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  2. I'm not sure if that's it or not. The stuff had a lot of herbs, I don't think it was oat based. I remember it being stuffy, not grainy.
  3. Why do you say dog eat dog? You're not quoting the bible are you? Revelation 22:15 Outside the city are the dogs--the sorcerers, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idol worshipers, and all who love to live a lie.
  4. Compared to ouija ouija, am I not the poster boy for sanity?
  5. I used a freeware to animate this now please explain the flaws in my animtion...
  6. Rocket Lab's second silver ball will remain on Earth
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    The Quick and the Daft.

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    The Word of the Day is... Nix.

  9. @LightAngel They still haven't addressed the Catholic Church's Indian boarding school issue and why there is mass graves of Native children behind the old ones. It's nastier than you think.
  10. Earthbound spirits are all liars and they are earthbound for a reason. They often appear what they are not. It is more to attach themselves to the living than for fun. Another explanation is some people can create "thought forms" of themselves. Sometimes when sleeping.
  11. One of things to consider maybe. I'm not saying this is some kind of proof, but only worthy of consideration. The text is long and it's fine if you are not interested.
  12. now show your gratitude (imitating your politeness)
  13. Same laws, but when you have an enormous number of particles (such as are present in the objects around us,) the randomness is far less evident because of the particle population size. Harte
  14. Religion was just our first guess at explaining the world and them universe around us. Myths created by the first storytellers, not a gateway into the unknown, ancient goat herders using their brain to question beyond the horizon, the very first pioneers. It was a good thing. It pushed boundaries, it gave us reason to question, it took and concentrated on both the best and worst of mankind, fostered society and gave us benchmarks that would evolve into science. We should be following that lead, breaking boundaries learning more, not retreating into the past in fear of what lies ahead.
  15. What you are talking is pure Science fiction, do you understand the immense distances stands to reason that there are no industrialised races within at least 100 light years because we would have picked up their radio outpourings by now, do you understand how far 100 light years actually is?
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  17. Look, i understand that you despise various charlatans making money from gullible people, it really doesn't mean there aren't genuine "psychic" people or interesting phenomena.
  18. Its not denial. There's just better answers to everything than superstition. Its not some esoteric ancient wisdom. It's historical record. The Greek Gods are a perfect example, as basic science became common knowleldge they were retired. That was 2,000 years ago. Now imagine 2,000 years into our future. Quantum mechanics might well be primary school and high schoolers might be creating mini black holes in labs. Science doesn't deny any if the Spirit claims, it simply has nothing to work with. Nothing repeatable, nothing measurable, and remember we can measure weak forces in nature, gravity, and the only claims tested fail miserably. Did you watch the horrorscope experiment I posted? Have a look at this. We are doing the right thing ousting the shysters profiting from this from mediums to churches worth billions while they bless the poor. Man it's not working in our favour, we need to move on. Give them a go won't take long, and not technical, just some interesting results.
  19. Way back in 2005 on the Egyptian Dreams forum where kmt_sesh used to be moderator I posted the following: From NT; Revelation, chapter 4, verse 5-11 "And 7 fiery torches burn in front of the throne; these are the 7 spirits of God. And in front of the throne was a sea of glass, like cristal. And arround the throne were 4 animals, covered with eyes, front and back...And the 4 animals had each 6 wings; covered with eyes...the 24 elders fall on their knees in front of Him, who is seated upon the throne, to praise Him." From: Wallis Budge, The gods of the Egyptians, volume I, page 180. (Description of the second department of the Duat) "On the right are 24 human-forms, which represent those who praised Ra upon earth, and who directed their words against the arch-fiend Apep. In the centre is the boat of the sun, in which the god stands in his shrine; he is ram-headed, and holds in his hand a sceptre. The shrine is protected by the serpent Mehen, and a serpent stands upright on its tail before him; the boat is being towed along by 4 beings of the Duat, and is met by the 7 gods called Nepmeh, Nenha, Ba, Horus, Ua-ab, Khnemu, and Setchet, and by 6 gods of the aquet, and a god with a staff." Back in 2005 I looked for literature about this subject but unfortunatly, no one has ever done an in depth study about those similarities although Gerald Massey and Wallis Budge had already mentioned similarities between certain aspects of the Judeo-Christian tradition and AE religion. But no follow up by modern day bible scholars or egyptologists... Recently I came accros this For those interested in the book, the first 137 pages can be found here: origin of the book of revelation&f=false John H.C. Pippy already published this book back in 2011, so I was surprised I never came accross this work before. The reason for this could be that the author isn't a professional bible scholar or egyptologist and that academics aren't even aware of his publication. I must admit that if I hadn't noticed the similarities mentioned above and I would have come accross this book in a bookstore I probably would have dismissed it as another fringe publication.
  20. Evidence? Anything to support that statement?
  21. Sure, as i already tried to expain a hundred times, i don't have anything against exploring and science, what i don't understand is the denial of the unknown, and "spirit". Science explores and opens horizons for wonderful things, and it helps humanity in numerous ways, but at the same time it produced a very "materialistic" outlook of the world. It tries to explain everything in ... how to say... mechanistic? terms. Since religion of the old is thrown down by science and education we go through, what is needed in my opinion is for science to admit that it will not find final answers and for old religions that they are outdated in a sense they are not in accordance to a way in which a modern man think. Universe is a mystery, and it will always remain so.. that is why it is natural to believe and imagine... in a rational way of course, not in a way of mad superstitions.
  22. At a glance then I would have to say that yes, that looks very similar although it does cover a wide ranging doctrines, so I would be slightly cautiously.. Do you have any issues with Pantheism, considering that it a big concept with slightly differing view points? That would help me clarify my own position.
  23. You know I meant Auntie Weej, didn't you?
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