10. Absolutely agree with you, but on the topic of where thoughts come from and how we can associate the belief in God regarding our thoughts would be an impossible question to answer at the moment. Hopefullyin the future our understanding of how the electrochemical interactions in our brain translates to thoughts will be improved so we can answer it.
  11. I mostly agree with that. He's in a category of his own.
  12. Okay, Fila time for you to provide what the witnesses stated. Use witness statements to: Tell us how many lights were seen that night. Choices range from 4 to 11. Tell us the shape seen that night. Choices include boomerang, half circle, vee, straight line, no shape. Tell us if the lights were high or low. Tell us if the lights moved fast or slow. Tell us the color of the lights. Choices include red, green, blue, white. orange. Tell us how many craft there were that night. Choices range from 1 to 12. Tell us the size of the supposed craft. Choices include small to a football field to nearly a mile across. Tell us if the lights consistently moved in the same direction or not. I suspect this is going to be really hard to figure out since you've never really looked into the issue. Tell us if stars could be seen between the lights or not. Again, this might be really hard to figure out for you since it is very clear you've never looked into the issue. Tell us if the lights passing overhead ever were audible. This is not as hard as the previous two statements but I expect you to fail miserably. Tell us if witnesses ever reported the number of lights changing. That should keep you busy ... NOT. You've never looked into the Phoenix Lights before. I don't expect you to now.
  13. But if it's not a ghost, it must be a living person.
  14. LOL - Your first time posting here, you call me out, then expect me to accommodate you. Why are Peterson supporters so arrogant? Diane Jackson admitted that she didn't report any burglary on the 24th. In fact, she didn't report anything on the 24th. She alerted LE outside her house on the 26th when she heard that the Medina's had been robbed. She heard this from a neighbor who heard it from Susan after she arrived home. It was then and only then that she mentioned burglary or safe, AFTER she heard about it. I already have to play word games and argue semantics with one person here. Why are Peterson supporters so interested in playing such games? Does it improve his odds of a successful appeal? Or is it simply anger because y'all have been wrong at every turn thus far? My point was, a 36-year-old petty thief so successful in life that his primary transportation is a bicycle and his chief accomplice is a 44-year-old guy who lives with his mother, who lasted less than two weeks before being arrested yet again, are so savvy and resource-rich that they pulled off the ultimate frame? Show me a photo or video of the place crawling with all those people on the 25th then. It's easy to make a claim you can't back up using hyperbole, I call BS. If you are going to make claims about Todd, cite the testimony you are referring to. "Casing a house" - he said he was riding by and noticed a car missing and saw mail on the 25th. What are neighbors going to think...look, "that cyclist looked at the Medina house, let's get him!" Ridiculous. And are you saying that we believe every word of the burglars story or none. Which are you choosing? Sure Ted the Head on a Swivel had reason to's called self-promotion. Ted himself said his was the only van out there that early. Based on his early report that morning, the street was empty. So, a guy who traveled from Oakland to arrive at the crack of dawn to do a morning show spot is uber-focused on the neighbors house? Probably getting shuteye waiting for the sun to come up. Do you know where his vehicle was parked? Do you know why he wasn't called to testify, he actually spoke to the judge in the trial regarding media coverage. Why wait a decade later on an infomercial to fess up to the head on a swivel. I surely didn't see remorse in his comments, letting Scott rot when he had prevalent info. MPD and Geragos seemed to place the same importance on Renfro and Aponte. I am totally fine with MPD in their investigation, save for a few things I'd like for them to have asked or collected, but it's easy to do so in hindsight. Aponte said he made a recording and their system also recorded things, yet neither recording was available. Strong evidence there. Just a guy looking for his 15 minutes or was he paid to make up this BS? Neither Renfro or Aponte testified. The list grows. Yes, I am one of those people who can't understand why Scott would put the house up for sale. I've never murdered anyone, so no, I don't know what it was like for Scott. Do you? You a buddy? Family member? Pen pal? Nothing better than anonymous internet posters claiming insight no one else has. What I do know is he was so traumatized in January that he upgraded to the porn channel on the 25th. Ol' Spanky sure showed the ravenous public, didn't he?
  15. ^ ^ this doesn't seem like something I would say! Why was this funny little stumpy thread revived?
  16. Be honest. He is not even a dishonest Republican. But it would be no difference - I called Blair for what he was even though he was Labour which is closer to my leanings.
  17. Read in parts, not everything...
  18. They grew up in the Bronx.
  19. Come on. Regardless what they said about rabbis, the bible is not construction manual for the ark of the covenant. You would not expect there the description of the hardware tools used, gauge of the metal, exact dimensions of the angel wings? Lots of details can be a miss from the point the record was created and what else got a miss in translations.
  20. Paddy's weekend was great craic. I just dropped out with friends and let my hair down for a couple of days.
  21. While it is true that I cannot prove to you what is going on in my mind, and vice versa, we can agree on certain aspects of reality, no? If you and I observe a flower, say a rose, it may evoke different memories in each of us, we can agree that it is a rose. We observe the effects of gravity and the breeze on a falling leave. Again, it may evoke different emotional/memory responses in us that differ, but we can agree on the effects of gravity, wind, and that the object falling is a leaf. And, while a person may believe that if they live their life according to a specific set of rules that seem perfectly logical and true, to themselves, others can look at that set of behaviors more objectively and gauge whether or not those behaviors a - conform to reality; b - are harmful or beneficial to the believer and those around them.
  22. I was trying to point out two different scenarios, one where we have evidence to support claims, in this case the laws of thermodynamics, and the other one where no one has proof, in that case God. Debating someone belief in God is thus a moot point.
  23. Hush! You, RAY SUS! Don't you know all their problems are because...ISRAEL?
  24. In my absence, it would appear that Psyche 101 has already addressed your oversight in regards to the above. However, you may find the following to be of interest. Do realize that the following represent a minor fraction of the professional investigations of Peruvian mummies, including those associated with Nazca. You will hopefully find it insightful to compare and contrast the caliber of studies conducted by qualified researchers as opposed to those conducted by entities that you would appear to favor. And, as a matter of historical perspective: .
  25. Over on FB one poster is declaring this as a gaf. I tend to agree. He posts a close up of the tail pointing to what he bekieves is evidence of a paper machebulk, with a little shark tail stuck and blended into it. The surface texture in his enlargement does look strange. I think he's probabky right.
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